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You also love Shanghai June madness HOLD live

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this let many webmaster confused, no direction. Because the reason can not find next to K where did not start, the only thing you can do, can only follow the prescribed order, the why why, quietly waiting, hoping to love Shanghai, hope is love Shanghai fault, and rectifies. So the webmaster who fantasize about coming in early June 29th June 22nd.


www.taipl贵族宝贝 my station is the gun, the specific performance is: included normal, chain number, home SI>

this time against a wide range of so many webmaster be struck dumb. Many owners on the stand, on all kinds of industries, the optimization means, each one has its own merits, on the chain source, far. But the common point of these stations is: this time all right down. read more

1, on

fact, IDC good service provider, never so, do a very important thing is that the web server must be stable, this is the foundation, if not stable, so no matter how hard, also make you better than Qu Yuan was wronged! If you don’t know what IDC better, recommended: civilink a single, independent IP. (not as advertising, I have not received a penny, good webmaster all know!)

site is down right? Don’t blame love Shanghai, in fact, it is not necessarily wrong, like urban big brother, there are always good and love Shanghai! Not right down, how much do you know? Today we have more opened a corner that you do not know! "/p> read more

believes that the universal theory of Shanghai dragon people, it is mainly caused by some irresponsible brainwashing training institutions, these institutions to inculcate Shanghai dragon universal theory, which is the usual tricks which they attract people. They said that as long as the society of Shanghai dragon can earn money, can do a website. But when more people are trained in this view, people are more and more, however, one day he found that although he learned Shanghai dragon, but could not put the site, he began to confusion. read more

(five) update frequency.

We all know that

with the development of network era, many industry enterprises have been involved in the Internet, the competition is very fierce, especially now the Shanghai dragon era, many companies are beginning to seek specialized Shanghai Longfeng company to optimize the website ranking, but for many small and medium enterprises in terms of individual stationmaster station or stop doing business is difficult, so today I will share with you about the enterprise site optimization method, hope to all the webmaster some help. read more

How to improve the quality of the four skills

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second: special title, prominent features.

in real life, we all want to buy those products of high quality and inexpensive. On the one hand, the packing of the products can meet the psychological needs of people. On the other hand, also can buy what they want with the lowest price. However, we ignore the most important point is that we use the product of time, that is we can on the quality of this product to. This point does not take into account. Quality is a product of the life, no quality, no guarantee. Regardless of what can be found outside of the product is good or bad. Similarly, a website article, whether to bring some practical value to the user, is the key point. The following is my summary of some of the quality, I hope to help you. read more

webmaster forum at present the operation is good, the user experience is relatively high, is not the spam posted with the forum, Xiao Bian think may be better A5 forum. The weight of love Shanghai shielding the forum outside the chain, A5 forum timely follow the love in the footsteps of Shanghai, closing the forum outside the chain, at the beginning of the period so that users are not satisfied, in the past for a long time, the A5 Forum’s popularity is still very busy, there may be many reasons, there is no specific analysis, mainly to look at the activities of the forum. read more

An anatomy of web traffic interception depth

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page in detail above this figure is from Shanghai know love, because I have a lot of dynamic pages, the only interception of the top part of the picture,

A part of the

1, the use of traditional methods of others capture Shanghai Longfeng site traffic, do good examples such as wheat bags, intercepted a lot of traffic flow and taobao贵族宝贝 Kaixin001, and QQ space, its principle is that any website do best is not possible to occupy the top 3 Shanghai love all this. Words like QQ space, the word search volume every day is about 900 thousand in the first place, there is no doubt that the Tencent’s official website, but second? Third? Apparently according to can get 80% of the traffic to the top 3, the second and third can also be divided into considerable traffic, as long as you can do second or third, there is no doubt that you flow is lovely. read more

is a successful Shanghai dragon Er cannot do without observation and conjecture the search engine algorithm, by using the principle and practice of the conjecture that success is a successful Shanghai dragon Er, and a master of Shanghai dragon world. Every day I guess love test and Shanghai algorithm, because love Shanghai is a programmer design, design is the purpose and follow the user experience of thinking, we can use common sense to scrutiny.

portal home page is taken, a list of resources link, the page links, links to resources listed into the central form page, this arrangement will love Shanghai check this page keyword density, to determine whether the relevant content, if the link you have strong enough authority is OK, if the link is not nutrition the home page, the detection of the keyword density is not enough, the ranking will be very poor. read more

analysis of competitors from second points, the general will find these pages in the station optimization do good, but the chain is not much, and the relatively fixed sex in Shanghai know, SOSO ask the chain like this, this is our breakthrough lies.


1, the author released some of the 9100 brush pack the contents of the article, and then the words above URL link to the corresponding, this not lag behind other sites too much.

2, according to the key words and the corresponding URL chain. > and read more

if the transfer from the call center to the Internet platform to become OTA’s first venture, then the second time is the traditional OTA to wireless transfer. Although the return soon, but Liang Jianzhang no doubt "treasure" on the wireless and investment.

in Liang Jianzhang’s new strategy, wireless is the focus, resources should be tilted here. Because he believes that no matter what form change, tourism service enterprises to do is quality customer experience, and from the call center to the line, then to the mobile phone terminal, the user experience more convenient and integration. read more

Analysis of popular keywords opportunities

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, what is the popular keywords of



index of less than 1000 is popular keywords, also said that the search results for X is popular keywords. Personally think that the owners choose popular should be from the search results to determine if the search results page and key words, the seven or eight are so competitive occupy website keywords, absolutely can not easily be said that he is popular keywords. In contrast, if the search results page is almost always some low weight web pages, you can be sure that this is not the popular keyword keyword. For example, the keyword "stock recommendation", love Shanghai love Shanghai index 100-200, the search results, 6 PPC, two web page, the other is 163, and the other station page, page second page is all. Such words can be regarded as the popular keywords? Of course not. read more

many of our webmaster actually know the website optimization taboo. But it is illegal to. Don’t even want to try the search engine will go right down to our website. This test for really need three months of study period even the website doesn’t come back.

