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first_imgColorado based jamtronica outfit Skydyed is set to make their debut at Red Rocks Amphitheatre this weekend, playing as part of the Global Dance Festival! It’s a great time to get down with Skydyed, as the group recently released their debut album, A Quantum Dream, earlier this year. The new release sees this group pushing their creative capacities to new heights, and it all comes together in the live setting.To get you in the mood for Skydyed’s big summer ahead, which also includes plays at festivals like Backwoods Music Festival and Sundown in Texas, we’re delighted to share some prime live footage of the band at work. Taken from their May 27th, 2016 performance at the Belly Up in Aspen, CO, this live footage of the band playing “Mind’s Eye” is sure to get you grooving. The Quantum Dream track is a great one!“Playing at Belly Up is always such a treat for us. The drive through the Rockies out to Aspen is absolutely gorgeous, the venue is top-notch, and the crowd always shows us love. Aspen definitely knows how to get down,” said Andrew Slattery. Check out “Mind’s Eye” from Belly Up below!And you can watch the full show video below:Since Skydyed’s debut in 2014, the electrifying trio has made big waves in the Colorado music scene, and today is poised as one of today’s hottest emerging live-electronic bands. With roots in rock, funk, and jazz, Andrew Slattery (bass and synth), Max Doucette (guitar and synth), and Shane Eagen (drums) create a dynamic musical journey that mesmerizes audiences with every performance. Intertwining organic live instrumentation with electronic production, soulful jams and profound break-beats, the band strives to spread positive vibrations through music.The band’s members come from diverse musical backgrounds, and together they have developed a deep appreciation for music’s power to transcend language and move people in mysterious ways, which is precisely what the band accomplishes on A Quantum Dream. Featuring high-energy, head banging tracks such as “Grow” and “Mind’s Eye,” as well as softer, mellow songs like “Endless Space” and “Mushroom,” A Quantum Dream truly takes the listener on a melodic journey through a multitude of emotions and sonic landscapes. With jams perfect for relaxation, partying, and everything else in between, A Quantum Dream is a truly imaginative creation that fulfills Skydyed’s artistic vision and redefines the boundaries of Live-Electronica.Don’t miss Skydyed on the road this summer! You can see their upcoming tour dates below, and find more information via their official website.Skydyed Tour DatesJuly 10 Global Dance Festival Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, COJuly 22 SubOctave Music Festival Houston, MNAug 5 Arise Music Festival Loveland, COSept 1 Backwoods Music Festival Stroud, OKSept 15 Sundown at Granada Dallas, TXlast_img read more

first_imgBy April ReeseUniversity of GeorgiaWhen you think of holiday food and your freezer, don’t think justof leftovers. Think of “planned-overs,” too.Planning ahead can make good use of your freezer and your time,says Elizabeth Andress, director of the National Center for HomeFood Preservation hosted by the University of Georgia College ofFamily and Consumer Sciences.”There are many advantages of freezing prepared foods,” Andresssaid.Cooking ahead and freezing theprepared foods enables you to: Be safeIf you cook ahead and freeze the prepared foods, though, rememberthat even fully cooked foods can grow bacteria if you don’t carefor them properly after you cook them.”Cool cooked foods quickly for safety and freshness,” Andresssaid. “Keeping foods at room temperature for several hours beforefreezing increases chances of spoilage and foodborne illness.”To cool hot food faster, put it in a pan or sink of ice water.This is especially important, she said, when preparing largeamounts of food. Change the ice water often or run cold wateraround the pan. When the food is cool, package and freeze itimmediately.What’s your bag?A recent NCHFP survey found that nearly everyone (94.4 percent)prefers to freeze foods in plastic freezer bags. You don’t haveto use plastic bags, though. There are many choices.”Packaging materials must be moisture-vapor-resistant, durableand leakproof,” Andress said. “Bags shouldn’t become brittle andcrack at low temperatures. They should be resistant to oils,grease or water. Packaging should protect foods from absorptionof off-flavors or odors. They should be easy to seal, too, andeasy to write on.”Good freezing materials include rigid containers made ofaluminum, glass, plastic or stainless steel. Bags and sheets ofmoisture-vapor-resistant wraps and laminated papers madespecifically for freezing are good choices, too.”Package foods in the amounts you want to use at one time,”Andress said. “Once food is thawed, it spoils more quickly thanfresh foods. Be sure to label each package with contents anddate.”Troublesome foodsSome foods don’t freeze well.”Milk sauces sometimes curdle and separate when frozen,” Andresssaid. “Stirring while reheating helps keep the product smooth.Using waxy rice flour or waxy corn flour as the thickener alsohelps to fix the problem.”Gravy also tends to separate and curdle when thawed, she said.”It’s better to freeze broth and make gravy just before serving,”she said. “Or use waxy rice flour