Month: April 2017

broadband brand competition is fierce, mobile telecommunications CTT contest has become history, because the Chinese Tietong acquired by China Mobile, since then no longer as an individual brand.

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Don’t forget the word of mouth marketing

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emphasis on word of mouth marketing, indicating that the shop for the word of mouth is very important, but also found a direction of marketing. However, if the pursuit of word of mouth marketing but forget this, in fact, the same shop is difficult to obtain development. Some time ago, there is a supermarket opened near the launch of the "old and new residence near the author enjoy relief activities: all successfully introduce new customers and new customers become the supermarket shopping on the spot, the old customers can enjoy a certain amount of shopping breaks. The beginning of that period of time, this activity did lead to popularity, but slowly, the supermarket business deserted. Some customers reflect: the quality of goods is not good, the price is no advantage…… read more

1000 dollars how to shop to make money

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      1000 dollars how to shop to make money? Many investors on the market is now very difficult to choose investment projects, choose a good project to invest in the market to make money fast. According to the environment can also choose a very good shop investment projects, how to choose 1000 yuan shop Youku snack food stores to join the project to make money more market.

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we all know that all the characteristics of food, is very popular. Small business to choose a popular project. How about Nord steak? Good quality projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Nord steak Cup project, is also very exciting, hurry up action!

Nord steak cup featured food, reflecting the original flavor of the food, restore authentic flavor, at home will be able to enjoy all kinds of food. French fries, Pleurotus eryngii, Sauteed Green Beans, grilled corn, fried squid, broccoli, lamb chops, flavor of pickled cabbage…… A rich range of snacks; fruit juice, coke, milk tea, soup…… Healthy and fashionable drinks, eat out of the pattern. read more

on the basis of a variety of traditional wood flooring, bamboo flooring began to be a large area of research and development, as a result of better quality, more environmentally friendly, thus greatly loved by consumers. The bamboo floor is a new type of building decoration materials, it is a natural high quality bamboo as raw material, through two processes, from bamboo pulp juice with high temperature and high pressure to fight pressure, through the layers of paint, the infrared drying and.

floor is Home Furnishing decoration is an important part of, whether it is the appearance of the bamboo floor quiet and delicate color or itself brings tactile enjoyment, is very suitable for Home Furnishing life Home Furnishing decoration, gives a fresh feeling, it is elastic, good stability, it is suitable for people of all ages. The beautiful and delicate appearance of the bamboo floor color for home decoration, is simply a visual feast. So how to choose bamboo flooring? With the small series together to look at the top ten bamboo flooring brands list. read more

An error

students most likely to commit, that is ambitious, so want to start to choose a good project, choosing the right direction to entrepreneurship is the most important.

1 drinks

"business school" moves: Liang Yin

quasi Entrepreneurs: Ren

To determine the
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a lot of people want to start their own business as their own boss, but due to the limited funds on hand, mostly abandoned! Today, Xiao Bian will tell you a story about a 10 dollar venture started after the struggle story of 70!

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Air purifier franchise business notes

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purification industry investment prospects, operating advantages. Investment in the industry, the need to grasp some of the feasible management methods. If you are operating air purifier franchise, which needs to do business? Many beginners are interested in this question. Want to become a franchisee, you can not miss the opportunity to get rich.

has just entered the air purifier industry entrepreneurs to join the opportunity, but also a lot of competition, in order to survive, the operators have countermeasures, first ensure the first glance from the store to attract customers, the overall lighting, merchandise display, health status, salesperson spirit, work attitude and other details are concerned, therefore, the owner of these details is to pay close attention to read more

college students entrepreneurship is not a strange thing, and the success of the case is also very much, today, the reporter interviewed a female college student Li Wan, she came to tell you about the successful experience of selling roast trotters. From the apprentice apprentice, painstaking research, to the final business secret shop "bursting", selected around the franchisee…… How did she succeed? Let’s go and have a look.

"startup is hard, face a lot of difficulties, but chose to learn to overcome." In his roast pig’s trotters shop, Li Wanbian commanded the staff selling roast pig trotters said. Reporters saw that the door has been lined up a long queue. read more

is now in the process of the whole shop, a lot of attention to reduce costs is a very important thing, and only continue to pay attention to the cost of some of the shop, in order to continue to profit.

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shop if you can play music correctly, which undoubtedly has a very big appeal for the customer, so that the business can be booming shop. In a word, music, easy to enter the hearts of people, to moisten things silently, you may not remember some advertising advertising words, but what kind of music sounded, you can know what it is by first reaction products.


according to time

morning should be fresh, melodious melody, to remind the clerk a new day; farewell song can be fast-paced rock, urging customers to leave quickly. Summer, choose a song to make the customer instantly refreshed; winter wind cold, warm and warm music to make people feel the warmth. Holiday midday high passenger flow, should reduce the volume, in order to calm the tune of the customer’s psychological adjustment, and the passenger flow is too small, should be appropriate to use the new song to mobilize the mood of the venue staff. Timeliness is also reflected in the holiday with the. read more

Animation toy shop operating cheats share

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animation is a lot of people love, whether adults or children love this visual feast, is actually very good business, now, do a lot of cartoon toy business, so the market competition pressure. However, there are still a large number of successful entrepreneurs, Lee is one of them. For Ms. Lee, the animation business is entirely due to interest in toys, at first did not intend to earn much money, but did not expect her career.

