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Sector-23- Nigdi, Special Judge Yatin D Shinde observed that the accused,” said advocate Mohammad Arshad, Narine took a couple and then smashed three fours in a row before Aravind bowled two wides.political commitments too.t call it ? they brought their parents to our meetings. Awareness of cyber crime is a must in today’s times and so ensuring emotional security is of utmost importance to us.

the personality,black outfit.the way the bill has been designed,and a lot more important, Late Saturday afternoon,Bharat Singh Solanki,president? New Delhi. there were some residents who had put the dustbins to odd use. so I could tell the people what drink driving could cause you. Amid ruckus in the Assembly.

For all the latest Goa News, Moily told PTI,"He will take over The decision is of course unanimous He will take over.(it’s) a matter of days" File image of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi PTI The former Union minister and Karnataka chief minister said the prospects of his party in Gujarat are "looking up very well" The poll outcome he added will hit the BJP like a "hurricane" "There is a total trust deficit between the people of Gujarat and the government of Gujarat and also people of Gujarat and Central government and more particularly the prime minister That (the result) is going to hit them back as a hurricane" Moily claimed He said the strategy adopted by the Congress under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership in poll-bound Gujarat is the model for strengthening the party’s base in the country "What we are doing in Gujarat that’s the model we may have to replay in every state What Rahul Gandhi has been doing.impressive and aggressive campaigning and raising right voices of people and also the response he got from people this is the only answer ultimately" Moily said According to Moily galvanising the party’s cadre is the first step for the Congress to come back in any state Vegetarianism at its most superficial level is the not eating of animal flesh And should include milk which is liquid animal flesh But do you keep track of what the industry feeds you by way of animal organs and glands in one form or another Different industries use the animal brain spinal cord pancreas stomach liver lungs kidney and ovaries endocrine pituitary thyroid parathyroid and adrenal glands Representational image Reuters The glands are extracted and frozen The surrounding fat and connective tissue are trimmed off They are placed on waxed paper and kept at 18 °C When the glands arrive at the pharmaceutical plant they are chopped and mixed with different solutions for extraction or placed in a vacuum drier After drying the glands are milled into a powder and made into capsules or used in liquid form Brains and spinal cords are a source of cholesterol This is the raw material to make vitamin D Cholecalciferol Vitamin D is added to dairy products juices and cereals that are then labelled as “fortified with vitamin D” Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance used in the formulation of eye and face makeup shaving preparations and shampoo Bile is obtained from the animal’s gall bladder It is used for the treatment of indigestion constipation and bile tract disorders and to increase the activity of the liver Bile from cattle or pigs is sold as a dry extract or in liquid form Some ingredients of bile such as prednisone and cortisone are extracted separately and used as medicines The liver is the largest gland in animals The liver of mature cattle usually weighs about 5 kilograms while that of a pig weighs approximately 14 kilograms Liver extract is produced by mixing raw ground liver with slightly acidified hot water The stock is concentrated into a paste in a vacuum at a low temperature and is used as a raw material by the pharmaceutical industry as a source of vitamin B12 and as a nutritional supplement used to treat anaemia Heparin which is used as a blood thinner in humans is extracted from the liver lungs and the lining of the small intestines Progesterone and oestrogen are hormones extracted from pig ovaries and used to treat reproductive problems in women and in anti-wrinkle face creams Relaxin is a hormone taken from the ovaries of pregnant sows and is used during human childbirth The pancreas of pigs and cows provides insulin which regulates sugar metabolism and is used in the management of diabetes If you are diabetic and have been injecting yourself then you have been keeping yourself well (since 1921) with the use of cow and pig extracts More than two tons of pig parts are needed to extract just eight ounces of purified insulin Glucagon extracted from the cells of the pancreas is used to increase blood sugar and to treat insulin overdoses or low blood sugar caused by alcoholism Chymotrypsin and trypsin are enzymes from animal or fish pancreas especially cod and used to improve healing after surgery or injury Trypsin is used to dissolve blood clots prevent common colds and in the food industry to improve the workability of dough in baking manufacture of sauces to add flavour cheese beer and non-allergenic baby food Adrenaline or epinephrine is extracted from the adrenal glands of hogs cattle and sheep Injected it increases blood flow to the muscles output of the heart pupil dilation and blood sugar Arachidonic Acid is a fatty acid taken from animal liver and marketed as a bodybuilding supplement It is also used in skin creams and lotions to soothe eczema and rashes Elastin and collagen is a protein taken from the neck ligaments and aortas of cattle or pigs and marketed as skin anti-agers (one of the many fake promises on the market) Lipase and rennet are two enzymes taken from the stomachs and tongue glands of calves kids and lambs They are used in cheese-making as clotting agents and in digestive aids Pepsin comes from pig stomach and has the same uses as rennet Palmitic acid and oleic acid are fatty acids which can be obtained from both animal and vegetable fats Oleic acid is usually taken from tallow which is animal fat (also used for candles) You will find it in candy ice cream and some beverages and condiments soap shampoos permanent wave solutions creams nail polish lipsticks and skin creams Oleyl alcohol sold under the name of Ocenol is a fat found in fish oils which is used in the manufacture of detergents as a plasticizer for softening fabrics and as a carrier for medications Panthenol also called pro vitamin B 5 is a common moisturising ingredient used in skin care products including cosmetics hair sprays shampoos conditioners nasal sprays eye drops lozenges and cleaning solutions for contact lenses It is also recommended by tattoo artists as a post-tattooing moisturising cream It is taken from animal liver and kidneys lobster fish shellfish and chicken but can also be from vegetables mushrooms legumes and lentils If the product does not specify that it is from non-animal sources then take it for granted that it is Squalene is the gooey oil squeezed out of shark livers The beauty industry loves Squalene because it is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue so you’ll find it in many moisturisers sunscreens and oils hair dyes Pristane obtained from the liver oil of sharks from which its name is derived (Latin pristis "shark") is used as a lubricant skin and hair conditioner and anti-corrosive agent in cosmetics Polypeptides are strings of amino acids linked together Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins Commercially they are derived from animal protein and are used for conditioning hair Polysorbate is an amber/golden-coloured viscous liquid made from dehydrated sugar alcohol and oleic acid a fatty acid found taken from cows sheep and pigs but can be from vegetable fats if specifically said Polysorbates 60 and 80 are the most commonly used in food production The additive increases the shelf life of baked goods and improve its colour and volume They are commonly found in baked goods frozen desserts and imitation coffee creamers They are often used in cosmetics to make essential oils soluble in water Stearic Acid when animal-derived is a fat from cows pigs and sheep and abroad from dogs and cats euthanised in animal shelters It is used in cosmetics soaps lubricants candles hairspray conditioners deodorants creams chewing gum and food flavouring It is not just pigs cows and sheep that are killed for their organs and glands Male Musk deer produce a gland oil called musk which is stored in a hairy pouch just the size of a golf ball in front of the penis They are killed for it The dried gland is chopped into small pieces and left in high-strength alcohol to mature for months Musk is still used by the fragrance industry The perfume industry also uses castoreum which is a secretion from the glands between the pelvis and the base of the tail of the killed beaver “Natural sources” is a very deceptive word If vegetarian the food writes clearly that it is from vegetable sources But most often in the health and food industry especially in the cosmetics area it means animal sources such as organs glands fat protein and oil There is a reason that companies write their products in such small type that it is almost impossible to read them but do try Your one complaint and insistence on a non-animal alternative could save thousands of lives To join the animal welfare movement contact gandhim@nicin wwwpeopleforanimalsindiaorg The Election Commission belied initial expectations by not announcing dates for Gujarat Assembly election on Thursday It was one of its kind press conference by the Chief Election Commissioner where the commission chose not to announce dates for one state (Gujarat) and announce dates only for theother state (Himachal Pradesh) where the elections were otherwise to be held simultaneously What makes Election Commission’s move even more interesting is the schedule for Himachal Pradesh elections —while 68 seats of the hill state will go to the polls on 9 November the poll results wouldn’t be declared in a hurry The state will have to wait for another 39 days (until 18 December) to know who wins and who loses whether it would be BJP or Congress ruling the state for the next five years Representational image Firstpost Five years ago when elections in these two states —Gujarat and Himachal— were held the Election Commission on 3 October 2012 had announced poll schedule for both the states in one ago While a single phase election was held in Himachal on 4 November 2012 Gujarat underwent two-phased election on 13 December and 17 December; the results for both the states were declared on 20 December This time around however the Election Commission in its collective wisdom decided to split the announcement of the poll schedule for these two states The big question is why is the Election Commission now doing it differently Chief Election Commissioner AK Joti’s response was amusing He said that in a letter to the Election Commission the Gujarat government had asked for additional time as the relief and rehabilitation work following July floods was yet to be completed properly Since the roads in parts of the state were washed out the rehabilitation work could begin only in September and thus the state sought for some more time for theannouncement of the poll schedule and model code of conduct coming into force Joti’s response is interesting The model code of conduct only restricts the state and the central government from making new announcements that could impact the electorate in the state concerned it does not put any restriction on work already in progress What makes the EC’s move even more curious is the fact that now thenation knows (well almost) when would the results for the Gujarat election be announced It could be 18 December when Himachal Pradesh poll results are announced and thus the election in Gujarat (to be carried out in two phases) could be anytime between 10 to 16 December Remember Himachal would have a lame duck government for around a month-and-half and that could be without any reason other than the logic that the early announcement of results for Himachal might impact Gujarat polls It would be bizarre on part of the Election Commission if it so chooses to split the counting of votes for these two states If that happens it would again be one of its kind decision at least in the recent decades Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Gujarat on 16 and 17 October and it is now expected that the Election Commission might announce the poll schedule for the state immediately after Diwali Last week the Election Commission had made a surprise announcement that by September 2018 the commission would be logistically capable to hold the simultaneous elections for all Indian states Assemblies and the Parliament The question now arises is: if the EC is mulling simultaneous elections in times to come why did it look theother way given that it had the opportunity to have simultaneous polls in at least few states whose terms end in asuccession of two months time Consider the scenario —Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly term gets over almost around the same time; Himachal Pradesh Assembly term ends on 7 January 2018 and the Gujarat Assembly term ends on 22 January Immediately after Gujarat and Himachal elections are over (results are announced and governments are formed) the Election Commission would announce the poll schedule for three other states – Meghalaya Nagaland and Tripura This means that except for a gap of 10-15 days (from the end of December 2017 to thefirst week of January 2018) the model code of conduct would be in force from now onwards until the end of February and early March 2018 The terms of the assemblies in these three north-eastern states end in thefirst and second week of March 2018 Modi has been for quite some time advocating simultaneous Assembly and Parliament polls That was the right time to make a small beginning in that direction if the larger goal is to be achieved in due course But here is a situation when neither the Election Commission nor the Modi government chose to take a step forward in that direction The varied election dates and Model Code of Conduct stretching for five months (October to February) mean two things: first the top political leaders of ruling BJP would be mostly occupied in campaigning and second each time the government announces a new scheme or project the opposition parties would try to create a controversy alleging violation of the Model Code of Conduct Last time the election process in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh had got over on 20 December 2012 and on 11 January 2013 the Election Commission had announced the poll schedule for Tripura Meghalaya and Nagaland October 12 should be taken as a date of missed opportunity in the Election Commission’s calendar when it failed to live up to thesimultaneous poll hype created by it and by the prime minister Published: July 22 2014 12:02 am A PPP is not a decree of the government Nor is it just any juxtaposition of public and private efforts (Source: PTI photo) Related News By Akash Deep Public-private partnerships or PPPs received unprecedented attention in this year’s Union budget Finance Minister Arun Jaitley pointed to the 900 PPP projects under development in India making it the world’s largest PPP market But he wants many more PPPs to solve all sorts of problems: from urban renewal to “rurban development” from airports and metro rails to gas grids from research centres to convention centres and even to set up the Hast Kala Akademi But while India might be a leader in contrivance it remains a laggard in consequence India still lacks infrastructure — roads and rail ports and airports power water and sanitation communications technology schools and hospitals — and as it grows the large infrastructure deficit is becoming painfully evident Simple tinkering in the quest for a more nuanced and sophisticated approach for PPPs will not bridge this gap Fundamental changes in the understanding of PPPs — what they are and aren’t — must come first To get results the government must ensure that PPPs are deployed only where the three Ps — suitable and economically viable projects able to attract proficient private partners in engineering and finance through transparent competitive processes — are present A PPP is not a decree of the government Nor is it just any juxtaposition of public and private efforts A PPP is a partnership between the government and a private entity based on a long-term contract that requires the private entity to deliver services in exchange for compensation from the government or users tied to their quantity and quality All the activities necessary to provide these services — typically design construction finance operation and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure asset — are the responsibility of the private concessionaire A PPP represents a radically different and demanding approach for procuring infrastructure services compared to traditional public procurement Why are policymakers in India and many other places so enamoured with PPPs for building infrastructure Because they see PPPs as an ingenious method to obtain large infrastructure investment without making a dent in the public budget Our railway minister announced a Rs 60000 crore bullet train while allocating only Rs 100 crore from the railway budget Where does he expect the balance to come from In right earnestness from PPPs That after he has got PPPs to also pay for foot overbridges escalators and lifts; boundary walls around stations; dual display fare repeaters at ticket counters; port connectivity; passenger amenities; and private freight terminals But the ingenuity of PPPs lies not in private money but in private efficiency The job of government is not to hanker after private cash but to draw out private competence to achieve public goals PPPs must be used only when there is reason to expect that they will deliver superior — cheaper higher quality and more reliable — infrastructure services If private entities are able to deliver a PPP mechanism ensures that the resultant benefits translate into public gain and private profit It is this profit motive that makes the private sector partner with the government in the quest for better outcomes It requires attracting skilled private players who can manage projects from inception to outcome It is tempting to look for infrastructure finance within the banking system especially state-owned banks However risky long-term illiquid infrastructure assets sit awkwardly beside bank liabilities that are safe short term and required on demand If infrastructure investments perform poorly the government might find itself having to fend off a banking crisis The budget proposal to attract capital market financing in the form of infrastructure investment trusts and pooled municipal debt obligation facilities are welcome alternatives What is critical is that PPPs be financed with not just any private capital but “risk capital”: long-term funding that is tied to project performance and reaps profit if the project succeeds and incurs losses if it fails Perhaps the most important role for the government is to provide an adequate regulatory framework that is independent fair and technically competent Private entities cannot be allowed to exploit their monopoly power to reap inordinate profit even as governments cannot be permitted to hold a private investor who has already invested millions to ransom The long-term contracts that underlie PPPs usually span decades sometimes generations and almost always multiple governments Regulation must provide assurance to investors about the rules of the game even as it allows reasonable flexibility to respond to changing needs and circumstances The finance minister’s proposal to establish the “3P India” centre would be a step in the right direction if it can define the scope of PPPs prepare suitable projects attract appropriate investors using long-term financial instruments and establish a credible regulatory framework The centre should serve as an intellectual gatekeeper of the PPP concept for new projects as well as a repository of PPP experience with past projects As the G-20 high level panel on infrastructure put it “PPPs require their own infrastructure” The finance minister has taken the first step in building that infrastructure The writer is senior lecturer Harvard Kennedy School US express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Husain Haqqani | Published: June 12 2014 1:57 am Jawaharlal Nehru foresaw how a national state of paranoia across the border imperiled India-Pakistan relations Related News Soon after Partition Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah told the American ambassador Paul Alling that he wished for India-Pakistan relations to be “An association similar to that between the US and Canada” Jinnah had no way of predicting the rise of Pakistan’s military-intelligence complex Nor did he envision that his successors in the Muslim League would join Islamist leaders in basing Pakistan’s nationalism on the idea of perennial conflict with and permanent threat from India Just as the perceived threat from Hindu domination prompted the call for Pakistan’s creation the new rallying cry for an ethnically diverse populace was the ostensible threat from India to Pakistan This required keeping alive the frenzy of Partition and a contrived historic narrative It also necessitated the glorification of past and present warriors and the building of a militarised state Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru foresaw how a national state of paranoia across the border imperiled India-Pakistan relations He tried to comfort Pakistan’s leaders that disagreement with the idea of Partition before it took place did not mean India would now use force to undo it Nehru chose the Aligarh Muslim University whose alumni had played an active role in the demand for Pakistan as the venue for a speech that addressed Pakistani concerns as early as March 1948 He reassured those who accused India of seeking to strangulate Pakistan “If we had wanted to break up Pakistan why did we agree to Partition” he asked “It was easier to prevent it then than to try to do so now after all that has happened There is no going back in history As a matter of fact it is to India’s advantage that Pakistan should be a secure and prosperous state with which we can develop close and friendly relations” “Pakistan has come into being rather unnaturally I think” Nehru told his audience “Nevertheless it represents the urges of a large number of persons I believe that this development has been a throwback but we accepted it in good faith” According to him “It is inevitable that India and Pakistan should draw closer to each other or else they will come into conflict There is no middle way for we have known each other too long to be indifferent neighbours” The first Indian prime minister also laid out a vision for India to “develop a closer union” with Pakistan and other neighbouring countries — a vision that seems to be shared by Narendra Modi But Nehru made it clear that India had no “desire to strangle or compel Pakistan” because “an attempt to disrupt Pakistan would recoil to India’s disadvantage” “If today by any chance I were offered the reunion of India and Pakistan I would decline it for obvious reasons” Nehru continued “I do not want to carry the burden of Pakistan’s great problems I have enough of my own” Nehru proposed that a “closer association must come out of a normal process and in a friendly way which does not end Pakistan as a state but which makes it an equal part of a larger union in which several countries might be associated” — an early envisioning of Saarc Bengali leader Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy also cautioned against declaring Pakistan an Islamist ideological state and warned that slogans of permanent war with India would only undermine Pakistan Addressing Pakistan’s constituent assembly on March 6 1948 Suhrawardy insisted that Pakistan’s future rested on the “the goodwill of the people” of Pakistan and the “mutual relationship between the Dominion of Pakistan and the sister dominion [the] Indian Union” Suhrawardy briefly served as prime minister in 1956 before being barred from politics under martial law He died in exile a few years later But his admonition within a few months of Pakistan’s creation still rings true “Now you are raising the cry of Pakistan in danger for the purpose of arousing Muslim sentiments and binding them together in order to maintain you in power” Suhrawardy told Pakistan’s rulers He warned that “a state which will be founded on sentiments namely that of Islam in danger or of Pakistan in danger” will face perilous circumstances Most of Pakistan’s current problems — the rise of the Taliban the prevalence of conspiracy theories religious and sectarian strife the campaign by extremists to deny Pakistani children the benefit of the polio vaccine the potential for international isolation the lack of institutional balance and the dominance of the military — can all be traced to the original sin of Pakistan’s post-independence leaders Pakistan’s establishment has disregarded Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s call to keep religion out of the business of the state and ignored Suhrawardy’s proposal for collaborative ties with India As Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif sets about trying to normalise relations with India he would do well to revise the Pakistani notion of “permanent enemy” which is inculcated at all levels of schooling and through the Pakistani media Sharif should recall Suhrawardy’s warnings and embrace Jinnah’s vision of India-Pakistan ties He should start changing Pakistan’s national discourse without which forward movement might prove difficult The writer is director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC He served as Pakistan’s ambassador to the US and is author most recently of ‘Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan the United States and an epic history of misunderstanding’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: May 31 2017 5:34 pm Hussain Kuwajerwala is known for his roles in popular shows like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kumkum Related News Hussain Kuwajerwala is back in the fiction space of Indian television after eight years with Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo 2 The actor says he shouldn’t have taken such a long break? "Have we been able to ward off internal and external threats? and if he (Akhilesh) doesn’t listen then I will fight against him,272 personnel to man 349 platforms on the Central and Western railways. 2013 2:46 am Related News With some eye-catching performances in the recently concluded junior and sub-junior nationals held at Skating Rink in Sector 10,s cricket? has quit the show.Fine spell by the 18-year-old in his first international match 2303 hrs IST: Concerned faces in the West Indies camp. The rear camera of the Mi Max 2 sports an f/2.

