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although the summer has passed now is the winter, as the summer hot selling products in the low tide of crayfish, many investors are looking at the hot winter food brand, while ignoring the crayfish project. In fact, the end of the year is approaching, once a year the Spring Festival consumption tide is coming, the consumer demand is always unpredictable things ready before the new year for next year’s operations, will be for you to win next year and lay a good foundation, have a good chewing lobster only to join the project. read more

college students entrepreneurship is not a strange thing, and the success of the case is also very much, today, the reporter interviewed a female college student Li Wan, she came to tell you about the successful experience of selling roast trotters. From the apprentice apprentice, painstaking research, to the final business secret shop "bursting", selected around the franchisee…… How did she succeed? Let’s go and have a look.

"startup is hard, face a lot of difficulties, but chose to learn to overcome." In his roast pig’s trotters shop, Li Wanbian commanded the staff selling roast pig trotters said. Reporters saw that the door has been lined up a long queue. read more

Animation toy shop operating cheats share

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animation is a lot of people love, whether adults or children love this visual feast, is actually very good business, now, do a lot of cartoon toy business, so the market competition pressure. However, there are still a large number of successful entrepreneurs, Lee is one of them. For Ms. Lee, the animation business is entirely due to interest in toys, at first did not intend to earn much money, but did not expect her career.

"a lot of people like to collect game dolls, and they don’t have to worry about the backlog." Lee told reporters, six years ago, she took over from the friends of this store, because of fear of poor sales of the product, she hit the goods for the first time spent only a few thousand dollars. read more

passionate dance "inspired" xiadou, sketch "dream picturesque" touch one deeply in the heart, full of local ethnic customs of the flowers "flowers" xiadou diffuse charm medley…… A national celebration, annual inventory, whole moving Xining snake spring festival gala, the evening of February 1st at the Qinghai theater staged wonderful.

sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, Xining TV host "Jinshe Ruichun" in Xining city in 2013 and the second session of the Spring Festival Gala, with "beautiful city, happy homes" as the theme, through a way into the business, community auditions find everything fresh and new. Ordinary citizens and social groups in the more than and 100 people, a collection of stars, celebrities, the most popular elements of red Xining in 2012, to show the full range of the characteristics of Xining local culture, the party’s passion, full of flavor. read more

Gan River Industrial Park in order to secure the demolition resettlement of landless farmers, improve the living standards of farmers, in accordance with the relevant policies, timely and full payment of housing for the relocation of farmers relocation compensation, transition costs and moving expenses, up to now, has been the demolition of farmer compensation payment amounted to 880 million yuan. It is reported that the Gan River Industrial Park planning area should be the relocation of 4690 households, of which, the eastern 592 households, 197 thousand and 900 square meters, the completion of 392 households, 101 thousand and 900 square meters of housing demolition; West 4076 households, 840 thousand square meters, the completion of 3603 households, 769 thousand square meters of housing demolition; DOPA 22 households, 32 thousand square meters area. In order to make proper arrangements for the demolition of the farmers in the transition period of production and life, the park will be farmers housing by civil, brick, brick structure, with an average of 550 yuan / square meter to 650 yuan / square meter price for housing demolition compensation, and 230 yuan per month, 2000 yuan / person / household standard fees and give the transition moving costs, solve the demolition of households menace from the rear.   read more

"for college graduates who have just come out of school, work experience is like a barrier that keeps us out of doors. This is a very good opportunity for the government to provide internship positions." In October 27th, will become the urban management coordinators Po Jinjin said excitedly.

on the same day, in Xining City West District City Management Trainee students pre job training class, 25 will go to urban management coordinators of post graduates, listening to the Urban Management Bureau responsible person what is city management, and how to manage the city work etc.. Xining in each district for college students to set up a city management and health supervision trainee positions, the West District first to complete the recruitment of job candidates. At present, the West District 25 urban management trainee positions and 10 health supervision trainee positions of college students, has started the pre job training, the rest of the district will also work to recruit. read more

now, the increase in the pressure of life and work, so that a lot of people hand travel way. Mobile Games industry fire, tens of millions of monthly income exposed a lot, will attract a large number of young people left their homes. The uncle met every kind of tea Mobile Games entrepreneurial team, also witnessed the team also witnessed soaring earning million, the team disbanded to find work. In this, summed up a number of self believe that the hand travel business process for your reference. The team had failed to ignore

1., at least 3 years experience in the production of the game

2. was the best team of 3 people: the main policy and the main process of />

3. product development period has sufficient funds to support

4. product development stage, basically is 3 months, 6 months, a small change in a big change. Chengdu also encountered some entrepreneurs, 6 months continuing product development, product development looked up to find this type of game is out of date. Therefore, in the product open > read more

for a shop, want to do a good job, need to pay attention to what? Many shopkeepers may only need to do is think of goods delivery. In fact, the service is the foundation of the retail store. Especially in the commodity sales peak, service tends to become our retail customers’ weakness". The Spring Festival is a rare gold sales season of the year.

then, we busy retail customers purchase, sellers, delivery, it is easy to overlook the service and can not directly benefit from the move. In fact, although the service can not directly create benefits, but its hidden intangible benefits are immeasurable, so that the more in the Spring Festival this sales peak, the more we have to do a good job of service. read more

Open shop to make money

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now, bedding market demand is very hot, by the attention of many investors. Open bedding to make money? Bedding market prospects? This may be a lot of friends there are questions, today we will analyze the prospect of bedding join.

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what would you do if you retired from the ranks? With an injury can not be eliminated, can not do heavy work, this experience is not everyone can have, many people may have such a text but unable to get up after a fall, the protagonist Tao Shengang will use their own personal example, tell you his general.

7 18 in the morning, the weather is hot in Jiaojiang, three pillars of the liberation of the village street, 80 after the guy Tao Shengang is busy picking muskmelon farms. "This can sweet, good sales, estimated this year can be guaranteed, next year will be able to make money." Speaking of the melon prospects, Tao Shengang heart happy.

to often run the Civil Affairs Bureau Tao Shengang, Jiaojiang Civil Affairs Bureau of the special care and placement section Gao Qigang deep impression. From the end of 2010 to the end of the year, Xiao Tao will come to our Civil Affairs Bureau, sometimes temper up, he will take the table." Gao Qigang said that the policy can be given to the treatment of civil affairs departments have been given, but for the retired soldiers, the government to implement monetary resettlement, the work needs to find their own.

> Tao Shengang read more

Open shop how to find sources for weapon

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open shop friends more and more, the competition is very fierce. Open shop how to find sources? This is the majority of shopkeepers are most concerned about the problem. Online shop, as long as the supply is good, then certainly high popularity, business prosperity, making money is very simple, fast!

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