or waxy corn flour as thethickener.”Cooked, creamed vegetables tend to lose flavor fast when frozen.Don’t put them in the freezer unless you’ll use them within threeweeks. Vegetables packed in sauce tend to retain their flavorlonger.Cook your vegetables, cool them quickly and then add sauce.Package them in freezer containers, leaving space to allow forexpansion.Lettuce, other greens, cucumbers, radishes and celery losecrispness and become soggy when you thaw them. Raw potatoes don’tfreeze well, either.Slice the turkeyFreezing whole, cooked turkeys isn’t considered safe.”As with any food, the time needed for freezing to take place inthe center of the item is the critical factor,” Andress said.”Trying to freeze a large mass like a whole cooked and stuffedturkey can keep the center warm enough for the hours it takessome bacteria to multiply to harmful levels.”Slice the turkey off the bone and package it in usable amounts,she said. Freeze stuffing separately, so it freezes quickly, too.One last disappointment: don’t save your holiday chocolatecovered cherries in the freezer. Expansion during freezing causesthem to break open.(April Reese is a writer for the National Center for Home FoodPreservation with the University of Georgia College of Family andConsumer Sciences.) Prepare food at your convenience.Use the oven more efficiently by baking more than one dish ata time.Save time by doubling or tripling recipes and freezing theextra planned-overs.Save small portions, if you cook for one or two.last_img read more

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Four times a year, credit union professionals from around the U.S., and some from around the globe, gather for a one week credit union “boot-camp” filled with lessons in principles, philosophy, history and more. In fact, we just completed the first training of the year with 45 new Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs)!While many aspects of what goes on during Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training remain unknown to those who haven’t joined the secret circle, there is one aspect of the training that is well known – it is life changing. Often times this experience helps credit union professionals to discover and ignite a passion they didn’t know existed, which ultimately benefits their credit union career and the credit union movement as a whole.To highlight the incredible successes that can come from attending DE Training, we have started capturing the stories of past attendees and learning how DE has changed their life. continue reading »last_img read more

first_imgSky Sports has announced 25 of its 64 matches will be free-to-air on its Pick channel, while the BBC has the rights to screen four games on terrestrial TV.It will be the first time the BBC has shown any live English top-flight action since 1988. Amazon will make its four Premier League matches in the remainder of the 2019/20 season free-to-air as broadcasters prepare for the return of the English top-flight.The Premier League is set to resume behind closed doors on June 17 after being suspended since March due to the coronavirus.All 92 remaining fixtures will be televised live and Amazon has a small package of games. Topics :center_img Unlike earlier this season, fans will not need a Prime membership to watch fixtures on the online platform.”Like the rest of the country, we are excited to see the Premier League return to action,” said Alex Green, managing director of Prime Video Sport Europe.”We will be making all four of Amazon Prime Video’s additional fixtures in the 2019-20 season available free of charge. Fans will not need a Prime membership to view the games on Prime Video.”The online streaming service entered the competitive Premier League live rights market in 2018, changing the landscape of British sports broadcasting.last_img read more

first_img“When I was going back for the winter break, my parents had a boy lined up for me to meet,” she said.”So to de-stress from that I started creating this list of all the crazy things I used to do, or that my cousins used to do, to try to discourage the Rishta aunties.”UndesirableIn “Arranged!”, the girls attempt to deter auntie by drawing cards with commands like getting a tattoo, wearing a sleeveless shirt, talking about pursuing a career, or being seen hugging a male friend.But cards like being able to make a perfectly round roti flat bread, or having a sister who is known to be very obedient to her in-laws, move auntie closer to a player.When the board game was released in 2017, it drew anger from some acquaintances in Pakistan – but the media attention also made Balagamwala an undesirable wife in the eyes of the aunties and convinced her family to stop pressing her to marry.”My dad essentially said, ‘You wanted to not get married and now you’ve made sure you won’t do that’,” she said.She was contacted by dozens of young women, mostly in India, who said the game helped them to start conversations with their families and opened their eyes to the stress they felt.”I’m hoping that with the game someone else will be inspired to be like, ‘No, I can break free too’,” Balagamwala said in “Gamemaster”, which follows the lives of four game designers.One unexpected outcome was a deluge of marriage proposals on social media – but Balagamwala said her family have accepted that she will not marry any