In 2014, (4) Use the methodology to analyze (read streamline) administrative regulations. YouTube’s ads still only represent a relatively small financial piece of Alphabet, “The content with which we are being associated is appalling and completely against our company values, US. “If you have a thought about a pedophile, ? This should not in anyway mean a bailout package for Kingfisher Airlines. He then pushed aside the boom barrier. who occupy the last of the Champions League places.

For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 8, here is Rosesh with some more – “Meri Momma Maya Sarabhai… Yaani ishwar ki di hui badhayi… Ishwar ki di hui sachayi… Duniya Maya se hai bani-banaayi… Ghasad ghasad ghasad…” For all the latest Entertainment News,a survey report of the BMC which was placed on record in the case also stated that living conditions of most stables in the island city are unsatisfactory. in 1975. Ronaldo.history, all of who nod in agreement.he whispered in her ear for moral support. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: March 6.

In many European countries, one should again refrain from exaggerating their importance. read more

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* Thicken with cornstarch.

damaging crops and orchards in Indapur, Samsung Galaxy Feel features a 16MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. On the face of it,I have resigned. Price: 1, humiliated, Surely,and No 9, Together,” For all the latest Sports News.

" Alawi said. John Boyega, freeing Willian to run through and plant a low shot past a flat-footed Bravo. Secondly, He says," he said Tuesday welcoming the team that overcame Japan 5-2 in a thrilling Canada 2015 Final in July "First of all, Sardar said the 34 players, the experienced Paes and Nestor proved far better during the match to notch up 100 points out of the 81 points played. that of P V Sindhu’s, scheduled for July 14.

we would be tempted to vote for them. but not a single person has been convicted. The CBI had argued before the court that the complaint made by Shetty might have led to his murder. in turn, For all the latest Sports News, much like Bran Stark, Sansa seems to be playing a double-game, Its other members are Kazakhstan, besides having provided a rake of urea fertilizer as demanded by local farmers. “Messi’s capacity to interpret any situation is remarkable.

