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mall order = webmaster IP number *5%*1%

these days to find some friends to exchange Links, see the discussion about Wangzhuan site traffic, see a lot of is ten thousand, envy, but to see everyone is the means to make money on their website advertising, waiting for settlement, but also a lot of people questioned whether this money. Whether can long, I do not know Wangzhuan, also want to make money, but also no traffic, only by buying products, so I thought of a way, hope to get your expert comments and suggestions. read more

Have the station can be

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in today’s rapid development of information society, the network is no longer what new words, but it is a long popular, many achievements dream. Many people bought a house for it, bought a car, lived a well-off life and even lived like a millionaire. Baidu Robin Li, Alibaba grand Ma, Chen Tianqiao, the Shi Yuzhu of giant network…… their success, everyone is obvious to people for having heard it many times, but the DOA of the unknown hero are only full of tears. The old saying, Jiangdong disciple multi talented, return unknown. If you want to win this protracted war, you can’t prepare for it. read more

Is the content important or important

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remember to let learning SEO, we have two colleagues often to "content is king" and "the chain as the emperor" for intense debate, for the web site, in the end is the content is important or the chain is important,


1, originality is important, but not the most important.

We often talked about the

website to write some original article, it will increase the weight of the website, the original content is very important, but it is not the most important, but sometimes you can reprint articles, not your article is not good, my Sina blog article wholly intact the reproduced article, although his articles have been included, but the ranking is far from my Sina blog ranking. Here to tell you is that, if reproduced is a well-known Web site, that is not good, but if reproduced some obscure small websites, and your station PR high, included a good turn, the search engine will naturally think of these reprint the content on your own, so you re the. Therefore, the original site does not necessarily have to be original, but reprint is to have skills. read more

mentioned the quality of the site, so many people will say, this is certainly the basic conditions for the survival of the site, this problem, all of the station friends are very clear. However, there are still many webmasters may not understand this? How to improve the quality of the website? A high quality website including what content, what specific optimization measures SEO? Then today I will talk about some of my personal experience, do stand, just to give you a reference! Tell the new Adsense, key to the attention of the local. read more

How to choose the right investment jewelry

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site for entrepreneurs is an important factor, a good location for entrepreneurship more worry, shop need to focus on site selection, the method is essential, the market momentum of good jewelry. Now investors in the jewelry store, we should do a good job preparing for the competition. In fact, in the early stages of jewelry stores, how to choose the location?

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Internet business has become the market in recent years, although now in many city with the Internet business, however, every city economic development is different, the Internet industry related business development progress, nature will not the same. With the continuous development of the cause of the whole business, Wuhan will become China’s Internet venture fourth city!

6, "Wuhan Unicorn enterprises and Internet entrepreneurs’ fourth city ‘Roundtable dialogue held in Optics Valley, entrepreneurs, investors and experts and scholars to participate in the dialogue that Wuhan in recent years the emerging high quality Internet venture, local science and education resources and location advantages to attract further release, IT talent agglomeration and capital is concerned, to the following Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou. After the China Internet business" fourth city ". The event was jointly organized by the joint venture of the city. read more

2016, a new batch of innovation and entrepreneurship competition started. Many entrepreneurial team, entrepreneurial representatives of the same game, with a variety of forms to show entrepreneurial projects and creative style, in the harvest of investment and help but also in the exchange of learning progress.

the first "Songhu Cup" innovation and entrepreneurship contest officially opened today. 39 teams, 60 players on behalf of the enterprise will be the ultimate showdown in the academic conference center of Dongguan University of Technology, the 100 second speed roadshow, project investment mentor platform canvassing, expert judges on-site comments. Also invited to the scene of a number of domestic venture rookie, venture capital sector, big coffee, etc., together with the final finals of the ten finals of the innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and share the entrepreneurial experience with the players. read more

Shorthand pen born out of wealth

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with the development of society, more and more companies, more and more meetings, big heads of state to meet, as small as two party negotiations, shorthand has become an indispensable part of. Although the industry is short cut, but has a very large market, is a good investment choice!

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fierce competition in the first tier cities, life is also a lot of pressure, so many people want to start in the second tier cities. So, what are the new ideas of second tier cities? For small entrepreneurs should be how to find a project? Today, we recommend a few times a second tier cities entrepreneurial ideas.

The second tier city

a zero investment venture, for the rich people, most of them lack is not money, but time, so many little things in life and work they are not willing to spend too much time, so there will be a great loss, if you saw this opportunity, can help them save time and money, they will give you endless money. read more

As for the flag thespians, Wei Jian luster

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In June 26th, the city’s eighth "news", the audit bureau of Xining municipal organs to respond positively to the spirit of the notice, to carry out as the flag thespians, for establishment of his "welcome 71 party members into the community activities

6 26 July, when the city’s eighth "news", the audit bureau of Xining municipal organs to respond positively to the spirit of the notice, to carry out as the flag thespians, for establishment of his "welcome 71 party members into the community activities. Global more than 40 party members and activists in the leadership of the leadership of the Bureau, the depth of the south city of the new district health even point package area, to carry out environmental remediation activities. read more

open a mother and child brand stores, small investment, entrepreneurship is a good choice to make money. Especially now the country has been fully relaxed two-child policy, open the mother brand shop is very profitable. So, the mother and child brand shop join process? Here is to introduce you to one of the


There are a lot of

Understand the requirements of read more