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for the good of the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred day battle, before the North District Construction Bureau of urban management, industry and commerce, the lead organization Chaoyang office and other law enforcement departments to focus on remediation of the Huangshui River and along the Beishan market surrounding the city environment.

100 days from April 1st to July 10th by

north of the city area, concentrated in the area to carry out environmental remediation, the city landscaping, improve order management, municipal facilities renovation, building facade renovation, environmental pollution, environmental governance, village area environmental remediation and urban comprehensive environmental work. read more

To promote Chinese traditional culture, so that the people share the fruits of cultural development, new year’s day, Spring Festival, Xining city and the county cultural department in conjunction with relevant departments to carefully organize rich and colorful cultural activities, so that the people benefit the masses cultural feast.

according to the Xining Municipal Cultural Committee Office, the new year and Spring Festival mass cultural activities in springtime in Xining · beautiful dream "as the theme, started from December 19, 2013, divided into" spring blessing "," Spring Festival "," spring "," warm chunzhiyun song "four plates. "Spring blessing" including "people, the star of the · a weekend" talent contest annual finals, elegant art theatre, the gaiety theatre, "people people cinema" excellent film screenings; "Spring Festival" including the first Xining folk culture tourism festival, excellent performance, large area fire four ice art garden and the Spring Festival the temple, the weekend special winter tour, the joy of Xining Shopping Festival, rural township interest delicacy Culture Tourism Festival, Linhaixueyuan · snow season, Huangzhong Kumbum Monastery suyouhua joy Cultural Tourism Festival, Dan Junggar folk cultural tourism festival activities; "spring warm" including "joy · culture go grassroots Huimin the show," Fu full of spirit · love in the summer "ten, hundred, thousand cultural show," Ji to grand · with spring; broadcast Lunar New Year special program ", "Happy family" xiaonianye warmth, "star studded new year Park" Huimin performances, "accent and song" concert performances, "· shared culture; Festival fun" riddle quiz, "spring spring exhibition cum Xining Huangshui" twenty-eighth session of the Academy of painting exhibition, "stars Spring Festival" Huimin performances such as square activity; "chunzhiyun song" including "Eastern culture", the second East National Concert of folk culture tourism, spring community fun games, "Spring Festival" community film screenings, 2014 "three to the countryside" activities, "grassroots & middot; mass cultural activities," Hui "Chinese dream blessing" West · people from all walks of life of all ethnic groups in the new year, "the world customs · taste" the public dance party, Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum collection exhibition, 3D magic art exhibition, "western" beauty taste buds The food festival, square dance contest, "(Guozhuang) spring tour," the chase "national unity happy village" activities, "Chinese dream · community beauty community theatrical festival and the third session of the community network show and small fireworks party, village culture" warm winter "activities," beautiful Huangzhong "photography Kumbum Monastery suyouhua heritage tour exhibition, exhibition and the third original ecological folk culture in Hehuang tour, Huangyuan County folk traditional sports show hundreds of mass cultural activities. read more

in October 26th, 276 students of grade five in Xining ancient city elementary school organized a social practice and moral experience for a period of three days.
activities aim is to let students out of the campus to the community, let the students experience a feeling of a successful experience, try a combination of innovation, make students actively and independently work, become a useful supplement to the students after school life.
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a local economy wants to get rapid development, can not be separated from the introduction of talent, in order to attract more talented people, Dazhou began a new initiative. In November 29th, Dazhou City, held at the Tsinghua University in 2016 the introduction of doctoral seminar, Dazhou’s bidding operations by Qinghua University and Beijing University, the National People’s Congress and other first-class university pH. blitz, more than 80 doctoral and postdoctoral enroll in lectures will be the venue of the seat, many people stood listening to lectures, there are people before the interview begins to resume hurried. After the meeting, 61 people take the initiative to participate in the interview, competition for 20 positions. read more