is the envy of the PR value high site, only a short while ago, in order to be able to exchange the high PR value of the site. I am one by one to add their QQ phone. The final 11 were rejected. But it is not. But after a series of events. I understand a truth. The PR value can get today’s digital. Others are effort and sweat, what makes you a few words of others and you change? What is your capital. Please don’t complain about others. That’s you, you will not be lower than you and a web site exchange links. Later want to understand, I began my long original way of writing. The PR value of 3. to upgrade slowly through September 2012 due to excessive website optimization, website is down right up to three months. Is to feel only I know. Also in this three months, I understand a lot of things, to the life, to the optimization of the lot, eventually passed the short time, the PR value increased, ranking also slowly restored. read more

we all know, the love of Shanghai in recent years are following the nobility baby technological progress, love Shanghai would launch voice search technology I think it is not difficult to judge, but I love Shanghai realize this technique to estimate the time is long.

Computerworld website reported that plans to focus on the development of noble baby voice search technology

summary: seen from the noble baby next year plans to focus on the development of voice search technology is not difficult, the future search engine technology will be more and more intelligent, to the user experience is constantly increasing, but I think the baby voice search technology focused on the use of nobility in the mobile terminal, for the use of computer users may not search how much influence. After all, computer users still based on text search based search. read more


, a site location

navigation layout as much as possible to follow from top to bottom from left to right to the user thinking to layout, such as a Shanghai Phoenix blog, when doing the layout of the navigation will be possible to show Shanghai Longfeng optimization relatively high correlation search terms, like Shanghai search for words related to search under the same.

station layout, but since it is aimed at the blog type website optimization so it is necessary to have a regular blog optimization routine cuff solutions, I put it summed up the following 4 point station layout strategy. Of course, you can refer to in front of me wrote a business website optimization layout scheme. read more

is the second to be released to the transformation, enhance their brand at the same time, we also guide to their website, for this writing skills requirement is very strict. Here if we are to find ways to publish news articles, here I’d like to introduce another way, is the use of a news event made news, daily news, daily has come, we have to do is focus on these topics will be their own products or promotion information to join in, then you can also make some news, but some other sites to collect your links, this effect is not controllable. Of course, the best way is to write some soft Wen, the nature of soft advertising, the user guide. read more

Butterfly: a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon basin, will set off a storm in the Mississippi river. It is defined as a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can bring the whole system a huge long-term chain reaction.

is not the only death in innovation to meet the management law we can learn is. In fact, "

with the Shanghai dragon industry standardization, the rise of the grassroots becomes more difficult, Shanghai dragon industry has not a casual person can come to share the industry. But as the industry standard, the market is almost saturated, industry rules, mature market share is gradually occupy the bulk of. At this time, but also by the empirical path, it is absolutely a dead end. In a regulated industry, you need to have professional knowledge of management personnel, in order to go to the front of the industry. But many grassroots Shanghai dragon ER no development space? Of course not, so it is never too old to learn, grassroots webmaster need, in fact, is to keep pace with the times. But there is no systematic study of the Shanghai dragon ER in this area is inferior, so in this small series will introduce some simple management definition, introduces how to use several management law, to promote the development of Shanghai dragon website. read more

omitted three years, you are too lazy to see other people bitter, I also bother to complain

in Lei Xiaoliang and tabloid reporters said unfamiliar street short will not do Android version, he immediately came to me to join, with the Android team. I guess they were from Neuxs One. It seems that at that time, Tang Yangang changed from Fawkes to Audi TT, and after the interview, he sent me back to the NetEase. I know what a good car it is.

then DEMO came out. It’s in beta. I’m registered. The number is 100882. In fact, after I registered, in addition to finding other closed beta NetEase colleagues, I didn’t use it again. This also reinforces my view of the year after joining: most Internet users know how to socialize. Overtime hard, forced to die, which knows what people idle down what feeling read more

Speaker: Shen Kai, shlf1314 AdSense, account manager,

above is the use of "benefit analysis" to understand the use of shlf1314 alliance earned dollars project analysis process. The result is to understand the project can not earn money, understand, in order to sell foreign hosts.

July 17, 2009 at 2:00-5:00 p.m. Landison Plaza Hotel,


in the severe economic situation, how to use the website shlf1314 global leading advertising technology platform to grasp business opportunities, and seek common development? Since mid July, the title is "the leading trend of speed wisdom to win the future" the 2009 shlf1314 AdSense partner day will launch a lecture tour, in the country’s 4 largest city at that time, you will be full of confidence answer and enlightenment. read more

in addition, VR products and technology can also be applied in more real estate, education, medical and other fields. At the singularity innovator summit, Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei also highlighted the VR in retail, real estate, education, medical, automotive, simulation and other fields of application practice. For example, in the home field of real estate, with a high degree of freedom in the virtual space, alternate reality model, can realize the editing of decoration, furniture and moving items and the high accuracy of modeling, for example in the field of education, across time and space, the scene teaching and so on. read more

relevant information:

GG advertising low price is mostly using GG GG advertising promotion to make the difference, there is a free film and video dating advertisements. Especially movie and dating advertising is especially easy to produce invalid clicks. These advertisers use various keywords, their advertising display on our website because they. Our advertising, click on price becomes very low. The first is a list of my shield: read more