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many sites lack of pertinence and friendly navigation design, it is difficult to find a path connected to the web, do not offer help to let visitors / users find the information they need help, the user experience is very bad. In this article, we try to do some research on Web navigation interaction.

first of all, for WEB interaction designers, the simple solution to the problems encountered is to design a comprehensive web navigation system.

aims at optimizing website navigation

a website navigation design to provide a rich friendly user experience has a crucial position, simple and intuitive navigation can not only improve the website usability, and to facilitate the users to find the information, can improve the conversion rate of users. read more

As long as the mention of

made in China, no one does not know, whether it is at home, or in the world, China has a certain reputation. Special glass fiber materials from China’s space satellite are from a private enterprise in Jiangsu, Nantong. November 4th, the reporter walked into the enterprise, to understand the road made in Jiangsu feitian.


for the production of special glass fiber materials for aerospace vehicle enterprise called Jiangsu Jiuding new material Limited by Share Ltd, the last century in 70s, it is Nantong Rugao town as a textile factory. More than and 40 years, this little-known small enterprises in the market economy, aimed at the market demand, continuous innovation and development of new products, now it has stood to the top of domestic special glass fiber industry, and reached the advanced level in the world. read more

today, "two rich generation" one word more is a derogatory term, is a kind of a symbol, have neither learning nor skill over reliance on home. In fact, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to a rich two generations of girls, through their own efforts, the ultimate success stories.


3 on the evening of 17, in the district Xiaolongkan old factory in the stall type exploration, a simple Hot pot shop voice loud, 10 tables of guests All seats are occupied., was enjoying Hot pot. A fat girl in the shop is busy with food, pour boiling water, warmly greet guests…… read more

What kind of shop is a good shop

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we all know, for the development of any one of the store, do a good job of the relevant site selection is very important, which is undoubtedly a good shop choice. However, in the end what kind of shop is a good shop? If it is a good shop, and need to meet what kind of conditions? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1, want to become a good shop, the edge to wang. As the saying goes: Cai Wang, Mong Mong market first. Election shop shop, mainly to choose convenient transportation, densely populated areas or commercial downtown lot. It is worth noting that, in recent years, with the change and development of city pattern and city planning, some new business circle has become a new investment hot buy shop, like the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, the Tianhe train station and Jiangnan Avenue area, after the market cultivation and commercial network construction for many years, the business outlook is more noticeable. read more

if you want to open a pet shop, the first is to choose a good location, it is very important for a store, in relation to the success of our store. So, how to choose the pet store address is better? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction to the skills.

would like to open a good shop, a market research is inevitable. From a professional point of view, it is the analysis of the business district, popular is to investigate and analyze the scope of the store’s sales, store customers to the characteristics and geographical location of the living environment. Because of the different geographical location of shops, suitable for different types of business. Pet shop location should pay attention to what? Therefore, investors in the site, we must first carey observe the situation, such as the shopping district of the passenger flow and traffic flow is much, the number of competitors within the District, etc.. read more

in September 13th, sponsored by the Chinese people’s public security press, the Qinghai Provincial Public Security Bureau Co sponsored the "Public Security Journal seminar" held in Xining. Vice governor of Qinghai Province, the provincial public security bureau director Liu Zhiqiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Liu Zhiqiang said in his speech that the current public security journals ushered in the best opportunities for development history, cultivation of its construction and development is beneficial to the core values of people’s police and police service quality improvement; is beneficial to enrich the cultural life of the police; beneficial to enhance ties between the public security organs and the masses of the people. read more

After two days of intense competition, the fifth national disabled occupation skill competition ended in Wuhan in July 12th, our province delegation won the contest "Cooperation Award", the contestants are not afraid of strong, success.