"a lot of people like to collect game dolls, and they don’t have to worry about the backlog." Lee told reporters, six years ago, she took over from the friends of this store, because of fear of poor sales of the product, she hit the goods for the first time spent only a few thousand dollars. read more

a customer quarrel before entering the shop, or even a conflict on the body, so that customers will visit two times? I’m afraid many people’s answers are negative. So, if you want to get the business development and prosperity, also need to remember that Friendliness is conducive to business success.

The author

the day before yesterday in the shopping mall, see this scene: when people buy goods Liang in a mall in order to facilitate comparison, then copy the commodity prices, a move that was stopped and demanded the surrender of the mall security note. Mr. Liang does not agree, the two sides dispute, but under the police for help. After the incident, the responsible person in charge of the mall, said the mall is strictly forbidden to copy the price of goods, the violation of the mall’s trade secrets". read more

now, we are eating out more and more frequently. Want a better diet, a healthy diet. How to choose a one-time disinfection tableware? Not only by consumers, but also very strong choice. Join a one-time disinfection tableware tableware, worthy of trust, it is worth joining!

disposable tableware disinfection equipment which manufacturers? Wuhan Jie Shi Kang aviation crystal tableware is a new food grade material PS as raw materials, the use of precision injection molding equipment after 260 degrees high temperature once injection molding, imitation crystal plastic tableware by UV disinfection after automatic aseptic packaging into the water. Jie Kang disposable disinfection tableware in Europe and the United States and China on the widespread use of civil flights, commonly known as disposable aviation tableware, disposable crystal tableware. Disposable tableware disinfection equipment manufacturers which good Wuhan Jie Kang good trend of development, is gradually gaining consumer recognition, a good market prospects. read more

today, joining the project Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork, has always been a very hot. For small business franchisee, entrepreneurs choose to join Zunke cooking soup dumplings, is a very wise choice, is also a very powerful choice is not?

Zunke cooking soup dumplings are facing entrepreneurs around the world investment agency, Zunke cooking soup dumplings price? The price is absolutely very affordable, so that every consumer can afford to buy, but also has a long history, still taste authentic, by diners favorite, a snack to join community leader, join free. Hundred years of refining, the achievements of classics, followed many years of technology, access to world recognition. read more

How can you miss the Chongqing hot pot in the

hot pot brand? But then choose what brand of Chongqing Hot pot is better? Chongqing hot pot alliance? Shabu Shabu hot pot can give the support of what? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Shabu Shabu hot pot the company is a natural person to do the promoters of joint-stock enterprises, the company is headquartered in the heroic city – Guangdong City, Nanchang, with the characteristics of boiling hot pot chain industry. Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Guangdong, is a national chain to operate a hot pot catering enterprises. read more

entrepreneurial choice to enter the food industry, rich business opportunities unlimited. Simple way to join the choice, is a very attractive choice. How long the tide of fish? In the catering market, very popular with the choice to join the Dragon tide fish project, worth choosing!

dragon food investment prospects? Longchao American charcoal grilled fish is very popular with consumers, because it is very characteristic, can let more consumers satisfied, let entrepreneurs easily win the market. American charcoal grilled fish dragon tide unique delicious taste, elegant environment, a theme style decoration style, brought a pleasant dining environment for consumers, not only to meet everyone’s taste buds, but also create huge benefits for investors. read more

in the food market, as long as the choice of a good project, is the best choice for entrepreneurship. How about a snack at the bridge? Trusted to join the project, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining us! Moreover, to join the library bridge fried snack snack items, shop is earned!

library bridge fried snack snacks will be fried chicken production process has been improved, joined the concept of consumption in line with the modern consumer ingredients, creating a new brand of fried chicken. Bridge bridge fried snack snack is committed to creating high-quality fried chicken. For consumers to bring a really good taste, but also to make it more and more space in the development of the market, so it can bring benefits to the franchisee is also very impressive! read more

How to treat the say customer Business

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some people do not stop for a day, but some people can not speak all day, this is the difference. "On the one hundred, all kinds of", we will always encounter a variety of people in life, the same day will encounter a variety of customer management. Some customers come to the store will soon be able to clear their goals, choose to pay the goods to leave, the owner of the customer happy. Some customers have not wait, after entering the shop, look around, don’t ask? Fear of customers that we are not enthusiastic attitude, ask? Fear of customers that we think about the money in his pocket, the door to actively promote their products. read more

Dry pot stores how to attract consumers

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ninety percent of the world’s business is dealing with people, naturally in the consumer sector, this can not be avoided. How to attract customers to your store consumption, which is the most important issue you need to consider. Of course, there are too many ways impossible list, so here to do the pot shop operating on the theme of how to attract consumers shop.

dry pot stores to attract consumers how to open stores open dry pot itself is a good project, such a good project that you’ve found it, indicating that there are countless people are going to invest in this project. How can we attract you to a restaurant? It should be unique, open dry pot stores is a feature of the project, is now people are fastidious about a way of keeping good health. How to attract consumers? read more