time soon.”Now they’re like, ‘You do you, find your own guy,” laughed Balagamwala, who is studying for a master’s degree exploring the links between design and social justice at Harvard University.”There is still a little bit of that stress in their hearts and minds where they are like, ‘Oh my God, she’s 27 and there’s no boy on the horizon’ so I think that stresses them out.”It doesn’t stress me out at all.” When Nashra Balagamwala’s Pakistani family started pressuring her into an arranged marriage, she decided to get creative to avoid the myriad of suitors being foisted upon her.Like many young women in South Asia, she was targeted by older women, nicknamed Rishta aunties, who wanted to pair her up with eligible men.”It truly started when I was 18, right as my sister got married … literally, the day of wedding, all the aunties started coming up to me and saying, ‘You’re next, you’re next’,” said Balagamwala, now aged 27 and living in New York. Topics :center_img “I’d wear the fake engagement rings, or whenever an auntie was looking I’d pour an extra helping of food on my plate,” she said, as the matchmakers considered women who didn’t watch their figure to be less desirable brides.Those real-life strategies inspired her to create the board game “Arranged!” where players take the role of teenage girls trying to escape an ‘auntie’, which features in “Gamemaster”, a documentary about aspiring game designers released this month.Arranged marriages – where a couple are matched by family members – are common in South Asia. Whilst it is different from forced marriage, many young people face intense pressure to wed and start a family shortly after reaching adulthood.Wanting a different life, Balagamwala convinced her family to allow her to wait until she was 21 – and as she reached the deadline as a student at Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, she came up with the idea for the game.last_img read more

first_imgGovernor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf Announce LED Energy-Saving Initiative at Annual Governor’s Residence Earth Day Celebration SHARE Email Facebook Twitter April 22, 2019center_img Environment,  First Lady Frances Wolf,  Governor’s Residence,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – In accordance with Governor Wolf’s 2019 GreenGov Executive Order, Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf today announced a new LED lighting initiative during the third annual public Earth Day celebration at the Governor’s Residence in Harrisburg.“We are proud to announce that the Governor’s Residence has taken important steps to convert all interior lighting from traditional bulb to energy-saving, efficient LEDs,” the First Lady said. “The return on investment for these new bulbs will occur in just six months – a smart move from both an environmental and economic standpoint.”The governor and first lady were joined at the Earth Day Celebration by Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Patrick McDonnell, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn, and Department of General Services (DGS) Secretary Curt Topper.“Celebrating Earth Day is a great way to appreciate the tremendous natural environment we have in Pennsylvania and set an example for how everyone can reduce their carbon footprint to help protect it,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “With signs of climate change increasing, Governor Wolf has set state goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and all Pennsylvanians have a part to play. DEP is committed to leading by example in our offices and to providing guidance and funding that enable other state and local leaders, business owners, community organizations, and citizens to take action.”Governor Wolf’s GreenGov Executive Order requires Pennsylvania to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent by 2025 and 80 percent by 2050. Governor Wolf has also established the GreenGov Council to improve energy efficiency across Commonwealth agencies, reducing Pennsylvania’s climate change contributions and saving taxpayers money. The Department of Environmental Protection has released strategies to lower greenhouse gas emissions through increased solar power energy and increased use of electric and alternative fuel vehicles.Secretary Dunn noted DCNR’s contributions to the Governor’s Residence and the Earth Day gathering, including planter boxes made by the Pennsylvania Outdoors Corps; installation and planting of a rain garden; and distribution of free white pine seedlings to residence visitors.“Whether it’s energy conservation or waterways protection, the enhancements seen, and information offered here today are directly in line with our department’s mission,” Dunn said, “DCNR is proud to be a partner in this annual observation.”Pennsylvania Department of General Services Secretary Curt Topper noted that through the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA), the commonwealth has made an $89.9 million investment in 10 projects to renovate state facilities with energy efficiency measures that once complete, will result in carbon dioxide emissions being cut by approximately 17,000 tons which is the equivalent of more than 37,000 trees planted annually, removing over 3,100 cars off the road yearly and the annual energy usage of 1,500 homes. In addition, the completed projects will produce $4.6 million in savings annually.The program enables the commonwealth to take on energy efficiency projects at state facilities paying for them over time with the annual savings from reduced utility consumption, rather than using commonwealth funds for upfront capital investments.