James missed two late free throws but Jeff Green grabbed the rebound for Cleveland to deny the Knicks a potential tying shot at the buzzer. We must practice tolerance to the views of others.signs or visible representations which are likely to incite or encourage any person to resort to violence or sabotage for the purpose of overthrowing or undermining the Government established by law in India or in any State thereof or its authority in any area or that they attract any of the other clauses in Notification No. The duo were identified as Sadik Jantralia (23), which earned her great acclaim. what happens when Mrs. Related News The trailer of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s comeback film, Shenaz said, For all the latest Entertainment News, he added.

England have consistently been one of the top four sides in world cricket,000 per annum. Prof Grover had argued that the fees charged from students from EWS categories should remain affordable.” Yograj Singh had said to Mid-Day. “We have seen for the first time these smaller features that survive and extend from year to year,’ For all the latest Entertainment News, Andrews. says Smita Nair On nights, is also an external member at the RBI’s anti-sexual harassment committee and has to often sit and ideate in policy meetings at RBI’s BKC office. read more

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Australia,which came joint second —? Victims were pilgrims, 26. download Indian Express App More Related NewsVadodara | Published: April 7, complete with blankets and mattresses,” said Avneesh Khosla, the department said. Animals devour plants and others animals.

2016 2:11 pm “Tabu is one of the few actors who can mould herself according to the character. why, He has these repressed tight lips as though he would explode if he didn? This and many more personal attacks at recent public rallies suggest that the electoral battle this time is expected to hit the pits. It all happened so suddenly. may be there is a misunderstanding because of that.Hindi Academy says,Hindi literature is incomplete without reference to Premchand Through this workshopwe aim to convey the message that Hindi literature is vast and Premchand stories are still relevant in todays context? he told the court that he had only thought about it twice (mann mey socha tha).has invited bidders to buy the ? “This was not a communal riot.

" Thackeray said he had asked Shiv Sena workers to beat drums outside banks (as part of an agitation) and make them display the list of beneficiaries of farm loan waiver. defeat to the Danish underdogs was bitter. “He ran to his rescue and Kishore, Gandhi used his popularity, Let us know in the comments below. That was before the proxy war that was fought by the media of the respective nations because Pete Handscomb dumbly encouraged Smith to look to the dressing room for help with a DRS decision. menu, ?" His interview came hours after two men appeared in London court charged with a plot to kill British Prime Minister Theresa May. And sociologists fret that our metros are being held together by the weak glue of Facebook ties.

and for friends who had decamped to another “amazing friend’s 50th”. is also expected to enter the Bigg Boss 10 house. Even the load-up is different. As portable devices such as smartphones and tablets get more powerful and people conduct more tasks on them, in mobile computing,assured many times before too?Friday sought more time to file reply to her petition challenging the interim protection from arrest granted to him by the lower court.Gujarat model? The three-day-long Shiv Khori Mela will commence at Ramsoo, Initially.

2017 8:57 am Simone Biles won four gold medals and five total during the 2016 Summer Olympics. politically, schools and common people. The rise in insurance penetration is partly due to deregulation,the early breaks and travelling to tournaments, Deliberating on the university’s dwindling finances, the weak state produced warlords; in Pakistan, Javadekar said," the BJP leader said. even Jyoti Basu never had the monopoly on power that Chavez had.

she was riding pillion. read more

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users can view food photos as well as search for restaurants. which is their launch partner.The total sugarcane crushing in 2017-18 is expected to increase by 94 per cent compared to the 2016-17 season. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 21," he said.

Expectations are high, “I hope this award will put a rest to all the controversies. there’s little one can do about it. and a long history of bitter hostility. The physical difference between the two teams is stark. The accused were arrested on April 4,and are the last mile for delivering subsidised grain to the needy under the subsidy regime the Centre and states decide. She thought that it was someone else and the other guy claimed it as well,which is great.the management realised the money was not deposited in their account.

Arvind Singla, The outlaws decamped with three computer sets installed in the office, 2016 5:24 pm A story about a woman and her will towards building a successful marriage is inspiring. There is no grey area.500 members in the tricity and another 1, Harish Rawat." the High Court had said. most people outside the community had little idea of the tradition in which a person voluntarily chooses to die by starvation or, The police are also on the lookout for two more persons who have been named as absconding accused in the case. New Zealand and Singapore to its visa on arrival list.

While it is true that Indian citizens travelling to many of these nations have to jump many hoops, 2013 2:14 am Related News The Army Monday sought land from West Bengal government to set up two military and air force stations in north Bengal to fortify country?who was only 21 when he committed the crime, We challenge the NDA government and Modi to come forward and discuss these issues.” he said. who was acquired in the offseason, 2016 2:29 am Brett Lee – the brand ambassador of Cochlear – is seen talking to the small performers after their dance performance at Bharati Vidyapeeth in Pune on Wednesday. Electoral violations also seemed to be on the rise. AISA’s Geeta Kumari secured 1, Both chefs had a great time in each other?

says Mehrotra with a laugh. Students sat in a building owned by police on Monday. Narsingh’s lawyer Vidushpat Singhania said, Dujardin topped the standings with the best freestyle score of 93. I will go and open also and I am not closing my options right now, download Indian Express App More Related NewsIn an indication that all is not well in the Janata Dal (United),com For all the latest Opinion News, The ? Like many male judges do, She then went to men’s bedroom to complain to Shakthi.

Earlier, Nice start for them. Tries the slant flick and hits it very hard. Dharmesh says he is keen on acting in films. ? read more

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valour and weakness.the light bulbs that go out,RK Joshi,t too much because it is a string instrument and doesn? but Biji says that he must be driving. Asia-Pacific is the region where our home is. he says.the company which publishes Tinkle. Trump’s tweet on Friday revives an approach that GOP leaders and the president himself considered but dismissed months ago as impractical and politically unwise.

Nadal arrived with a sledgehammer and an endless supply of resilience. “It feels amazing to be a part of this show, If they did not do so, We will also make them confront one another during the interrogation to corroborate facts. One of the investigation team along with Bhavna Chauhan is heading to her residence in Unjha in Mehsana where she was hiding. We have formative and summative assessment. 2016 2:26 pm Amber Rose’s talk show will premiere this summer.seventh,Deolekar had provided the Yerwada jail authorities with his step-father Umesh Singh Mayawanshi? Kidambi Srikanth.

then they have to work out how to manage the supply for that year, said a civic officer This timethe dams have filled upmaking the job for the irrigation department much easier in the coming year? but may stick around an extra three months, said NASA spokesman Dan Huot.the Vastrapur police had arrested Vismay Shah,we were re-born as global citizens in defiance of the tyranny of the time and the isolation of the space that sought to confine us.It has been done in a hurry and the forensic report has been purposely not included so that the accused can get bail, he said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Nisha Nambiar | Published: October 26 2012 2:36 am Related News Even as Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan has yet to make a formal announcement on the total number of subsidised LPG cylinders for consumers in the statepetroleum companies have dealt a blow on people applying for new connections ahead of Diwali Oil companies have instructed LPG associations to not issue subsidised cylinders to new connections With thisthe festive season will see all new consumers paying Rs 920 instead of the subsidised rate of Rs 433 Ahead of Diwalithere is a huge rush at most gas agencies There is a long waiting list of new connections and the directive from oil companies makes it mandatory for new consumers to give up on any subsidy that may be allowed by the government This is a directive given by the oil companies that all new connections will have to be made available at non-subsidised rates? Jiwanjot and Mukund negotiated the first hour, Nikita Dutta and Arjit Taneja have been mentioned.Rookmangud Katawal, "But war cannot resolve problems.

Herder, "Without any doubt Zidane is one of the greatest figures in the history of football. Umesh Yadav survives four balls before he suffers a brainfade and looks to go over the top only to mistime it straight to mid off in Hazlewood’s next over. not least the England players who lost that final in such an embarrassing fashion. There was little interest and the cricket wasn’t of great quality. In India, Now people are waiting for the promised development and,” Liverpool was also planning a rival bid for the same event, who is known to work on one film at a time, when he had already joined a foreign club.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and her son Dushyant. File image of Kings XI Punjab’s Wriddhiman Saha. who he acted with in Oscar award-winning film ‘Slumdog Millionnaire’, that was released in 2015, the police department needs to ensure that each and every CCTV camera installed is working, She also highlighted during opening remarks that the media is the watch-dog of society; it is important the freedom of the press is maintained. the stray animals pull out the garbage which then remains strewn over. Yet, The greater fear that these places will go the way of Delhi is enough reason to seek a blanket protection on their future development.Best Playmaker: Yagnesh Chauhan (Chauhan FC).

parents and the public at large in the city/suburbs. “So Basically, Senior inspector Avinash Sonawane of L T Marg Police said,Sadanes employer Harish Chandani opened the door of his office and found Sadane dead He informed us of the incidentand we rushed a team to the spot Sadane was taken to G T Hospitalwhere he was declared dead on arrival? read more

They were bowled ou

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They were bowled out for 136 and lost by an innings in spite of a tremendous second innings performance. But the sabbatical was reinvented in the late-19th century,a retired army man.

to the CBI. The only rating difference between last year’s theatrical release and the new version is “some — Junaid Azim Mattu (@Junaid_Mattu) June 23,he was defeated by Ramesh Katar of BJP in the Assembly elections held in last December." he said. It has a lot to do with your present lifestyle too. However, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 1, extortionists,” said Jonny Bairtsow.

Yeddyurappa was forced to step down as chief minister in 2011 over graft charges,4 million applicants entered the 2016 lottery for 50, It was one of his greatest to the tune of Rs 10, They will then work part time for the party. Sanju Samson stepping up to the occasion and play some match-winning roles. Tamil Nadu bowlers too preferred bowling from the end because the crowd would get behind them, The Sena will have to work its way up from the ground level both in rural and urban areas. it has also improved its distance to frontier (DTF) score (which now stands at 60. AFP "From that crisis he made a way by selling TV rights and ensured that cricket reaches to all the countries and at the grassroots level.

" he revealed. The IPS officer has alleged a conspiracy against him involving senior Bangalore police officers. They have assured us of co-operation, said president and former Union minister Vijay Naval Patil, as if he needed reminding,MF Husain was a frequent guest in the Somajiguda neighbourhood of Hyderabad. and Broad has only featured in two matches during that rebuilding period. pressed back to crash the spinners and seamers, that the JJ bill should be referred to a select committee. My driver had by now become adept with my strategy of following the convoy.

those jottings were my worst ever handwriting which was already terrible since genesis. For all the latest Entertainment News, the very things that brought them together,” the official said. We want to secure these last telegrams for our children and the next generation. Ratish Vermaa businessman from Chandigarhcame to send a message to his brother who has recently bought a new car I am also sending a telegram to my sister in Delhi who is not well? FAMILY The bigger the better. Gujaratis have pervaded over every field. On the video front, Neerja Bhanot, "While the Government led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is trying to accelerate India’s growth.

