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first_imgUPDATE: This news has been confirmed, thanks to a huge story that just ran in Rolling Stone. The Cornell ’77 release is one part of Get Shown The Light, an 11-disc set that includes shows on May 5th, 7th, and 9th, as well as the famed 5/8/77 performance.In the article, archivist David Lemieux says, “Since the moment that the board tape of Cornell began circulating in the late 1980s, its legend was instantly created. Although plenty of Grateful Dead shows have been called their ‘best ever,’ in the case of Cornell this statement is rarely contested. It’s long been a dream of everyone in the Grateful Dead organization to release the definitive version of Cornell, drawn from the master tapes, and we’re as thrilled as the fans are that this show is finally being released.”Why Is 5/8/77 Considered The Grateful Dead’s Best Performance?Listen to the “Morning Dew” from this release below, and head to the Dead’s website for more information. It seems as though the Grateful Dead‘s May 8, 1977 performance will be available soon on vinyl! In celebration of the 40th anniversary of their legendary performance at Barton Hall on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, Bull Moose lists the 5LP set available for pre-order, with the artwork matching the new look of The 5/8/77 performance has been noteworthy since the recordings started circulating years ago, but it’s been said that the source tape has been missing since the date of performance.In 2013, Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux told Relix, “I do not know specifically but I have heard from many people that they know where it is and they know who has it and that’s fine. We’ve certainly made a note that we’d love to have it back as we would with any master Grateful Dead tape that we don’t have in the vault. But there’s really nothing we can do about it. We’re not going to pay for our own tape. That’s one thing I don’t think we’d ever do is to pay to buy them back and I don’t think they’ve been offered to the band in a long, long time. They know where we are, we’re easy to find and I think it has been made clear that we would love to have them back. Some people would just rather have the tapes in their closet than in the vault, but that’s fine. It is what it is. Again, there’s nothing we can do, we don’t lose sleep over it, but it is as it is.”It seems that the source tape has been recovered and restored by Rhino Records, according to a representative from the Bull Moose vendor. Though no formal announcement has come from the Dead, the detailed listing and matching artwork do seem to verify this exciting release! According to the sale page, the recording will release on 5/5/17.For now, listen to this recording, as uploaded by Jonathon Aizen, and reflect on why 5/8/77 is considered the Grateful Dead’s best with this essay.last_img read more

first_imgIn a recent IDC report IT decision makers believe 75% of enterprises applications will use AI by 2021. Artificial Intelligence is not a new solution in fact we have seen various cycles of excitement followed by lulls. What makes this cycle any different? Two words: Deep LearningWhat is deep learning?The early stages of World War II brought about many challenges. Aerial warfare left the historically safe areas vulnerable to attacks from the air. Building a bigger wall or using the ocean as a barrier strategy was quickly deemed useless. In Thomas Rid’s Rise of the Machine: A History of Cybernetics he walks through how learning machines were born out the necessity to create capable anti-aircraft machines. By combining man and machine the anti-aircraft guns were more dynamic at repealing aerial attacks thus the dawn of man and machine began. Over the years those learning machines have advanced from simple pattern recognition to neural networks allowing machines to self-drive automobiles, drones, and trains.Many of the advances in learning machines has been made possib le by Deep Learning. Think of Deep Learning as a subset in Machine Learning where algorithms learn much like the human brain. In Machine Learning, algorithms are programmed with a defined set of features. For example, trying to identify car types with Machine Learning require to predefined  features like size, spoiler, wheelbase, etc. However Deep Learning allows for the Neural Network to define the features from the data feed through the input layer.Why Deep Learning Now?The mathematics and research for Deep Learning may have been around for decades but only recently has the true potential begun to be realized. The key to the rise of Deep Learning is in the Data. Stanford Professor and one of the foremost experts on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Andrew Ng attributes the rise of deep learning to improved algorithms and rise in data. As Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineers use better algorithms and larger data sets the accuracy of the models improve. Insights gleaned from Deep Learning still fall in the Big Data Maturity Model but are of a higher order of maturity.  Reporting like that seen with Descriptive Analytics don’t require complex deep learning algorithms or large varied data sets. However, as businesses move up the maturity model, like teaching an automobile to drive itself through the busy streets like Nashville or San Francisco, they require more complex algorithms, varying data types, and vast amounts of data.Data is Key to Better ModelsThe improved accuracy shows Data Scientist Teams that the key to creating the best model is using better algorithms and neural networks, but the technology is only part of the equation. In fact, I would argue the neural networks are the easy part. Look at the biggest implementors of Deep Learning like Google & Facebook. Both have been driving the open-source versions of their Deep Learning solutions to the public in the form of Tensorflow & Caffe.  Why would Facebook risk doing that? Couldn’t a rival or startup build models to predict what ads our friends and families maybe likely to click on? The problem for that challenger is they couldn’t come close to the accuracy because they wouldn’t have anything close to the Data Capital Facebook has. Data is the real differentiator not the algorithms which is why companies open-source their deep learning frameworks.Ready for Data Capital Data Capital has moved beyond a theory and it seen as a law for all industries disrupting the market. The data businesses hold is their accelerant to innovation and will decide who the winners and loser of tomorrow. Data is the great equalizer in deciding if the next application or project your business undertakes will be successful. No longer do we have to rely on gut decisions hoping we made the right call. We can now reduce our risk by letting the data tell us what to do. Now the challenge lies in how we are collecting, protecting, cleansing, and giving access to our data. Tomorrow’s disruptors understand the real risk is not having a strategy for managing Unstructured Data at Scale. To continue this conversation further, both Dell EMC and I will be at the O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence event next week in San Francisco.  Contact me on Twitter @Henson_TM or stop by the Dell EMC booth in the expo hall.last_img read more