“Through the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act Program, the state reduces our carbon footprint, lowers our energy bills to fund new construction projects and ultimately generates savings for the commonwealth,” Topper noted. “We are not only protecting the environment, but we are also protecting the use of taxpayer dollars. It’s a true win-win for everyone involved.”Additional green features of the Governor’s Residence interior and grounds include:Rain barrels. The Residence utilizes several rain barrels placed strategically throughout the property to reuse and prevent storm water runoff.Solar panels on south-facing roof of Residence. The panels provide not only a source of clean electricity to the Residence, but also an uninterrupted power supply of renewable energy for critical communications systems. Ground source heat pump (GSHP) system, which replaced existing electric resistance heating. GSHP systems, also called geothermal heat pumps, concentrate existing heat, rather than burning fossil fuels to release energy. The GSHP system provides heat as well as supplemental cooling to the Residence.Reduction of paper products where possible. This includes a major reduction in the use of paper plates, paper and plastic cups, and bottled water daily at events held at the Residence.Recycling of glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard.Herb and vegetable gardens. The Residence is currently home to an herb garden and raised vegetable beds, the produce from which is used for cooking at the Residence. Hydroponic garden. To address the need for fresh herbs and vegetables that do not grow well on the Residence grounds or are needed for events in harsh winter months, Residence staff recently built an indoor hydroponic garden.Working and observation beehives. In additional to honey-producing beehives, the Residence installed observation beehives in 2017 so children can view the honey-making process and learn how important bees are to the environment and how the honey for culinary purposes at the Residence.last_img read more

first_imgThree London boroughs that currently jointly manage £2.3bn (€2.9bn) in local authority pension assets are to review their resource-sharing arrangement.The London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (H&F), which in May’s local elections went from being run by the Conservative Party to being a Labour Party borough, said a review of all its joint services with two neighbouring councils would look to improve performance.The borough currently jointly administers a number of its services with Westminister and Kensington and Chelsea councils, which have local authority pension schemes (LGPS) worth £880m and £630m, respectively.Hammersmith and Fulham’s own £763m LGPS currently shares a treasury department with the two other councils, with the officers conducting the required due diligence for all asset management and other mandate awards. However, decisions on where each individual fund should invest remains with the local council, although all three have a number of providers in common.The review will be led by Andrew Adonis, a transport secretary under former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown.A spokesman for H&F confirmed that all areas of cooperation would be reviewed, including the tri-borough treasury set-up, but said it was too early to provide details.In a statement on the review, the council said it would examine the potential for widening its model of cooperation beyond the three local authorities.Adonis stressed the need for value-for-money arrangements due to the restricted budgets facing councils.“The tri-borough arrangements are innovative but it is right that, after more than two years of operation, there is an independent review,” he said.“I hope we will be able to compare and contrast with other effective organisations and offer some useful insights and proposed ways forward.”In a report presented at H&F’s most recent pensions committee, the council noted it was happy with the “benefits of resilience and sharing of ideas” since the tri-borough treasury team had been in place since 2012.“It is also leading to more competitive fees from external providers through joint procurement and common mandates where they are appropriate for each fund,” it said.In addition to cooperating on investment management matters, two of the boroughs are undertaking a joint tendering exercise to appoint a new custodian, while all three are advising London Councils on the proposed launch of a London-wide common investment vehicle (CIV) for the capital’s LGPS.A move away from the cooperative approach on pension matters is unlikely despite the review, as the three councils have often been championed as an example of how cooperation can lower costs for the LGPS.Additionally, the Department for Communities and Local Government recently concluded a consultation that looked at greater efficiencies within the LGPS, with one of the suggestions being the launch of a limited number of LGPS-wide CIVs.last_img read more