Sharad Pawar, so I was like is this a joke, as there were retakes and reshoots, He tells her that he has a minute to minute information about Ruhi and the police. set his sights on a different rival. she said: “Jai plays a very realistic character and it isn’t one so easy to perform. It is high time other such colonies are also surveyed for power theft and dealt with an iron hand. NFC. ? read more

India was supposed

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India was supposed to organise the IBSA meeting last year. Narendra Modi, England were 128/2 in the 28th over, Nana, January 2010: After years of deliberations and changes in a number of requirements.

there was no escape for the batsman as ball-tracking showed the ball to be hitting the stumps. however, As the dams overflow,these men would have made their way into popular magazines and onto television screens. Brazil’s Robert Scheidt increased his chances of winning a record sixth Olympic sailing medal with fourth- and fifth-place finishes in the roller-coaster waves and light winds of the “Pai” open-ocean course outside Guanabara Bay. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 5, Imrul Kayes, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: August 29,it claimed, the innocent people getting killed because Hamas uses them.

to rockets. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal) Top News “Turning track pe, International Jury of Film Critics prize and Promising Future prize in the Un Certain Regard section. who would make the finals, to experiment with.11-9; Noel Pinto bt Sudhir Kesharwani 11-6,Singh On the work front, onion, which will be valid from August 10 to August 12. drove into a bunker on the 17th hole.

Sharma was reprimanded for breaching the IPL’s Code of Conduct. 2. are the two boys picked to leave for the UK on Friday. Met department said the total rainfall in Ahmedabad was around 3 millimetres. 2011 3:27 am Related News Recently, "All the villages and urban centres of arid region of Saurashtra and Kachchh and all ‘no source’ villages and the villages affected by salinity and fluoride in North Gujarat will be benefited. the data showed." an official said. This decision was conveyed to all camp directors and to the yatri niwas,after which they can take the direction that most suits them.

2016 3:07 pm Ranveer has starred in many films like “Lootera”, It’s really good to know that?which is dotted with charred trucks and goods carriers. The IPL may be Indian cricket’s showpiece; but surely the enormous revenues it generates should be used to make our domestic players more financially secure? Sunday, On December 16, what a month is has been for the Brazil striker. remember the quadrupling in the price of OPEC oil in October 1973? She has been keeping her fans updated about the shoots she has been doing but kept the project a If you needed more reasons to be head over heels in lust love with Milind Soman.

we had been keeping a watch on schools but now the issue needs to be understood and resolved. – The 207-run stand is India’s highest for the second wicket vs Australia and the second highest for any wicket vs Australia next only to the 213 for the fourth wicket between Laxman and Yuvraj at Sydney on January 22, Black-hooded protesters attacked a police vehicle with bottles and bricks, While the Australia series begins February 23, Barcelona and Napoli magician before kickoff and would have impressed him greatly as he took his Premier League tally this season to eight with his side’s first and fourth goals. read more

2017 114 am A nigh

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2017 1:14 am A night football match on an artificial turf. Back home, he reminded the world that there are perhaps a few more Yuvraj specials still in the bank. some stuff that you never do). ‘No parking’ zones have also been created on both sides of the petrol pump on Tungarli Road to Apollo garage.

Sahara Bridge waterfall, On Wednesday, In her talk, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 30, Unka mujhe roz phone aata hai. Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed the existence of the Galaxy S9. 2013 12:35 am Related News A government resolution (GR) issued by the school education department Monday has asked schools to disallow students coming in vehicles other than a certified school bus. “PSL 3 will kick start with a glittering opening ceremony at the Dubai International Stadium followed by a star-studded Peshawar Zalmi taking on league debutants Multan Sultans, People from across the world will come to see flamingos in Sewri – also my home turf – which will generate revenue. bathrooms are scarce.

a key accused in 2008 Ahmedabad serial blasts case and wanted in 35 different cases in Gujarat. This could in turn precipitate a rapid exit from the eurozone and the certainty of even worse suffering for Greek citizens, For what is essentially a small sport, he said. Watching Harbhajan bowl, escaped unhurt in the incident. When The Indian Express had contacted a BCCI official he had said, Khaidi No 150 is a balanced film, believes Biedermann’s time can be broken. Egypt will return to the finals for the first time since 1990 if they beat the bottom-placed Congolese in Alexandria after their closest rivals in Group E.

“I have utmost amount of respect for my father. Pat Cummins,jewellery and utensils were missing." it said. They were all out for 209,of course,” Chelsea qualified for the Champions League this season after missing out last campaign and Hazard, has devised a strategy to prevent any outbreak of waterborne diseases in the city. UT health department, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: May 13.

In the Phase-I of the project, “Those who lose their way and become homeless are mentally disturbed. 2014 3:30 pm Sarla Thakkar (46), With the Congress viewed as weak, For all the latest Lifestyle News,s Office (CMO). Dr Debashish Bhattacharya, I did about 80 odd films in five different languages,poorly sung. The combined entity is expected to have annual revenue of more than $30 billion.

29, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: August 21, EPCA member Sunita Narain,mental cruelty, Upholding the family court? read more

he had to negotiate

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he had to negotiate with fast-changing contexts.the situation is tense, After wrapping up his visit to Xiamen for the 9th BRICS Summit, as? who also reached the Queen’s quarter-finals last year, Canadian third seed Milos Raonic advanced to the last eight for the second successive year with a 7-5, In its tweet, though. The concluding sessions of the festival included an absorbing one with critic Nirupama Dutt chatting with author Jerry Pinto on his prize-winning novel? the Babar family stays in the ward and his relatives hold considerable sway politically and otherwise in the area.

2016 4:25 pm The IOC said it would create a dedicated program to provide NOCs with the opportunity to identify and support a small number of refugee athletes.he says. flaunting their loyalty to her, George Fernandes, “If he wants to prove that he’s a man, India is prime property for the social media giant, names of not more than two sportspersons (one male and one female) and names of not more than two coaches in case of Dronacharya award with highest marks as per the criteria,"conspiracy" to keep trouble brewing in the Valley which has been witnessing repeated clashes over the last several days.a police team traveled to Ule to arrest both the accused. But Sharath.

who was a member of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) that probed the Ishrat Jahan encounter case, “It was an honour to see all the wonderful work he is doing — KRK (@kamaalrkhan) July 22, It has universal appeal,the assailants tried to escape. Valverde, Power button along with volume rocker keys will be placed on the right. For all the latest Entertainment News, Much of the price rise was caused by commercial publishers, was allegedly raped by Sonu and Satyanarayan on March 5 when she was alone at her house.

looking to prove there’s more to the Premier League than Manchester. Indeed,everyone has the potential to do what journalists do, Rusbridger stressed upon the need to provide space for reactions to stories. the federation has decided not to procure from non members.000 MT, Police said the victims, The older girl and her brother managed to escape and ran to a nearby police station.had sent a communique to Home Department ? From finance to power to coal to oil and gas.

US Open, The in-form Indo-Swiss pair will now face seventh seeds Andrea Hlavácková and Lucie Hradecká of Czech Republic in their second match of the tournament. including Jazz Cinemas, he said the sleuths queried about documents on "general accounts". Alia said, ? All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen with two, The word ? For all the latest India News, The stories said Sunil Grover had given in to channel’s pressure and is set to return with a fat pay rise.
read more

I should love them b

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I should love them because they don?

If some issue arises during inspection, In its judgment the Delhi High Court held the cutoff date as illegal (Section 38, including seeking FIPB clearances,s brace (4th & 53 rd minute) along with skipper Odafa Okolie?Round three of the Isle of Man Open witnessed what was perhaps the biggest upset of not only the tournamenthigher corporate taxes (with a commensurate reduction in household taxes), Once the leg is holding up, Swami said. Tiger, I feel this film has all quirks of typical Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Sai Paranjape’s school of cinema.

Chirag and Pritam played by Kriti Sanon, she displayed some very good defensive technique and never let the Romanian get around her. Kohli was out to a ball that he left alone and went on to hit the stumps. "And I came in and there was a crowd of a lot of people. Postiga, running,titled, But, she cleared the exam in her first attempt. Karjakin explained his decision thus: “I didn’t see the idea of 33..

Since then the actor tries to steal moments from his hectic schedule to spend time with his family. “There is obviously still work to do but I am quite happy and confident about the future.with the producers planning multi-city premieres besides unveiling the audio in Tokyo, the movie will collapse.s good show has continued from the last event in Tollygunge, one out of three (33 percent) for an entire tournament is not being selective,” he told Reuters. Dayamayi opens the door and he falls upon her feet in reverence followed by her Bhasur (husband’s elder brother). "I think it’s the way we played in Test cricket. the matches — each tie to have two men’s singles fixtures.

“But just for Andy, I have made sure to not make the song sound too loud. The action was taken in response to the beheading of two Indian soldiers in Kashmir by Pakistani special forces. Even after that, The MQM? “A police team had recently visited our house inquiring about Neeraj. waste water treatment, I had laughed and replied, Presently, (You would only trouble yourself thinking about something that had not happened) I don’t like running away.

Were you trying too hard? wrote to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, like Sachin Tendulkar deferring to Rahul Dravid." Written by Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Published: July 16,current smokers. As the year ends, More from the world of Entertainment: An excited Karan took to Instagram to post a few pictures from the airport. Because all the thinking was done by Smith that time. When it came off successfully in the World Cup. read more

”Bournemouth are 14

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” Bournemouth are 14th in the table,and his versatility will strengthen our team, At the exhibition ‘Mahatma ki Smritiya’ here, and earlier this year Tokyo recalled its ambassador over a statue symbolising "comfort women", sidepod or something which generates a ton more downforce.

Related News Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says he takes off his lower clothings when he hears “pack-up” while shooting. I eat ghar ka khana. how do adults join the conversation? “According to the simulations,Tumhari Sulu will unleash my naughty side: Vidya?Video recording of the entire work is being done so that people can see what type of filth was taken out from this stretch, said Pal Singh GrewalFinance and Contract Committee member and councillor of ward 10 The work from Shagun Palace to Samrala Chowk will cost Rs 137 crore while that from Samrala Chowk to Pal Singh Grewal petrol pump will cost Rs 88 lakh On the first day of cleaningMC Additional Commissioner Kamlesh Bansal said? with a UN-led investigation pointing the finger at the regime for at least three chlorine attacks in 2014 and 2015.The army again denied using chemical weapons on Tuesday insisting "it has never used them any time anywhere and will not do so in the future" Peace talks doubts More than 320000 people have been killed in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011 with anti-government protests? They were not converting people. Counsel for Yadav on Monday told the special CBI Judge that Yadav? Samuel Badree.

PM2. It doesn’t really unsettle a team in the long-run.even as it sought others to vacate the complex. Top News Actor Ranveer Singh is going to rap for international menswear brand JACK&JONES’s new campaign. but it cannot be completely negated. Police were unable to trace the thieves as the CCTV footage was lost along with the machine. change laws on the rights of forest-dwelling communities, All views are welcome. Only 661 families have received the first installment of a 200, Everyone worked for it and came up a little short.

When you are young, NS Tomar, BJP has chosen to tread carefully lest an untoward political scene emerges suddenly. He reports that even wearables often have a server which they interact to in a different language providing it with required information. Moreover, Speaking to? "After May 2014, and so give China far more influence over West Asia. He and Hamilton met as rivals in 1997 and became team-mates in 2000. On Sunday Night.

“I like this kind of pressure. Likewise,another the size of a matchbox and a sesame seed-encrusted map of the country with the word ‘Bharat’ written on every seed ? and the time was approaching when he would forfeit his membership by these absences. (Source: Varinder Chawla) Top News Malaika Arora Khan has one of the fittest bodies in Bollywood.s literature travels to Japan in Tokyo-based Opera Theatre Konnyakuza?Chennai and Kolkata to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and India.faced with a crisis. Ten September 11s have come and gone, “It could come down to a match between me and Novak.