first_img Related Shows The ensemble stars of ‘The Great Comet'(Photos: Matthew Murphy) Photos: Matthew Murphy | Photography Assistants: Evan Zimmerman & Turner Rouse | Styling: David Withrow | Hair & Makeup: KeLeen Snowgren & Nicolette Gold | Shot at The 1896 Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 3, 2017 Whether you’re a diehard The Great Comet fan or new to the stunning piece, one cannot deny how enchanting the musical is. Stars Denée Benton and Josh Groban are pitch perfect, the design team pulled out all the stops and creator Dave Malloy’s score is get-stuck-in-your-head good. However, it’s the show’s ensemble teamed with Sam Pinkleton’s choreography that truly makes the production an immersive party that transports audiences to the height of Russia’s aristocratic social scene—or to a Brooklyn warehouse party. Photographer Matthew Murphy captured The Great Comet’s ensemble is a stripped-down space that shows off their sweet moves. Take a look at the gorgeous shots!VIEW THE PHOTO GALLERY Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 View Commentslast_img read more

first_imgA tiny wasp — known as “Paratelenomus saccharalis” — is cutting down kudzu bug populations and Georgia soybean farmers’ need to treat for the pest, according to Michael Toews, a University of Georgia entomologist based on the UGA Tifton campus.The wasp, an egg parasitoid and natural enemy of the kudzu bug, is saving soybean farmers time and money.“Growers used to spray multiple times during the season, and sometimes it would do nothing to suppress the kudzu bug population,” Toews said. “Now, they just let the wasps maintain the natural balance.”During research trials, Toews and other UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences entomologists found that the insect recently appeared in commercial soybean fields.“There’s no manipulation or manual placement,” Toews said. “The wasps naturally find any place that is infested with kudzu bugs. We found this wasp in every field that we examined in south Georgia.”Kudzu bugs arrived in the U.S. in 2009 and quickly spread to more than 13 states across the Southeastern U.S., devastating soybean fields. The wasp was first detected in the U.S. in 2013, far from its origins in China, India and Japan.Toews said this natural enemy became Georgia soybean farmers’ saving grace. The kudzu bug is a major pest to commercial soybeans, causing yield losses as high as 60 percent. High populations of the pest can damage soybean’s growth, seed weight and seeds per pod.“Growers were really struggling, and yield losses were significantly cutting into profit margins,” Toews said. “There were some general natural enemies, but the wasp clearly evolved with the kudzu bug to manage this pest.”Growers were using insecticides to control the kudzu bug, but those proved to be destructive in many ways.“When growers spray an insecticide, the insecticide can have detrimental effects beyond the target insect population,” Toews said. “They affect the balance of a lot of other things that weren’t pests before and upset the natural balance.”Neither the kudzu bug nor the wasp were imported to the U.S. through formal efforts by the federal government or university scientists, Toews said. Both likely arrived through international commerce, he said.The wasp has now been reported in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Mississippi.According to the UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, soybeans generated more than $112 million in farm gate value in 2016.For more information regarding soybeans, visit Jernigan is an intern at UGA-Tifton.last_img read more