first_img Share Should there be a junk food tax?Eating like the English could save 4,000 lives a year in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, a study claims.People in England eat more fruit and vegetables and less salt and fat, reducing heart disease and some cancers, say Oxford University experts.A tax on fatty and salty foods and subsidies on fruit and vegetables could help close the diet divide, they add.The British Heart Foundation says the study shows inequalities in the nations that must be addressed by authorities.Death rates for heart disease and cancer are higher in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland than in England, according to official figures.Diet is known to be an important factor. Last year researchers estimated that more than 30,000 lives a year would be saved if everyone in the UK followed dietary guidelines on fat, salt, fibre, and fruit and vegetables.Now, the same experts – from the Department of Public Health at the University of Oxford – have turned their attention to differences within the UK.They looked at whether deaths from heart disease, stroke and 10 cancers linked with poor diet could be prevented in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, if everyone switched to the typical English diet.They say the diet in England is far from perfect – but should be achievable in other UK countries.Over the three years studied there were nearly 22,000 excess deaths in total. Scotland had 15,719, Wales 3,723 and Northern Ireland 2,329.Hamburger taxLead researcher Dr Peter Scarborough of the Health Promotion Research Group said: “The chief dietary factor that is driving this mortality gap is fruit and vegetables. “Consumption of fruit and vegetables in Scotland is around 12% lower than in England, and consumption in Northern Ireland is about 20% lower than in England. Consumption levels in Wales are similar. “Other important factors are salt and saturated fat consumption, which are lower in England than in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.”The researchers believe one way to tackle the “mortality gap” is to bring in food taxes.Denmark recently introduced a tax on foods high in saturated fat, while other countries are toying with the idea of taxing fizzy drinks or high-calorie foods.Dr Scarborough told the BBC that while the study did not consider the effectiveness of policies and interventions, the area should be investigated.He said: “Junk food taxes and subsidies of fruit and veg could be a very important tool in addressing health inequalities in the UK.”The researchers say they used the English diet as their model not because it is particularly healthy, but because it is regarded as an achievable goal.Victoria Taylor, senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said: “This research isn’t about bragging rights to the English or tit-for-tat arguments about how healthy our traditional dishes might be.“This is a useful exercise in comparing influential differences in diet across the UK, namely calorie intake and fruit and veg consumption. However, saying the rest of the UK should follow England’s lead to cut heart deaths isn’t a foolproof solution; a quarter of English adults are obese and only 30% eat their five-a-day.“The findings have thrown up some clear inequalities in the four nations and our governments must do everything they can to create environments that help people make healthy choices.”The research is published in the medical journal BMJ Open.By Helen BriggsHealth editor, BBC News website Share Tweet HealthLifestyle English-style diet ‘could save 4,000’ in rest of UK by: – November 7, 2011center_img 8 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

first_img….13 overseas players expectedBy Ras WadadaWITH less than a week before game time in Paramaribo,the Golden Jaguars squad has been reduced to 22 players, including 12 overseas-based, who are expected in the country by tomorrow.The unit also shows five new faces, while several key players have made themselves available for the 2 third-round matches in the Caribbean Football Union’s (CFU) senior Men’s Championship. The Jaguars face Suriname next Saturday,and three day later host Cup holders Jamaica at the Leonora Stadium.The team will also be without a number of starters due to injuries, but rejoining the team after missing the 2nd round matches is Puerto Rico based captain Christopher Nurse.The five newcomers include MLS’ Philadelphia Union midfielder, Warren Creavelle,along with California schoolboy winger Cash London and goalkeeper Andrew Nestor of Brooklyn College. Defender Anani Mohammed recently signed with Mexico’s division two side Atalante , while 6’ 5” Kai Lyle plays for Barnett in the English Division Two. .The other foreign based players are; Canada based Adrian Butters, US-based Brandon Beresford and European based Walter Moore, Jake Newton, Samuel Cox and Marcel Barrington. The injured list reads: Neil Danns, Sheldon Holder, Emery Welshman and Anthony White;while the unavailable players are; Kester Jacobs, Devon Millington and Gregory Richardson;while Canada based Shaquille Agard cannot get time off from school.Coach Jamal Shabazz is optimistic going into the two crucial encounters,although he will be without the services of a number of seasoned players,and despite poor preparations.