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should know how to protect the fruits of their labor, strengthen the image propaganda effect, the picture on the Internet reprint rate is very high, relative to the text, the protection of images to achieve good, one of which is the watermark in the image on the way, the watermark is the best web site, so not only can avoid the copy of the others.

search engine from the date of birth, the picture has been given to the important factors that influence the website optimization, because the search engine robot, is not able to analyze the image of good, has a lot of uncertainty in the read picture, even if it is to fall in love with a picture sea search function, there are a lot of search results and the user needs different accuracy a lot, so can not meet the needs of users, this is why the picture has not in the past period of time the main reason of circle optimization. read more

Two ways for personal websites

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is approaching the Spring Festival in 2008. I’ll discuss it with you today. Welcome to discuss it.

one way out: Earn foreigners money!


although many domestic advertising Union, but the conversion rate into money is too low, good faith and poor, originally not much income, but also often exploited by advertising unions.

if you do stand level, and promotion website experience also, then consider considering foreign language station. Take English for example. In English click ads, most of each click is more than 10 times more than chinese. read more

how to successfully open a shop? Although the shop is now open very much, but not everyone who can open the shop can easily succeed, the smooth earned wealth. Operating the shop, or need some business skills, today, we look at the operation of the shop what skills.

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a lot of friends are very interested in infant clothing, this field is indeed very promising. Want to open a baby clothing store, is not an easy thing, need to consider a number of operating factors, to see whether the site is appropriate, how to attract customers to operate. Different grades of children’s clothing, the location of the different ways.

A, near the kindergarten

for 0 to 7 year old children’s clothing shop near the kindergarten is a good choice. If it is a relatively high quality kindergarten, in the vicinity of infant clothing stores, the best grades and styles are high quality. For the ordinary kindergarten, clothing varieties to be more, the price of   also lower. read more

for returning home to start this work, Jiangsu is very important. Recently, the City Council on the New District of the Yanghe River conducted an investigation, I believe the policy will be to help more people realize the dream of becoming rich.

3 8, the Municipal People’s Social Council on the management of the center director Zang Hui and the Municipal Office of the relevant personnel to the the Yanghe River new area of migrant workers to return home to study entrepreneurship. Different types of social organizations to participate in the organization of the 5 representatives of returning home to participate in the research forum. read more

there are many migrant workers entrepreneurship has become very common, at the same time, the majority of migrant workers have become the main force of entrepreneurship, all over the country are actively try to take some measures to promote entrepreneurship of migrant workers.

as the main output of migrant workers in Sichuan Province, voice in the recent intensive in the issue of migrant workers returning home "".

7 months, the governor of Sichuan province Wei Hong mentioned in 6 different occasions, migrant workers entrepreneurship, while the Sichuan provincial government also launched a package of aid policy. read more

in the face of the current business boom, more and more college students also joined the entrepreneurial team, but lack of experience for newly graduated students, if the government has related policies to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be paving the way for many.

1, the main content of college students entrepreneurship support

1, for college students to give financial support. Comprehensive evaluation of college students self employment projects to attract employment ability, scientific and technological content, potential economic and social benefits, market prospects and other factors, free of charge to provide 20 thousand to 150 thousand yuan of financial support. Support standards are divided into 4 grades: 20 thousand yuan, $50 thousand, $100 thousand, $150 thousand. To have independent intellectual property rights and invention patents, energy saving, labor intensive entrepreneurial projects give priority to support; to engage in individual business entities to support the project does not exceed the amount of 50 thousand yuan. read more

modern people pay special attention to the issue of food safety, take the eggs, the most popular authentic eggs. Listen to the mother complained that "can not buy authentic soil eggs"   he gave up 6000 of the monthly salary of   go to the countryside to find the source of goods.

"I love playing micro-blog, micro-blog saw someone selling fruit, sell egg cake made Tinghuo, so he wants to try through the micro-blog business." Li Xuan said, hear mother complain at home, the child that authentic egg can not buy in the supermarket, he studied in Wuhan several large supermarkets sell egg varieties, he had become a "egg dealers" business ideas.

7 the end of the month, Li Xuan took 10 boxes of 3600 egg returned to Wuhan from Xiaogan, registered the "Li egg shop" micro-blog account, and advertising in Wuhan each big forum. Although 50 eggs to sell the price of $70 is not cheap, but he did not expect is that the more than 3 thousand eggs, less than 3 days to be ordered by the public.