first_imgIRENA: Renewables can provide 50% of Egypt’s electricity by 2030 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Arabian Industry:Egypt has the potential to generate up to 53 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, according to a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).The Renewable Energy Outlook: Egypt report, released at a high-level conference in Cairo today in the presence of Egyptian government officials and regional decision makers, finds that pursuing higher shares of renewable energy could reduce the country’s energy bill by up to USD 900 million annually in 2030.Renewables could cost-effectively provide up to a quarter of Egypt’s total final energy supply in 2030, per the analysis. Achieving the higher targets would, however, require investment in renewables to grow from USD 2.5 billion per year based on today’s policies to USD 6.5 billion per year.Under current plans, Egypt aims to source 20 per cent of its electricity from renewables by 2022, rising to 42 per cent by 2035. Total installed capacity of renewables in the country today amounts to 3.7 gigawatts (GW).Egypt can draw on an abundance of renewable energy resources to achieve higher shares of hydropower, wind, solar and biomass. To capitalise on this, the report suggests that national policy makers may benefit from periodically re-evaluating the long-term energy strategy to reflect rapid advances in renewable energy technology and falling renewable power generation costs.“Remarkable cost reductions in renewable energy in recent years are encouraging governments all over the world to rethink energy strategies so as to better reflect the new economics of renewables,” said Mr. Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA Director-General.More: Egypt could meet more than 50% of its electricity demand with renewable energylast_img read more

first_imgIt might still be April, but at Tuck Fest 2018 this past weekend, it was full-on summer. Each year the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, North Carolina hosts the FREE (that’s right!) event that celebrates the outdoor lifestyle through competitions, exhibitions, demos, and live music.If you haven’t been to a Tuck Fest it’s a “must-add” to your yearly festival list. Tuck Fest began in 2013 with roughly 14,000 attendees and we’ve watched it grow throughout the years to host over 32,000 people in 2017. Despite the high number of attendees, the festival never feels too crowded. There’s plenty of space at the Whitewater Center for everyone.The U.S. National Whitewater Center literally has something for everyone no matter your age. Activities this year included trail running, mountain biking, yoga, deep water solo climbing, all things whitewater, clinics, a bicycle stunt show and much much more. This year the festival added a fourth day that featured live music on Thursday evening. As usual, we were hanging out in the Blueridge Outdoors Magazine tent, demoing gear, giving out awesome swag and making new friends. We had a true basecamp setup in vendor village this year. We wanted to have space for people to come hang out, have a seat in the shade and relax for a while. We nailed it. If you didn’t have a chance to swing by our camp, you missed out. We had some excellent gear raffles on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We gave away huge prizes from Nite Ize, Crazy Creek, National Geographic, Sea to Summit, Mountain House, Lowe Alpine, Old Town, Leki, HydraPak, UCO Gear, and Wenzel. Sunday was Earth Day. In the spirit of taking care of the land we love, we hosted an Earth Day Trash Cleanup in the morning before we opened our booth. The USNWC has a beautiful trail system. The good people of Charlotte obviously cherish this place because the trails are trash-free. We had a family with a couple of young boys join us who absolutely loved to clean up trash. We decided to take a nice walk around the water and pick up whatever little trash we could find. No matter how big or small it’s always important to help give back when you can. The festival vendor community is small and it was nice to have some time to hang out with all of our old friends in the Southeast. We even made some new van friends. Shoutout to Aaron and Tyler with Off Grid Adventure Vans for helping us out when we needed it the most!last_img read more

first_imgVan Fossen emphasized the scenarios and numbers are just potential at this point. But despite the possible financial hardships, he and the district are dedicated to being there for students. “It’s all on the table when it comes to these types of reductions potentially, ” he said. To view the a statement by Van Fossen to the MECSD community, click here. “We would be looking at $5.6 million state aid loss for that period of time,” Van Fossen said. “You could argue it’s on the brink of significant devastation if we don’t figure out how to fund schools and try to mitigate this current issue that we are facing right now.” The district currently has reserve funds to use for the next month and a half, and Van Fossen is closely monitoring decisions made in congress to help public schools across the country who face a similar crisis. Van Fossen says the district relies on state aid to make up for half of its budget, and if the reduction becomes a reality, activities like extracurriculars, elective programming and even athletics could be some elements to go. ENDWELL (WBNG) — The Maine-Endwell Central School District could be facing financial devastation as the school may lose out on state funding this year.center_img Governor Andrew Cuomo announced back in March that because of the economic stress put on the state by the coronavirus pandemic, schools could see their state aid cut by 20 percent. “The problem is that it’s not just Maine-Endwell,’ Van Fossen said. “It’s 700 school districts across the state that are looking at the same issue.” While nothing is confirmed as of Aug. 31, MECSD says this possible reduction could mean quite the significant impact for the 2020-21 school year. “If we’re looking at what’s good for society, what’s good for kids, you need a public education system,” Van Fossen said. “Our goal will be to try and continue to provide the best education you can.” “I don’t want to be dramatic, but to use the word ‘catastrophic,’ I’m not saying that lightly,” said superintendent Jason Van Fossen.last_img read more