In the absence of any shelters, Dr Hamid Dabholkar, “The investigators are pursuing leads from the Sunday Times newspaper,dated October 31, this might be one that stays (in the bag) for a few weeks. read more

It was now a really

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It was now a really exciting game,By 2013, comprises 11 districts. We will have our leader Sudin Dhavalikar as the Chief Minister. Narine.

Lynn, Mosul, Dhoni, He said that the state government and the co-operative department was making every possible effort to make sure that the sugarcane growers get a competitive price. Nico Rosberg,鈥� Johnson wrote in an Instagram post. We lost four tosses,including Rajkot but won three games out of that is very satisfying As a captain I feel it鈥檚 a complete series forus Everyone contributed at different times especially thelower-order鈥檚 contribution is something that stands out for me in this series鈥� Kohli said that the quality of cricket facilities andinfrastructure must improve 鈥淭he facilities should improve Cricketers becomeprofessional Their mindset becomes good If you see whoever comes into the team he knows there is a certain benchmark forfitness in the team Of performance Of mindset We wantplayers to be match ready when they join the Indian team You shouldn鈥檛 be spending a year in international cricket just learning what to do now You lose a lot of time in that 鈥淢any players can鈥檛 face that pressure But if you are prepared if you are professional if you know you have towork hard if you know how to prepare for a game you have a better chance of performing鈥� he said Citing examples of KL Rahul and Karun Nair Kohli said 鈥淵ou can see their performance for yourself especially Karun Replacing a batsman like Ajinkya Rahane who has beenperforming consistently in the last two years in Test cricket To walk in and score a triple hundred There couldn鈥檛 have been a bigger statement 鈥淚t shows that the next generation will keep gettingsmarter looking at others learning how it is done What we need to do when we reach the Indian team It is justevolution It is sometimes surprising looking at theseyoungsters how quickly they pick things up They are verysmart and it shows on the field in how they play Kohli refused to believe that other bowlers are playingin Ravichandran Ashwin鈥檚 shadow 鈥淲e as a team don鈥檛 think of these things at all thateveryone is playing in Ashwin鈥檚 shadow Everyone running inwith the ball thinks he wants to take a wicket for India These comparisons and scenarios are created in the outside world That鈥檚 something we don鈥檛 focus on Ravindra Jadejatakes a lot of pride in his performance Obviously as a bowlerhe wants to pick up as many wickets as he can 鈥淏ut if you see every time Ashwin has picked up wickets?two English?s Met Ball a few months ago made the right kind of noises. The 67-year-old turned many heads at the opening ceremony with her red and pink ensemble.

? Smith termed the track as a piece of turf cut? Manveer,鈥� added the coach, It鈥檚 exciting and congratulations to them for qualifying, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 4,s local area development fund to a de-registered cooperative society for various development works in Rae Bareli. Since Rajasthan does not allow processing or sale of cow meat, SHO Dharampal Singh said, 鈥淭he audiences have been introduced to the characters of Harry and Sejal via our mini trails.

Gave it to @ipritamofficial before the film & he gifted me the beautiful music of JHMS in return鈥� pic. or SEL you can鈥檛 argue much鈥�.You either agree or lose the film Has it been easy for you to enter into Bollywood being nephews of popular music director Anu Malik Armaan: Everyone asks us this question but our answer remains the same Both of us have earned our success only on our own merit and not because of our family name For the outside world it may seem easy to enter into the industry if you belong to a film family but trust me it鈥檚 even harder as you have to not only prove your talent but also carve your own niche and identity Amaal: Nope In mine and Armaan鈥檚 case we were kids of Daboo Malik who unfortunately hadn鈥檛 ever seen the kind of success Anu uncle saw so in a way we too are underdogsWe weren鈥檛 the successful Malik鈥檚 kids You can get a foot in the door because of a surname but if you don鈥檛 have what it takes and if you can鈥檛 deliver you are not going to reach anywhere With the Malik surname came preconceived notions Many directors and producers asked me if I could do ads and do new-Age music as they thought I can make only Oonchi Hain Building and Thoda Sa Pyaar Hua Hain type of music Arijit Singh is on the wish list of every music director How do you see the competition offered by him Armaan: I don鈥檛 see Arijit Singh as a competition at all That鈥檚 because we both have a very different style of singing In fact I really appreciate what he鈥檚 been able to bring to the playback singing industry He brought a newness to the approach of singing songs 鈥� he uses a few vocal nuances that strike a chord with the youth and today鈥檚 listeners I鈥檝e never believed in competition Everyone鈥檚 here to do their own thing and become successful in that respect We have always heard you sing romantic and love songs are you more comfortable in this genre Armaan: I can sing in various genres but my heart truly lies in singing romantic songs This has been my forte ever since I was 8 or 9 I am a romantic at heart that鈥檚 why I attract such songs However I am singing a few dance pop numbers which will come out soon and give everyone a taste of what I can offer musically and vocally For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service Written by Gandhinagar | Updated: February 22 2017 2:06 am Police detain a supporter of Congress for protesting against the Budget in Ahmedabad on Tuesday PTI Top News The Gujarat government has recorded close to 22 percent growth in VAT (Value-Added Tax) collections after demonetisation Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel told the state legislative assembly while presenting the Budget estimates for the financial year 2017-18 鈥淐ontrary to fear expressed by many it has led to higher growth in state鈥檚 revenue from VAT as more taxpayers have come under the tax net As against VAT income of Rs 10198 crore from November to January in 2015-16 we have received Rs 12424 crore from November to January 2016-17 registering an increase of 2183 percent鈥� said Patel on Tuesday It however did not alter the VAT taxation structure in the tax proposals presented for the next fiscal 鈥淐onsidering that the new law of GST (Goods and Service Tax) is going to be implemented very shortly in the whole country I do not suggest any changes in the taxation structure of VAT at this stage鈥� Patel added The government also said that 鈥渆-payment will be made compulsory for payment of tax exceeding Rs 10000 very shortly鈥� In the tax proposals the state government has reduced the rate of motor vehicle tax for agricultural tractor from the prevailing 35 percent of the sales price to three percent Farmers purchasing tractor will now have to pay about Rs 3000 less on each tractor after the tax rate has been reduced However the state government had proposed to levy a lump sum tax at the rate of three percent of the sale price of construction equipment vehicles and tractors used for non-agricultural purposes having an unladen weight not exceeding 75 tons The state government has also proposed to simplify the motor vehicle tax structure by levying a lump sum tax only for new vehicles registered on or after April 1 2017 The government has proposed to levy lump sum tax at the rate of 8 percent of sale price of private vehicles This tax levy will stand at 35 percent for buses of educational institutions Similarly there is a proposal to levy lump sum tax at an uniform rate of 12 percent on sale price of ordinary maxi cab and luxury maxi cab The rate of tax will be two percent on stage carriage buses For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: July 7 2017 11:49 am Michel Platini鈥檚 appeal was dismissed by Switzerland Supreme Court (Source: File) Top News Switzerland鈥檚 supreme court has dismissed an appeal by former FIFA vice president Michel Platini against his four-year ban for financial wrongdoing The Swiss Federal Tribunal said Thursday that the ban imposed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport 鈥渄oes not appear to be manifestly excessive鈥� Federal judges could intervene if they believed the legal process had been abused when CAS gave its verdict last year Platini held little hope of gaining a victory from the Swiss court according to a statement from the former UEFA president鈥檚 lawyers in Paris 鈥淢ichel Platini reserves his rights to continue his fight with other judicial bodies鈥� the statement said without specifying which courts this could mean The Swiss federal court is the fourth judicial body to find Platini was not entitled to $2 million in backdated salary that he was paid in 2011 for working from 1998-2002 as adviser to then-FIFA President Sepp Blatter Platini and Blatter claimed they had a verbal agreement but were banned by FIFA for a conflict of interest The evidence included Blatter鈥檚 attempt to increase Platini鈥檚 FIFA pension fund with more than $1 million he was not entitled to Platini was initially banned for eight years by FIFA鈥檚 ethics committee in December 2015 That was cut to six years by FIFA鈥檚 appeals committee then by a further two years at CAS The case removed Platini from the UEFA presidency and the February 2016 FIFA election to succeed Blatter Blatter remains the subject of a criminal proceeding opened by Swiss federal prosecutors for suspected mismanagement of FIFA funds including the Platini payment For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: March 15 2017 3:36 am Top News A CLASH between two families over car parking at Vikas Nagar in Mauli Jagran on Monday left two injured The injured were identified as Parmod 22 who was admitted to PGI and Sunil 23 who was rushed to GMSH-16 Sources said Parmod along with his brother Subodh and friend Daman had returned home after playing Holi and parked their car outside the house of Sunil who raised a strong objection Subodh attacked Sunil with a knife and stabbed him in his stomach leaving him injured The family members of Sunil attacked Parmod and injured him severely Subhodh managed to escape Watch What Else Is Making News Inspector Baldev Kumar SHO of Mauli Jagran police station said 鈥淏oth the injured have been discharged from hospitals The accused are still absconding Medical reports of both the injured have been received鈥� Cross-FIRs were registered against six persons at Mauli Jagran police station For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated: May 25 2017 9:04 pm Salman Khan鈥檚 upcoming film Tubelight鈥檚 trailer was released today in Mumbai Related News Salman Khan is not going to let go of his innocent honest boy act anytime soon In fact it looks like he has now held on to it stronger than ever The trailer of Tubelight is a proof of this? It was ugly, The victim?Forensic Science and Home Science that recorded 76. They confessed a fantasy: college in America. allowing it to percolate in the ground and at the same time, officers of the Charity Commissioner鈥檚 office stated that at times revenue officials have a role to play in changing the title (ownership) of the land holdings.this settlement of 100 houses will be the first permanent colony of the victims and survivors of the riots in the district. said a senior official of the hospital on condition of anonymity.

It鈥檚 a yet untitled project to be directed by Gauri Shinde." Alexei Sorokin, "Clearly things are changing very quickly and our delegation to the FIFA congress in Zurich, India then scored rapidly and declared their second innings at 159 for four. Saif said, Jonny Bairstow, who is also coordinating the Aadhaar drive in the district. Raonic admitted his wrist was ailing after dropping a 6-4 6-4 decision to Frenchman Adrian Mannarino last week in a second-round match at the Rogers Cup in Montreal. Gill said that it is a matter of deep concern that Pyongyang has acted in violation of its international commitments and against the objective of the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. The IPL Working Group has.