three egg read more

Southern province a rare low temperature

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The north cold air, January 10th, minus 30 degrees Celsius below the lowest temperature in our province Qingshui River, Chengduo, dari, Henan, Tuotuohe, Qilian gander Toale and other regions, including Qingshui River, Yushu, Chengduo dari lowest extreme since 1961, Zaduo, Henan, banma, gander is the lowest value since 2000. According to the provincial Climate Center experts, since the beginning of January 5th to 6, the province began to appear during the cold weather, cold weather, etc. Yushu Southern 14 Maqin area and Golmud small fires, Dachaidan, emergence of strong cold air in Zeku, Delingha and other 4 regions appear moderate cold air cold lake, Qilian Toale, Guinan and other 6 regions, and Qingshui River, Chengduo Zaduo, Gunther southern part of the region such as mild to moderate snow, snow maintained for a long time, led to the southern part of the Qilian Mountains area in our province and low temperature. According to statistical analysis, from January 5th to 9, the province’s average minimum temperature of minus 16.2 degrees Celsius, higher than the average annual temperature of 1.8 degrees celsius. Around the mean minimum temperature of minus 29.2 degrees Celsius to 6.3 degrees Celsius, compared with the same period of the calendar year, the green parts of South Qilian Mountains and the average minimum temperature is 0.1 degrees Celsius to 3.7 degrees Celsius, the average minimum temperature. The rest of the 0.2 degrees Celsius to 6.1 degrees celsius. With the cold air gradually strengthened, in January 10th, our province Qingshui River area known as the minimum temperature of minus 45.9 degrees Celsius, in minus 35.6 degrees Celsius to minus 35.9 degrees Celsius, gander, Henan is minus 33.9 degrees Celsius to minus 31 degrees Celsius, Tuotuohe, Qilian is under 32.6 degrees Celsius zero Ptolemy, minus 30 degrees Celsius following the extreme minimum temperature of 6 regions, including Qingshui River, Yushu, Chengduo dari lowest extreme minimum temperature since 1961, Zaduo, gander, Henan, banma minimum temperature minimum since 2000. For the cold wave weather process, the southern region of the meteorological department in a timely manner to carry out a variety of early warning and forecasting services. Meteorological experts warned that the southern region of the province a rare cold weather, people’s production and living and livestock, transportation and other adverse effects. The next three southern region will continue cold weather, to remind the relevant departments to actively take effective measures, and effectively protect the tap water, heating, electricity, communications and other production safety; strengthen the fodder reserves, good livestock antifreeze warm work; the masses travel should be promptly add warm clothing, pay attention to the prevention of influenza and other respiratory diseases.   read more

Who is a good cadre Please vote

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What kind of cadres are good cadres in the hearts of the masses? Cadres good? The masses have the final say. Now, in the public vote formally by the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice leading group office, municipal organization department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly launched the "good cadre masses heart contest. After the preliminary evaluation of the group, in the 71 approaching, the 76 cadres today by the Xining evening news to the public appearance, the majority of people to accept the vote.

in the recommendation link early in the city’s various regions, departments and units of 111 cadres were elected by the review group, after the primaries, the 76 cadres in the public vote. Through mass voting, the final election will be 20 cadres in the hearts of the masses, and in the city to carry out the masses of the hearts of good cadres to learn publicity activities.The selection of activities carried out
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Music helps business

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what factors will affect the customer’s purchasing behavior? I am afraid that any operator will be very concerned about the problem. A market researcher in the United States had an interesting experiment at the supermarket: how music affects the customer’s purchasing psychology.

The experimental results show that

customers often in conjunction with the music as the music tune, rhythm, beat per minute up to 108 when customers out of the store’s frequency is also accelerated, at this time, the store on average turnover of $12000; when the music rhythm is reduced to 60 beats per minute, customers to buy goods on the shelves will be a corresponding time the store can be extended, the average daily turnover increased to $16740, up 39.5%. read more

is keen to start a good thing, but blindly entrepreneurship may want to let the bitter brew, keen to start a good thing, new business groups are needed to deepen and enrich their business knowledge. Here are a few entrepreneurial knowledge need to start a new business groups to understand, read certainly can inspire.

A, data analysis shows that all.

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following the recommended for the top ten of the world’s famous brand, the following will continue to recommend the rest of the top ten famous pastry brands, see below:





/Sponge and Sponge Cake cakes are generally Chiffon Cake /ChiffonCake.Chiffon actually refers to a similar cloth, silk silk T, but did not like the silk like this is difficult to maintain, georgette. Because of this cake taste and tissue especially soft, smooth, so called ChiffonCake. Sponge Cake entirely sent eggs (whole egg or egg) to form a cake pore organization, only eggs, flour, sugar Sponge Cake in typical. Relatively strong taste, mellow, easy to find the time to eat a throat (and chiffon with). ?? Chiffon Cake is modified sponge approach, is an American Chef invention, which in addition to eggs, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, also put water (taste and fluffy moist increase the humidity, but because the batter is wet), and not easy to expand, so BP to help the batter foam and expansion. Chiffon batter because of wet, baking need to climb a baking wall climb, otherwise the batter will not grow taller, the cake will be flat, the organization will be a bit hard, no pore read more

Snack bar tax registration process sharing

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open snack bar seems simple, need to pay attention to a lot of things, take the tax registration in this regard, many people are laymen. What is the tax registration process for a snack bar? Need to pay attention to what matters? Xiao Bian to help these people to solve this problem!

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