first_imgLocalNews Portsmouth Mayor describes murder of Zicak resident as “disgusting” by: – December 29, 2011 Share 90 Views   6 comments Share Tweetcenter_img Mayor of Portsmouth Cleve St. Jean. Mayor of Portsmouth Cleve St Jean has described the violent murder of 22 year old Tyson ‘Boyee’ Thomas which took place in that town on Tuesday afternoon as “disgusting”.On Tuesday, Tyson “Boyee” Thomas of Zicak, Portsmouth was fatally shot by a masked man whom the police have not yet identified.“It is really something that is disgusting, and the police and the community need to come together to help one another, to prevent these kinds of crime, be it just petty thieves, murder or another crime in the community,” St. Jean said.According to the Mayor, the entire community needs to play their part by providing information to assist the police with their investigations.“In order to solve any crime you need the community and you need information. As much as the police are playing their part in terms of investigating, we need to bring institutions close to the community and make people feel they are party of everything, because in order to solve any crime we need information from the community. We need to institute programs that the community is going to feel a part of the police and the police feel part of the community, so we can get information in solving crimes.”The Mayor further stated that one person’s action can affect the safety of the entire town and therefore calls on perpetrators to cease from committing these criminal acts.“We cannot have a town where persons can feel they can do anything; we cannot have a town where persons can feel they can murder or cheat or steal and it’s just ok because it’s not ok. One person affects the whole town. We have tourist in the town and besides tourist we the people need to feel safe.”The Mayor therefore calls on the perpetrators to “stop because their action is affecting everybody”. Dominica Vibes News Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

first_imgILOILO City – The Department of Health (DOH)is adopting new “surveillance definitions” or nomenclatures in the reporting ofcases that for several weeks it had been calling as persons under investigation(PUI), persons under investigation (PUM) and positive cases. A “confirmed case” is “any individual,irrespective of presence or absence of clinical signs and symptoms, who waslaboratory-confirmed for COVID-19 in a test conducted at the national referencelaboratory, a subnational reference laboratory, and/or officially accreditedlaboratory testing facility.” * individuals with fever or cough or shortnessof breath or other respiratory signs or symptoms fulfilling any one of thefollowing conditions: aged 60 years and above; with a comorbidity; assessed ashaving a high-risk pregnancy; health worker According to Convocar, these new labels werein the Philippine Institute for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases’ (PSMID)Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on COVID-19 that DOH has adopted. * ILI (influenza-like illness) cases with anyone of the following:  with no otheretiology that fully explains the clinical presentation and a history of travelto or residence in an area that reported local transmission of COVID-19 diseaseduring the 14 days prior to symptom onset, or with contact to a confirmed orprobable case of COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms * suspect who underwent testing for COVID-19but not conducted in a national or subnational reference laboratory orofficially accredited laboratory for COVID-19 confirmatory testing A “suspect case” is a person who is presentingwith any of the conditions: * suspect case for whom testing could not beperformed for any reasoncenter_img These definitions are consistent with thelatest World Health Organization Global Surveillance for COVID-19 diseaseinterim guidance (as of March 20, 2020), Convocar added. A “probable case” is a suspect case whofulfills anyone of the following: Beginning today, DOH would be transitioning tothree new terms: “suspect case”, “probable case” and “confirmed case”,according to Regional Director Marlyn Convocar. * a suspect case whom testing for COVID-19 isinconclusive * all SARI (severe acute respiratory infection) cases where noother etiology fully explains the clinical presentation “PSMID’s CPG on COVID-19 shall be used in theclinical management of COVID-19 cases in all hospitals and health facilities,both public and private, subject to continuous update by the society,” statedHealth secretary Francisco Duque III in Department Memorandum Order No.2020-0138 dated March 31, 2020./PNlast_img read more

first_imgIf they are not already off for the summer, most students will be in the next few days. Today, for the older ones, that means a summer job interrupted by many workouts for those playing sports. For the younger ones, it probably means day care or summer camps or babysitters. In the olden days, it meant a summer with mom if you were younger with a lot of make-believe fun. For a lot of us older kids, it meant working on the farm. Today the family farm is gone, and in many instances the mother has a job. It is a shame that those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are not as lazy as they used to be. When I was in high school, I played Legion baseball and worked on our family farm. Since my dad had a business as well as the farm, I split my time doing chores at both of the enterprises. If there are any three-sport students out there they will not have time to work, because their summer will be filled with games and/or contests. I thoroughly enjoyed those years, because they were care free and a lot of fun. Even though my work was hard, I was young and handled it without much trouble. The evenings were filled with ball games and other fun summer activities. The one thing I am really glad I didn’t have to fight was the temptation of trying drugs. Any place a kid goes today, I am sure the presence of drugs is not far away. Some might call this summer fun, but I call it a temptation that wears our kids down and even some of the good ones fall victim to its lure. It sure would be nice to know the biggest problem our kids would face this summer is sunburn or poison ivy!last_img read more