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    An anatomy of web traffic interception depth

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    page in detail above this figure is from Shanghai know love, because I have a lot of dynamic pages, the only interception of the top part of the picture, A part of the 1, the use of traditional methods of others capture Shanghai Longfeng site traffic, do good examples such as wheat bags, intercepted a […]

    is a successful Shanghai dragon Er cannot do without observation and conjecture the search engine algorithm, by using the principle and practice of the conjecture that success is a successful Shanghai dragon Er, and a master of Shanghai dragon world. Every day I guess love test and Shanghai algorithm, because love Shanghai is a programmer […]

    analysis of competitors from second points, the general will find these pages in the station optimization do good, but the chain is not much, and the relatively fixed sex in Shanghai know, SOSO ask the chain like this, this is our breakthrough lies. two, 1, the author released some of the 9100 brush pack the […]

    if the transfer from the call center to the Internet platform to become OTA’s first venture, then the second time is the traditional OTA to wireless transfer. Although the return soon, but Liang Jianzhang no doubt "treasure" on the wireless and investment. in Liang Jianzhang’s new strategy, wireless is the focus, resources should be tilted […]

    Analysis of popular keywords opportunities

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    , what is the popular keywords of > Keywords index of less than 1000 is popular keywords, also said that the search results for X is popular keywords. Personally think that the owners choose popular should be from the search results to determine if the search results page and key words, the seven or eight […]

    many of our webmaster actually know the website optimization taboo. But it is illegal to. Don’t even want to try the search engine will go right down to our website. This test for really need three months of study period even the website doesn’t come back. is the envy of the PR value high site, […]

    we all know, the love of Shanghai in recent years are following the nobility baby technological progress, love Shanghai would launch voice search technology I think it is not difficult to judge, but I love Shanghai realize this technique to estimate the time is long. Computerworld website reported that plans to focus on the development […]

    3.1, , a site location navigation layout as much as possible to follow from top to bottom from left to right to the user thinking to layout, such as a Shanghai Phoenix blog, when doing the layout of the navigation will be possible to show Shanghai Longfeng optimization relatively high correlation search terms, like Shanghai […]

    is the second to be released to the transformation, enhance their brand at the same time, we also guide to their website, for this writing skills requirement is very strict. Here if we are to find ways to publish news articles, here I’d like to introduce another way, is the use of a news event […]

    Butterfly: a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon basin, will set off a storm in the Mississippi river. It is defined as a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can bring the whole system a huge long-term chain reaction. is not the only death in innovation to meet the management law we can […]