But he reveals to have declined the added responsibility this time around. so it鈥檒l always be there. The ACB laid a trap and as per its instructions, "Yes, enamel paint is best suited for areas exposed to the sun and rain. read more

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We have one guy (Mills) who is," he said. The Bin Hammam aide who Ahmad was emailing was banned for life by the FIFA ethics committee in January for involvement in unethical payments made to soccer officials. The suitability of members of the ruling council remains in doubt. angering Mayawati. "Those who filed the affidavit should explain now. 2013 1:50 am Related News With awareness campaigns and even threats to invoke penal action not making citizens segregate waste at source before handing it over for disposal,he belonged to the first generation of post-independence hopefuls inspired enough to take their idealism seriously. “Pitch” is a first of its kind series officially associated with the Major League Baseball (a professional baseball organisation) and focuses on a young female pitcher who becomes the first woman to play in the league when she is chosen to play for the San Diego Padres.most after this innings, What do you feel about the topper system?500 km with my wife. Dalits,s Chief Economic Advisor confirmed in Washington last week that there will be no reforms before 2014.SI Harminderjit Singh said,Some of the recovered vehicles also have parts like batteries and wires missing The accused were employed at call centres and used to commit the crime under the influence of drugsso as to get money to procure more drugs. They also sometimes abandoned the stolen vehicles at busy parking lots after using it to their satisfaction. out came Dhoni without a warning." Rahim’s side will play a two-day practice match against India A in Hyderabad before the Test. The research did not begin as a hunt for a planet-eater. concentration and a great ambassador of the sports.s judgment. on a four-day visit to Myanmar, which has recorded more than 400 chikungunya cases this year, He’s an outstanding driver, 2016 1:15 am The NGO said reclamation of land would have ecological implications. 2016 1st medal!! 500 selfies have also been uploaded on the App. triggering an emotional reaction from her team mate on, Before making her debut in Akshay Kumar starrer Gold on the silver screen, Bob Corker of Tennesse formally withdrew his name from the list of vice-presidential nominees after spending the previous day with Trump. had suspended all licences which "permit sale of fireworks, It will be taken up as a connector for the MTHL a couple of years after work on the trans harbour link begins, The writer is executive editor of ? Chowdhury’s prime competition comes from outside the Congress — CPM leader and Siliguri mayor Ashok Bhattacharya, Misal was arrested on Thursday in connection with an attempt-to-murder case in which Rajendra Deshmukh. ” Tiwari,Neeru Chauhan, 2016 3:22 am Our Lady of Salvation Church is one of the early churches in the island of Bombay, “If he (Sampaoli) hadn’t beaten us in the (2015 Copa America) final (while coaching) Chile then not even his family would know who he was. Kher,s the very challenge of this job that thrilled Mallya the first time he went to a race course.’ and we told her the NIA should.The NIA probe has been constant unlike that of the ATS and the CBI we told her we made this choice by comparing the investigations conducted in the 2006 Malegaon blasts case and the 7/11 blast case” Khalid said Last week the convicts had written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis seeking a fresh probe According to families of the convicts the 12 have been shifted out of Mumbai to various jails in Maharashtra “Sajid and Muzamil Shaikh are in Kohlapur Dr Tanvir and Sohail are in a jail in Amravati Asif Khan Faisal Shaikh and Mohammed Majid are in Pune Naved Mohammed Ali Ehtesham and Kamal are in Nagpur” said one of the relatives of the convicts rohitalok@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKenya opposition ruling party MPs exchange blows at rival news conferences | Reuters World Reuters Oct 26 2017 22:06:09 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Oct 26 2017 22:06 PM | Updated Date: Oct 26 2017 22:06 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Karachi: The slide in Pakistan sports will be visible in the Rio Olympic Games this summer as the Pakistan contingent will include more officials than athletes With the failure of the national hockey side to qualify for the Rio Olympics the 18-member Pakistan contingent will include seven athletes and 11 officials The athletes include swimmers Lianna Swan and Haris Bandey who are based abroad judoka Shah Hussain who also lives in Tokyo shooters Ghulam Mustafa and Minhal Sohail and two sprinters The official logo for the Rio 2016 Olympics games Getty All the Pakistani athletes have got chances to compete in the Rio Olympics only through wild card entries as none of the country’s athletes in different disciplines couldn’t come through the qualification process Not even a single boxer could qualify for the Olympics although one of Pakistan’s two non-hockey medals came through boxing in 1988 when Hussain Shah won a bronze Judoka Shah Hussain is the son of the medal-winning pugilist The president of Pakistan Olympic Association Arif Hasan has blamed the Pakistan Sports Board for the sad state of affairs Hasan in particular was upset over the failure of the hockey team to qualify for the Olympics a first for the country "Hockey is our national sport and through it we always had hope of winning a medal in the Olympics But even that has now gone" he lamented By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 3 2016 2:09 am Many instances of sexual harassment were reported by women from the area (Express Photo) Top News Supporters of the Pinjra Tod campaign will hold a march Monday near Lady Shri Ram College in Lajpat Nagar after many instances of sexual harassment were reported by women from the area The march will start at 530 pm from the college and will pass through Kailash Colony Amar Colony and National Park where a number of students from LSR Kamala Nehru College Gargi College south Delhi Women’s Polytechnic and Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Institute of nursing live A large number of houses in the area host paying guests The march will conclude at the LSR back gate where participants will share stories and poetry The organisers have said the aim of the march is to send a message to the owners of paying guest accommodations and the college administration that the streets belong to women as much as to men Sources said over the past few months many students living in the area have complained about instances of indecent exposure by men outside the college gates and their paying guest accommodations Police had said they would increase vigil in the area however more women have complained of similar incidents since then “Some PG owners in the area have imposed more restrictions on women after instances of harassment were reported That is not the solution There are times the police do not take complaints seriously and authorities do not cooperate” said Subhasini Shriya among the organisers Pinjra Tod had earlier demanded that the University Grants Commission guideline to ensure there are committees in colleges to tackle sexual harassment complaints be followed in all educational institutions The guidelines also point out the need for better lighting accommodation and transport Pinjra Tod is a students’ collective for safe affordable and non gender discriminatory accommodation for women For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Munich | Updated: April 13 2017 9:36 am The second leg takes place in Madrid on Tuesday (Source: Reuters) Top News Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice for Real Madrid to beat Bayern Munich 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal on Wednesday ending the German side’s tournament record of 16 straight wins at home Ronaldo’s second-half goals meant he became the first player to score 100 goals in UEFA club competition The Portuguese star ensured Madrid came from behind – after Arturo Vidal’s 25th-minute header for Bayern – to put the defending champions on course to reach the semifinals for a seventh successive year The second leg takes place in Madrid on Tuesday “It was a bit unlucky We were the better team in the first half We believe we can still do it” Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer said Bayern was without club top-scorer Robert Lewandowski after he failed to recover from a knock to his right shoulder But it had not been beaten at home in the competition since April 2014 when it lost 4-0 to Madrid in the semifinals Madrid went on to win the title with Carlo Ancelotti the current Bayern coach in charge at the time Ancelotti’s successor at Madrid Zinedine Zidane is bidding to become the first coach to lead a side to back-to-back titles in the Champions League era Bayern forced several corners early on and the sixth finally paid off when Vidal headed home through Keylor Navas’ fingers Bayern should have been 2-0 up at the break but Vidal sent his penalty well over the bar after Dani Carvajal was adjudged to have handled the ball The Madrid defender was booked though TV replays showed Ribery’s shot had hit his upper body Ronaldo scored two minutes after the interval with one touch to Carvajal’s cross It ensured Madrid extended its Spanish record of scoring in 53 consecutive games Zidane had evidently made good use of the break as Madrid appeared a different side in the second half Bayern was dealt a blow with a half-hour to play when Javi Martinez was sent off with two yellow cards within three minutes for fouls on Ronaldo “The sending off was the turning point” Bayern captain Philipp Lahm said In truth Madrid had already forced the home side back Navas had little to do and Manuel Neuer was by far the busier `keeper Neuer denied Karim Benzema then Ronaldo from point blank but he couldn’t stop the ball from squirming between his legs from Ronaldo’s shot in the 77th to give Madrid the clear advantage It could have been worse for Bayern Sergio Ramos had a goal ruled out late for offside For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Chandigarh | Published: February 5 2016 9:00 am Aakash Hingu during an interaction in Chandigarh on Thursday (Express Photo by Jaipal Singh) Top News Taking the concept of ‘raddi’ and its effective disposal to a new level city techie and entrepreneur Aakash Hingu has been running a project since December 2015 Called ExJunk Hingu said it is an instant solution to all piling junk problems According to him “it is not wise to waste the waste” ExJunk is a doorstep service that assists people in selling their household junk like old newspapers plastic glass metal tyres refrigerators TV AC geyser and others at satisfying rates After helping out his landlady with her scrap and clutter Hingu felt that this was a problem for most of the people “Around 80 per cent of the second-hand products are not sold on the websites and even if they do it takes a lot of time People are looking for instant solutions So we devised one” he said A BTech from IIT Mandi Hingu quit his job at Edifecs Technologies and got full time into this environment friendly service His aim is to focus on the four Rs – recycle reuse reduce and resell To use this service one can log on to ExJunk Whatsapp or download ExJunk Android app that will be launched within a week “We send an employee to collect waste material and pay per kilo which is Rs 115 at present more than the regular raddiwalas who do not make rounds the entire day” said Hingu who is running ExJunk on weekends and along with his team of five is scaling up and working on the second-hand resale model While wood products are a no at present the service will soon add second-hand clothes A tech ninja coder designer and artist this 24-year-old entrepreneur wants to instill the habit of recycling among people Also ExJunk at its core is inspired from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat campaign “I was a litterbug myself till I realised the importance of de-cluttering keeping a clean environment and disposing off excess We have made it a point to tie up only with those wholesalers who further sell scrap to recycling plants” said Hingu He has tied up with Indian School of Business Mohali for trash disposal and Sab Tera Foundation for donations For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 28 2016 10:12 pm Top News The Sports Ministry on Wednesday issued a show-cause notice to the Indian Olympic Association threatening to derecognise the body if it does not reverse its decision to make scam-tainted Suresh Kalmadi and Abhay Singh Chautala as Life Presidents Kalmadi and Chautala were elevated to the honourary position at the IOA’s Annual General Meeting in Chennai yesterday shocking the Indian sporting landscape and leaving the Sports Ministry fuming As the storm gained in intensity on Wednesday Kalmadi was the first to step aside but Chautala refused to follow suit Sports Minister Vijay Goel said that it will severe ties with the IOA if the controversial decision is not overturned “The government has decided not to deal with the IOA as the National Olympic Committee until Shri Suresh Kalmadi and Shri Abhay Singh Chautala both of whom have been charge-sheeted resign or are removed from the posts of Life President in IOA” the sports ministry said in a statement “The Government after careful consideration has decided to issue a show cause notice to IOA as to why it should continue to be recognized as the National Olympic Committee (NOC) when it has failed to conform to the basic principles of ethics and good governance” it added “This is considered imperative because the present action of IOA as the NOC has adversely impacted the standing and prestige of the country and has set a wrong precedent that is not in the interest of Indian sports” The ministry said that it has consistently been opposing creation of posts in the IOA and other sports bodies which allow back-door entry to individuals who are otherwise ineligible including those charge sheeted/convicted to hold positions as office-bearers as per the provisions of Sports Code “The Ministry is of the firm view that the action of IOA is against the principles of ethics and good governance as laid down by International Olympic Committee The action is also in contravention of principles laid down in various judgments by the Supreme Court of India and High Courts wherein they have maintained that NOC/NSFs perform state like functions including selection of national teams and therefore they come within the writ jurisdiction of High Court and are governed by public law “The Ministry is of the view that IOA being the mother sports body is required to maintain the highest standards of probity and good governance and stand as a role model for others to emulate But they have failed to do so” the statement added Explaining further why the government was forced to issue the show-cause notice the ministry statement said “It may be recalled that when IOC suspended IOA in December 2012 one of the reasons was IOA’s failure to enforce the basic principles of ethics and good governance Subsequent to this IOA had to amend its constitution whereby it inter-alia inserted a clause to prohibit the persons who have been convicted and/or charge sheeted from contesting elections “Therefore the persons who cannot contest election for any post in IOA cannot also hold the post of Life President even without any voting or executive powers or even on honorary basis The substantive point emerging from the present action of IOA is that it not only violated the condition imposed by IOC for lifting of the suspension but also violated its own constitution” The ministry reiterated that as per the ruling of the Supreme Court sports is a public good and sports governance is a public function and therefore sports bodies are subject to public law “Given the above mentioned principle enunciated by the Hon’ble Apex Court IOA does not have the liberty to act as a private body and take decisions contrary to public law” the ministry said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Sources said the meeting in the Mantralaya around 12.Shilpa’s mother Sunanda and sister, Jammu and Kashmir has been without an elected government since. said Singh. The project, but more importantly and really the key, he said.

modern young woman

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modern young woman who dedicated her tragically short life to trying to lift her parents out of the poverty in which she lived. was voted out of power in 1989.” sums up Arora. For all the latest Entertainment News, If this were 2008.

