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November 12th, learned from the Xining 2013 winter and spring fire prevention and control work of mobilization and the second joint meeting on fire, fire prevention and control work according to this winter and spring, the focus of governance, from now until March 2014, is divided into three stages, the municipal government will organize relevant departments to carry out supervision and inspection, the inspection team, to ensure that this winter and spring fire prevention and control work smoothly. read more

The household budget survey data

NBS Survey Office in Qinghai the day before the release of the show, first half of the year, our province residents living consumption steady growth, the per capita living expenditure of the residents 6991.2 yuan, an increase of 9%. Per capita living expenses of urban residents 10217.2 yuan, an increase of 10.3%; per capita living expenses of rural residents spending $4130.3, an increase of 5%.

from eight kinds of life consumption structure, our province residents living consumption was seven liters a drop trend, tobacco and food, clothing, housing, daily necessities and services, education, culture and entertainment, health care and other goods and services increased by 8.9%, 6.5%, 16.2%, 12%, 21.8%, 1.6% and 19.3% respectively; communication consumption fell 1%. Among them, living consumption expenditure of urban residents "six or two", food alcohol and tobacco, clothing, housing, daily necessities and services, education and cultural entertainment and other goods and services increased by 8.6%, 7%, 18.1%, 20.3%, 29.1% and 41.4% respectively, transportation and communication and health care spending fell 3.4% and 3% residents living; consumption expenditure in rural areas "six or two", tobacco and food and clothing, housing, transportation, communication, education and entertainment and health care increased by 8.3%, 3.8%, 10.6%, 2.9%, 5% and 6.8%, supplies and services, other goods and services were decreased by 7.4% and 18.3%. read more

On March 26th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy resolution. Since then, the province alone two child policy officially landed. This policy landing, the capital of China will not appear to get together fertility phenomenon, will not affect the province’s population control objectives, will not affect the economic and social development of our province? March 27th, Li Xiaodong, deputy director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission on the above issues in detail. read more

may have a lot of university graduates have their own great entrepreneurial ideal, but the shortage of real funds make a lot of people are helpless. What are the ways for college students to start their own business? Xiaobian to introduce in detail.

(1): Bank of bank loans is the main financing channels for enterprises. Bank loans to finance entrepreneurial known as "reservoir", the entrepreneurs in the very mass base". Meet the conditions of the borrower, according to the individual’s resources and the ability to repay, the maximum can get a single 500 thousand yuan loan support. The term of the loan is generally one year, the longest is not more than three years. According to the nature of funds, divided into three types of working capital loans, fixed assets loans and special loans. Special loans usually have a specific purpose, the loan interest rate is generally more favorable, the loan is divided into credit loans, secured loans and bills discounted. read more