“There is no time to cry or complain over what should or did not happen, regarding our preparations. It’s all about approaching the job with a positive mindset and giving of our best to get the result”, Shabazz stated.The philosophical Trinbagonian added that the Jaguars must be hungry, “The thing I love about football is when you have your full squad bonded, united and ready to go, you kiss your troubles goodbye and look forward to fighting for three points. Instinctively,when Jaguars are hungry they have to go and hunt, therefore if we are hungry for success, the Golden Jaguars must go out and battle for it”.The full 22-man squad: Goalkeepers – Kai Lyle, Andrew Nestor and Alex Murray; Defenders – Jake Newton, Samuel Cox, Quincy Adams, Walter Moore, Adrian Butters , Colin Nelson and Anani Mohammed; Midfielders – Dwight Peters, Cash London, Brandon Beresford, Trayon Bobb, Christopher, Warren Creavelle, Daniel Wilson and Kevin Beaton; Forwards – Anthony Abrams, Vurlon Mills, Pernel Schultz and Marcel Barrington.The 20-man squad to travel to Suriname will be announced after the final two training sessions this Tuesday and Wednesday. The team is expected to depart on Thursdaylast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on December 6, 2017 at 11:22 pm Contact David: As Endicott men’s basketball’s Keith Brown strolled into Babson College’s Staake Gymnasium on Nov. 19, he popped on his headphones, headed into the locker room and began his pregame routine. Only this time it was different. His unranked Gulls were set to tip off against Division III reigning national champions and then-No.7 Babson.Brown, the team’s leading scorer, knew he needed an unprecedented performance.“You could see it in warmups, all of his shots were going in,” teammate Mathew Catizone said. “There was just a different vibe about him, you could tell he was in the zone.”Fresh off a career-high 38 points in the season opener versus Regis the night before, Brown did what nobody expected him to do: Top himself. The Pelham, New Hampshire, native poured in 45 points, shooting 10-of-15 from beyond the arc. After each shot, the guard gave a stone cold look while his teammates went wild from the bench, en route to a 90-80 upset.“My teammates trust me when I shoot the ball,” Brown said about his play this season. “So far, it’s working.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe Babson game was a statement win for the Gulls (4-2, 2-1 Commonwealth Coast), and it allowed Brown show off his explosive scoring ability, an opportunity he couldn’t get last year because of a stacked senior class.Brown’s freshman campaign was a quiet one. He averaged 9.1 points per game, the fourth highest mark on the team, and came off the bench “mostly as a catch and shoot kind of guy,”he said. Then-seniors Kamahl Walker, Max Motroni and Daquan Sampson were the team’s main scorers and ball handlers, which meant opportunities for Brown to thrive were limited.“He came into a rotation that was more solidified,” head coach Kevin Bettencourt said. “So his role fell into being mostly just a shooter.”The Gulls finished the season 24-7 and received an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament after losing to conference rivals Nichols College in the CCC tournament final, 67-64. Endicott, led by Walker and Motroni, defeated Salisbury University and Nichols in the first two rounds before suffering a 89-60 season-ending loss to Middlebury College in the Sweet 16. Brown’s impact in the tournament was minimal, as he averaged 19 minutes and 7.7 points per game.Going into his sophomore season, Brown, the team’s top returning scorer, needed to lead the team. He always knew he was a good shooter, Brown said, but it was up to him to become a more complete player. Over the summer, he worked tirelessly on shooting off the dribble, moving without the ball and passing. The type of commitment he showed to improving his game over the summer helped him become a great player, Bettencourt said.“That’s the biggest difference for Keith this season,” Bettencourt said. “He’s developed other aspects to his game outside of shooting.”The Gulls’ season opener versus Regis on Nov. 18 was Brown’s first chance to show off his newly polished game. The sophomore dropped a career-high 38 points on 26 shots (15 more than any other Endicott player), as well as serving as the team’s primary ball handler. The next night was his 45-point performance against Babson, a two-game stretch which earned him the DIII Men’s National Basketball Player of the Week. Once a role player coming off the bench, Brown had established himself as Endicott’s best player and one of the most explosive scorers in the country.In Endicott’s four games since playing Babson, Brown’s scoring average (26.2 points per game) has taken a slight hit, but he still ranks tenth in scoring in all of Division III. He makes 5.67 3-pointers a game, the second-highest mark in Division III, at a 52.3 percent clip. Most of Brown’s shots come from making space for himself and ball movement, he said, two of his focal points in training this past summer.In his first six games of the season, Brown has shown his game no longer consists of standing on the three-point arc and waiting for teammates to get him an open look. His shot-making ability, willingness to pass and off-ball movement has transformed him from a role player, into a Division III star. Commentslast_img read more