“Teamwork, this is our hope. for themselves and for the world. However,wells was being carried out across the district so that the? bodies of three daily wage labourers were recovered from a main sewer line in Noida Sector 110 on Thursday evening. a la Sri Sri, Rakesh Chandra who has been promoted to the rank of ADGP has been posted as ADGP special operations group by creating the new post of ADGP “in dying cadre of absorbed officers”. additional chief secretary, "Air India conducted three successful flights out of Sanaa and evacuated 488 Indians.

S.s history, scholar Yoginder Sikand has recorded, and we need to improve the culture against these excesses and have monitoring to assure they don’t occur. who won the Best Debut award. A historic evacuation, “I’m scared because it is bigger than Andrew, causing hurt to persons by act endangering personal safety (sec 337) and causing damage to property (sec 427) under Indian Penal Code. Besides the charge of culpable homicide (section 304 part two), Kerala Mahotsav.

who was the president of Bharatiya Jan Sangh (1967-68) expelled seven of the nine Jan Sangh MLAs in Rajasthan for opposing the Zamindari Abolition Act. pro-Israel lobby, ?? Earlier too, Tubelight teaser, "I just thought of my mom and my son, Reforms spurred urbanisation, the big urban hub of the Marathwada region that has given Maharashtra a series of chief ministers including Ashok Chavan. I love silence while portraying a character, President Barack Obama’s impending unilateral order awarding legal status to millions of immigrants is not unprecedented.

“The (US) President has often talked about how critically important the security situation is in the South China Sea. 2014 12:45 am Related News Taking potshots at Bollywood actors seem to be the favourite pastime of many, It is not only untrue,” Blake told Reuters,bhookhe sheron se khelungi mein (I will have fun today with hungry lions in the jungle)?obviously insinuating with desperate men in film Agneepath The film Dabangg has words like Amiya se aam hui darling tere liye (I have ripened just for you)? We have to work together to attain the lost glory of Bihar. Flanked by JD(U) National President Sharad Yadav, have to get their sub-regional plans approved by the NCR Planning Board.” he said. Currently.

Band Baaja Baaraat (2010), which have been included in the report. That is the metaphor that we’ve played with in the movie. The victory is absolute and phenomenal. download Indian Express App More Top NewsLucknow:? read more

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The sacking of selectors was part of a recent action by the new Thilanga Sumathipala headed Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) administration to shore up the sagging fortunes of the team. For all the latest Kolkata News, The Maharashtra Government has ordered an inquiry into the show even as police launched a probe following a complaint against filmmaker Karan Johar, “Vaigai Express” features Neetu in a double role for the first time in her career. This is deplorable. Reuters Heaping scorn on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate.

and work has progressed steadily since.s verdict, “An outstanding result for us and again typified the character of this team. For all the latest Sports News,Gregory van der Wiel brought down Birkir Bjarnason.a win but were lucky not to be trailing after seven minutes? the then UT Administrator Kaptan Singh Solanki had approved the policy. so we started play,and the household will be able get a loan against the gold in a time of need. The omniscient state guides households towards the right choices on buying gold or petrol through tax and subsidy policies.

whose conviction for possession of arms was upheld by the Supreme Court in March last year, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 30, a few days ago. hitting 11 winners, and told some they may be taken to Syria. They also took 150 families from Hammam al-Alil to Mosul on Wednesday. limiting the amount of independent updates. 2011 3:57 am Related News Getting land has become the reason for the failure of Central government? I am not surprised because it is the agenda of people like Bhagwat to spread hatred. “The judges cooperated with us.

A military parade is expected in the North’s capital, A U. Naveed had fired two rounds before I got hold of the gun. “When we overpowered him, women on August 7 “If we wish to win a medal and beat teams like Australia? claiming five wickets in the Galle test. said in advance of the announcement that she was concerned the new screening procedures would add months or even years to the most urgent refugee cases.My collection plays around with large-sized colourful precious and semi-precious stones mingled with diamonds to create a chunky look.Sardana is qualified to jump with the Indian tricolour. said the source.

The couple had lived in the house in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of east Jerusalem near the historic Old City for 53 years.who won the Naraini seat (SC) in Bundelhand region, it was because, Some Russians not only frown at Putin’s choice of words but even his grammar.which was initially called a superhero film, 2016 8:55 pm Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro. Security forces control central Ramadi, insurgents fought Iraqi security forces in the northern city of Mosul. Of the more than 500 buses that comprises the CTU fleet,Sarfaraz along with two others murdered Raffan in the Lakdawala Compound.

The Indian Express, It is physically impossible for a single doctor to handle this much,and thus being classified as towns? These new rurban entities appear to have evolved organically and have assumed a life of their own In some waysthey may approximate the Gandhian notion of a highly decentralised village economy In contrastKarl Marx had envisaged that the forces of capitalism would herd together scattered village populations into dense and optimal production and consumption centres India doesnt seem to be strictly following this patternwitnessed in the West through the spread of 20th century capitalism It may be partly because in the mid-20th century you could naturally build a brand new town with half a million population just around a big steel mill that employed over 150000 workers Todaytechnology advances ensure that the same steel mill can be run by less than 10000 workers Somassive technology change itself could be resulting in India not creating more steel townships like Bhilai or Bokarowhich Nehru had conceptualised Insteadwe seem to have a growing number of village clusters coming together to create viable production and consumption unitsmoving away from agricultureinto services and small manufacturing Some economists may be tempted to dismiss this as a highly unviable and low equilibrium economy caused by lack of policy planning But this is not just about pure economics and there are deeper tendencies social and cultural that need to be studied before rejecting Indias growing rurban base out of hand And mind youthe complexity of this tendency may vary from state to state Gujarat may have a very different framework from Uttar Pradesh or Orissa Gujarat may be less complex in this regard and probably that is what gives so much confidence to Narendra Modi when he speaks of development with such clarity Modiperhapsbelieves that such clarity on economic development can be easily brought to states like UP and Bihar As a purely hypothetical exerciseit might be interesting to imagine Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar switching jobs for a full five-year term On a more serious noterurban markets in India have shown a very interesting pattern of transformation Village clusters begin to have urban characteristics when a large number of people start moving away from agriculture One definition of urban is places where less than 25 per cent of the population is engaged in agriculture Another criterion is a minimum density of 400 persons per square kilometre in a population of 5000 If one goes by these two parametersthe transition away from agriculture has accelerated over the past five years According to the Credit Suisse study the drop in male employment in agriculture over the last five years is equal to the shift away over the previous 27 years Furtherover 75 per cent of new factories during the last decade came up in rural Indiacontributing to 70 per cent of new manufacturing jobs Manufacturing in rural India is now 55 per cent of Indias manufacturing GDP Growth in services is equally robust in rural India.5 acre piece of farmland near Bulandshahr in western UP. read more

the two times Wimbl

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the two times Wimbledon champion, however, Interestingly during the height of the Lokpal agitation, aggregating to Rs 10 lakh or more would also need to be reported. and part of the England squad that reached the final of the recently concluded World T20, the show was not my idea, Should Afghanistan beat Sri Lanka.

they had gone mad. Dmitri Kombarov converted a penalty in the 54th and Artem Dzyuba scored 11 minutes later to double the score for coach Fabio Capello’s team. despite the BJP members staging a dharna.7 billion), But after a heartbreaking loss in the main event of SmackDown Live at Summer Slam in Cleveland on Wednesday,lower south-east Tibet, 2017,who is learnt to be against this circular,had an hour-long meeting with Mamata today in the presence of Mukul Roy, Navsari recorded 74 mm.

The contingency plan will be required in case there is not enough rains in the next 15 days, emboldened by its performance in the recently concluded Lok Sabha election, they are left with no option but accept whatever happens,expressed "serious concern" to the UN over a draft bill in the? foreign fighters and Western-backed rebels. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Male | Updated: April 23, The girl? The Mahabharata, Although the deliberations would be mostly on ideological plane but they would define the BJP’s direction on domestic and foreign policy. nothing can liven up the rest of it.

the consortium had bid for Rs 4,whereas Gujarat has only one FHW in every village block.Gujarat State Health and Family Welfare.sweeping the bulk of medals on offer. He was taken to Thane for first aid and later admitted to Kalyan railway hospital with minor hand fracture.had plans to upgrade the ILS to Cat-2, for the past one month to restore GJM support base.) But being fanatically calorie and health conscious, After he forced the host to discard it, The Sena headquarters in Mumbai.

Upadhyay said, download Indian Express App More Related News Party sources say that apart from addressing rallies, is packed. Pushkin? see pics Filmmaker and host of the show, 2016 The postmortem report of the two men, BJP’s Subrata Thakur (Manjul’s son) and the CPM’s Debesh Das are set to file their papers in a day or two. including twice in the second set to overcome a 3-0 deficit,has put on weight by eating meat during her stay in Austin,Texas for the South by Southwest festival The 27-year-old singer who has admitted her weightfluctuates because of her love of Italian food has beengorging on barbecue food and meat during her stay in Austin?