For the in-depth study of the spirit of the propaganda of the party’s the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee twelve plenary session of the five provincial Party committee and government and the people, build good communication platform, broaden the government information disclosure channels, to create a good public opinion environment, the office of the provincial government official micro-blog WeChat platform "Qinghai government" in micro-blog, micro-blog, Sina, Xinhua people’s micro-blog, micro-blog and Tencent WeChat officially opened.During the trial run read more

The City District Local Taxation Bureau Third to regulate the rental tax behavior of both sides as the focus, vigorously remediation leasing industry tax order, recently, the Bureau of special arrangements were examined in three groups for this area of business scope includes leasing enterprises, inspected 13 enterprises, to check the books and documents of more than 70, the rental housing situation enterprise to do a comprehensive and meticulous investigation, make the area rectify and standardize the order of tax effect. (author: Cui Baolin, Wang Wei) read more

March 20th, the province of Qinghai in 2014 the implementation of the rules of the college admissions work introduced, combined with the provincial situation identified the college entrance examination enrollment policy in 2014.

in our province this year’s college entrance examination examination form and subject

use unified proposition of Ministry of education, the implementation of the new curriculum plan. Examination for 3+x ("3" for language, mathematics, foreign language, "X" for liberal arts comprehensive or science synthesis.

language, mathematics, foreign language, each out of 150 points, integrated arts, science comprehensive out of 300 points.

language points between English and Russian, Japanese and French, German and Spanish six languages, by the candidates to choose a.

counterpart vocational: Chinese, math and English, the proposition of each out of 150 points.

"MKM" candidates, two kinds of Mongolian Tibetan Chinese bilingual. The two candidates in national hankao (MHK three) by the Ministry of education for life, out of 150 points.

points, priority admission policy to benefit the following candidates

– any one of the following candidates, may be appropriate to increase the scores Toudang candidates exam results based on a review by the university to decide whether to admit. The same as with a number of candidates plus Toudang conditions, can only take the item with the highest score.

3 in the pastoral areas of continuous work for more than 15 years, is still working in the pastoral areas; read more

Halogen flavor joined considerable profits

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In fact, the

will have to choose the strength to join the project, is a very wise choice. How to join halogen taste? Is a very wise choice. If you join the halogen early taste of the project, but a very exciting, then, hurry up!

join the development of food and beverage industry along with the entire process of joining the industry, is currently one of the most promising join the project. The development of food and beverage is to rely on how to rely on the advantages, to become the largest market in the current classification of the project? Food and beverage can successfully develop so far, can not be separated from its high profit margins and more attractive market environment. read more

different colors have different effects on people’s psychology, which has been proved by many scientists. The use of color in the shop decoration, in the subconscious to guide customers to increase the possibility of their purchase, let us learn about the clothing store on the color decoration techniques.

for clothing store, color, lighting, lighting, etc., can change the visual effect, elements of color effect is color and wall color blending. Especially for women’s clothing store, the following are some of the shop’s color scheme: read more

a few days before the stock market crash, many investors have the stock market risk, heave great sighs, it is better to start a business. Have money to do what is best? Open chain stores small risk, high income, it is worth choosing.

read more

today’s social entrepreneurship has become a very popular activity, at the same time, in the vast rural areas of entrepreneurship entrepreneurship since it has a lot of advantages, but also by a lot of people are welcome, so in the rural areas of entrepreneurship what are the advantages?

read more

Who should bear the fault of the customer

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once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, the people of every hue will encounter, here, will inevitably encounter some mistakes of the customer, customer once made a mistake, then the error should be sent to bear? Here is the case.

in the network, mix for several months, is also a veteran! In the new, many old friends, help me! This is not, this special open, hope for those new friends, some help! Guide new friends write good soft, good sales, at the same time, but also a little advertising atmosphere for the network, more of a share and taste support read more

is now undertaking, whether it is business what kind of store, shop cost is a link to a lot of entrepreneurs can not be ignored, the franchise management, cost more and more high, so many entrepreneurs have a headache, how to control the cost of environmental stores a lot of entrepreneurs want to understand the problem.

environmental stores how to control the cost of


1, find out the relevant factors related to cost: store all affect the cost factor, carefully listed one by one. Such as cooks, waiters, accounting, price, manufacturer, inventory mode, and other relevant personnel is good thinking, and adhere to the costing management. read more