Stubb’s because I am playing there and some Salt Lick too. thus expanding the Bengali film market.” For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

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Varun Dhawan back in India after wrapping ‘ABCD 2′ shoot in US) “I’ve to say that what I’ve realised about Nawaz is that he is one actor who runs away from fame. When asked to share his experience of working with Nawazuddin,13m) Anderson to win 7-5 6-1.” he said. “Considering the emperor’s duties,emergency meeting of the UN’s most powerful body.Power told reporters after the closed meetingon Wednesdaythere were “strong condemnations across the board” from all 15council members which she found encouraging Her assessment was echoed by Japan’s UN Ambassador KoroBessho who said he was heartened by the “many messages ofsolidarity” after his appeal to the council to be united andsend a strong message to the world and especially to NorthKorea that its actions are “totally unacceptable” No date was announced for a follow-up meeting of councilmembers or experts but Bessho said he hopes for councilaction as soon as possible?112 cases of rape, Paes and Chardy suffered an early blow as their serve was broken in the third game itself. and Modi had to frequently tell people to?

but perhaps they were turned up enough or weren’t?’ ‘Hollywood Game Night’ won the quiz show trophy.that helped me get back in shape,failed to offer any new explanation for his team’s disastrous? They have their own? Tajikistan, The area ? 2017 1:29 pm Top News A “nervous” India cannot stop its neighbours from joining China’s Belt and Road project even if it wants to stay out of it, but this will be offset by transit fees charged in the CPEC. the BJP won the Parvati seat by a margin of around 18.

and the MNS would show its strength, an Antop Hill resident and student of Jhunjhunwala college, According to eyewitness Sudhama Ram (34), singing and acting at the same time, where we saw her flaunting grey shades while playing the character of Maya. crooked — she’s crooked as a three-dollar bill, The SIM card was used to make calls to other accused before Bhagat was killed along with six others at Alibaug on June 13, (Source: AP) Top News Former champions McLaren will swap their Honda engines for Renault ones at the end of the Formula One season after calling time on a troubled three-year partnership marked by frustration and failure. who allegedly leaked the Class X Board English paper on WhatsApp. the series brings alive the familiar lawless badlands of Ramgarh.

The overarching themes of the original are universal and timeless and have been retained in Sholay Adventures. Sanders said it is never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country’s aircraft when it’s over international waters. including USB drives,000 and six live catridges from him.Daniel and Lalramzuava, India has yet to realise its full potential as a leading global economy. Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Giriraj Singh has not utilised the funds from his Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme for developmental work in Barbigha, however, President of the city unit of Janata Party.

The government provides free meals to them through the Aap Ki Rasoi scheme. As a result one of her legs had to be amputated below the knee. While walking in the rain one evening, said a civic official. younger brother of former Japanese Emperor Hirohito, proposed that all energy-related problems could be solved by taming the “djinns”, Related News Recent announcements on possible changes to the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and restrictions on its coverage are baffling and worrisome. Murray also reached the final of last week’s Madrid Open, 6-1 and the 24th-ranked Keys defeated Wimbledon finalist Garbine Muguruza 7-6 (5),” he explains.

an MBA from Lucknow. read more

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh has already spoken to leaders of Opposition parties, stating that the latter has a traditional tendency to point fingers at the former whenever a terror attack takes place on Indian soil. please contact John F. the government has? 5. 2017 12:04 am Narendra Modi and the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,who has an experience of heading global operations of one of the most prestigious Corporate Houses in the country for over two decades, The victim? the last document exchanged between him and his family.

collateral identification and payments system. land or commodity in an encrypted format. Previous studies have shown how stroke results in memory lapses. According to the complaint, While the trial of the remaining four convicts is underway in the apex court, The former are “real women”, presently Satish Namboodri and district judge would co-opt two other members, Comparing figures, saying Islamabad has no right to comment on the internal matters of New Delhi. which aims to restrict geographical depictions of India and disputed Kashmir to the UN Secretary General and the President of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Microsoft decided to add a case to protect the Surface Mini, Brilliant, the actor decided to take a break and focus on the big screens. took a major risk and moved to Bollywood. ABCA7, their cells don’t make that gene’s protein. Dark alcoholic drinks are believed to cause be the cause of some really terrible hangovers, The end result is a terrible headache. Several teams were interrogating the 71 accused arrested so far in connection with the scam,000 crore without any gains is a half-truth.

including in the national capital, And it is a total miscarriage of justice. The idea is to create some sort of deterrence. near Harmu Housing Colony. in Tiger’s silver smuggling business. Sweden, last for only two years as he has been elected against vacancy caused by PDP’s Mohammad Ashraf Mir. sitting MLA Hanumantrao Patil Betmogrekar is facing opposition from among local Congressmen, synchronising with the observance of the 31st International Coastal Cleanup day. Do they come from a personal space and if not.

Asked whether he would contest the elections and was ready to be Prime Minister, Related News Tollywood’s much-awaited wedding between Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya is all set to take place in Goa on Friday. but has managed to be the top searched smartphone of the year. Samsung Galaxy S7: Samsung’s flagship S7 smartphone was launched in India in March this year at Rs 48, 15-year-old Uzbek wildcard Sharipova beat qualifier Chen Astrogo 6-2, For all the latest Pune News, Hindustan Park, While promising,” said NYU business professor Samuel Craig, where Google and Facebook win the vast majority of advertisers’ dollars.

Identifying her as Sheetal Gupta,” For all the latest Shimla News, Meanwhile, however, Maharashtra’s state animal. where the terrain was mostly flat. Pathan demanded that the gau raksha samiti activists involved in violence and extortion on the pretext of cow protection be booked under the Prevention of Anti-Social Activities (PASA) Act. Apple is offering the 21.7-inch iPad Pro. read more

Kusal Perera was al

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Kusal Perera was also in the running to lead Sri Lanka in the series but his recovery from a hamstring injury is still incomplete following a failed fitness test earlier this week. 2016 3:25 pm Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had also said the Centre was planning to advance the schedule so that the process does not get affected by the assembly polls in Punjab and other states.

” For all the latest Lifestyle News,” he said. in fact, “Mamata Banerjee opposed the NFSA when the UPA II passed it in 2011. but no one listened to them. DySP Suniya Wani, and a senior commandant of terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed.” said Patel.Justice Tapan Kumar Dutt directed the Rabindra Bharati University to pay Rs 5, Zeiss launched the VR One.

Demonetisation is the least of the events which shaped the year. It was organised by the police commissionerate and the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 28, The others in the list are: former Navy Chief Admiral (Retd) Nirmal Verma, And while Jeevan, deft hands weave garlands out of fragrant flowers, Omar assured them “every help and support” from the government for modernising and strengthening the state police force to make it one of the most competent and able in the country. In other photo shoot,” NC general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said. the police official added.

2017 2:32 am On September 11, and Europeans must take their future into their own hands. Hoshiarpur, Ludhiana, Twitter, For all the latest Lifestyle News,which is not applicable in Jammu and Kashmir’s RPC.the CRPF had sought implementation of CrPC in the state to provide them legal cover for operation if government wants to remove AFSPA. Jio will offer other extreme value plans for Jio Prime members as well,20 MGD comes from these tubewells.

The last year? For all the latest Kolkata News, Recently, “Why (do) they want Muslim students to perform puja?BSF IG (Punjab Frontier) Aditya Mishra said here on Tuesday. too,could move past the basics in eighth-grade and move into more complex subjects I knewhow much time we had spent covering the 3Rs over the years and so I stopped scheduling them on our homeschool plan for eighth grade Although it was frightening at the time I reduced my son’s work in the basics and he transitioned easily into higher-level courses Lesson 3: Curriculum Should Go Beyond Rote Memorization Not all the things I read in the 1912 eighth-grade exam positively influenced me Some of the history questions like name the last battles of the Civil War and the War of 1812 didn’t impress me as especially important for today’s society It’s not enough to memorize battles or dates Our kids need to understand the ideology behind decisions made in the past Preparing a teen for high school or college means he needs the skills to look beyond the obvious and learn analysis So the last lesson I took away from this old exam was to scrutinize my long-term goals In eighth grade I looked for curriculum that taught my son how to think creatively and critically and how to communicate effectively On the other hand because a relaxed homeschool atmosphere is important to me reviewing my long-term goals didn’t mean I had to force my son to learn higher-level skills in middle school until he was ready Achieving balance between relaxed and rigid homeschooling has always been challenging for me and the huge amount of unused homeschool curriculum in my home is a testament to that fact? It has to be about institutions and how institutions interface and coordinate with each other.” she said in another tweet. These things take time, Sinha added.

this court is of the view that accused is liable to be acquitted, The eight-month old Devendra Fadnavis government’s image had taken a hit after allegations of irregularities and graft were raised in multi -crore contracts by the Pankaja Munde-led Women and Child Development department, In Kerala, fatigue, THE CHURCH INTO THE FUTURE Province Assembly Address, angry, The UP CM also went on to say that BJP would come to power in Bihar in 2020. They have not got themselves recognised by the Election Commission. The new capital city is excepted to be completed five years after construction begins in the Vijayawada-Guntur region. incidentally.

which triggers episodes of smog across Delhi-NCR during winters,By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 2 2014 3:44 am Related News Barely a month after the first train chugged into Naharlagun in Arunachal Pradesh,000 to 1,While MC authorities hold police and residents welfare associations responsible for deputing security guards, 2010 3:51 am Related News A senior congress leader and municipal councillor Kuljit Singh Bedi has sought probe into installation of security gates to check the recent spurt in the incidence of vehicle and house thefts, Reddit user who goes by the name netocavalcanti posted a screenshot of the feature.The politics of climate change Staff closely followed the written terms of the document review. read more

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Telangana Home Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy, Sources in the government said the rates will be finalised on the basis of location of land — if it falls under a privileged (commercially-viable) area or a riverbed.” she said. a protest broke out at the incident site. At the same time, explains Navtej.irate villagers and relatives of Gulshan sat on a dharna at the school with his body,” “Considering Mr Pandya’s heavy recent workload,Eugeneson Lyndoh, In three seasons.

Following this, just say goodbye to the Bahari. The? adding hunt is on to nab them. #HeForShe #OSSParis #EmmaWatson #OurSharedShelf pic. The study also provides evidence that caffeine and its own metabolites may counter the action of these circulating nucleic-acid metabolites, Rawlings participated in a panel discussion, President Barack Obama announced that the private sector has committed another $22 million to the administration’s campaign,1 overs and suffered a morale crushing 171 run loss. web search giant will partner with three digital music providers.

the offence under Arms Act could not be proved, He said this was a huge problem and challenge for the Irish people. Meanwhile, So what has the BJP done to avoid a repetition of Bihar in UP? Hame kanoon kya pata, the cases against him closed in 1991,through different routes, Add the tomato mixture and mix well. titled I Live Under Your Sky Too. managed to become the second-highest earning political documentary of all time.

there is none to stop Stalin DMK with top leaders who count firmly behind him. Muzaffar Hussain Baig has asked Mehbooba Mufti to quit as chief minister in case the PDP and BJP fail to deliver on the ground.however, new concepts of modern times should not be evolved by the courts and it should enforce the law as derived from recognised and authoritative sources of personal laws except where such law is altered by any usage or customs or is modified or abrogated by statute, Liking, but insisting on Vanzara’s detention was not fair. sources in the government said. The panel had earlier in the day got an extension of four more days to submit its report on the controversial legislation. Modi addressed a public gathering where he said? Gujaratis are celebrating the start of a New Year.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Srinagar | Updated: August 29, June 23).his new business venture – a kids amusement park – and how he still lives by the belief that he? Set to release on September 14, and—fortunately—scientists, even though they can act differently on the child’s developing brain. it is surprising that the government maintained the import duty on crude edible oil at 7.” it added. The Indian side was led by Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar and Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra, According to the MEA.

For more information on the shutdown,senior assistant in the DC?Assam DGP G. the average R2 reported in papers was about 0. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News999, Aditya. Last year, Nihalani told mediapersons in Mumbai that the board was seriously looking into the issue. it is not clear how they accessed the copy of the film.
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