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Ildi Wiley (BA ’92, BA ’06)After years of searching, Ildi Wiley (BA ’92, BA ’06) still couldn’t find what she was looking for. A Brock alumna who has held roles in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Wiley sought a forum where she could gain practical tools, strategies and knowledge and make connections to other business people who would help her grow her business and advance her professionally. Only problem was, she couldn’t find it.“Although there are many professional development opportunities on offer for professional women like executives and entrepreneurs,” said Wiley, president of Results Continuum Inc.,  “I felt there was a real gap between the social networking type of ‘lunch and learn’ event and formal business education.”And so, the Women in Leadership and Business Conference (WIL-B) was born. Taking place April 4 and 5, 2011 at White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the WIL-B conference is the first of it’s kind in Canada and promises to bring together expert speakers, authors, coaches and mentors for an interactive learning and professional development event focused on meeting the needs of established and emerging leaders and successful entrepreneurs and business owners who have one common goal: to advance their career or business.Limited to 200 registrants, the conference is focused on quality of presentations, speakers and connections. The schedule is designed so that each delegate can attend up to eight of 14 different development opportunities over two days. Workshops highlight timely topics including “How to use personal branding to compete in the 21st century workplace and manage your career” and “Influencing and communication skills for women”. The event will also showcase award-winning author Maggie Jackson and the host of CBC’s “Dragons Den”, Arlene Dickinson.“I met Arlene Dickinson when I was invited to co-host the “Entrepreneur Hour” radio show on CHUM,” said Wiley. “During the commercial break Arlene was intrigued by WIL-B and told me to connect with her.”Word quickly spread about the conference and people started to take notice. “We received more than 3,200 proposals for speakers,” said Wiley. “It was difficult navigating through all of the requests, but we managed to pull together a reputable, engaging panel of presenters.”Brock alumni can save up to $550Thanks to Brock University’s sponsorship of WIL-B, Brock alumni who register by Jan. 31, will receive the early bird rate of $1,270 + HST and also will save an additional $100. What’s more, Brock alumni who share the conference information via Facebook or LinkedIn will receive an additional $25 off. Simply become a fan of WIL-B by “liking” the conference’s Facebook page, or copy the following paragraph and share with your LinkedIn connections and/or Facebook friends:The Women in Leadership and Business Conference (April 4 and 5, 2011) is a national, interactive learning and professional development event for business owners and established and emerging leaders. Grow your business and advance your career. Workshops include relevant topics from experts, trainers, coaches, authors and accomplished business people from across Canada. Visit www.wilbconference.com for more info.Call or email Danielle Plata at 905-988-5555 or danielle@resultscontinuum.com to take advantage of these great savings. read more

By Ramona LuthiCrime Chief, Paul WilliamsCrime Chief, Paul Williams on Friday distanced himself from the reports made by the Force that one of the three men who was slain by police at the Kingston Seawall yesterday had a criminal background.In a police press statement issued yesterday, it was disclosed that Kwame Assanah and Errol Adams were previously arrested in connection with several offences and Dextroy Cordis was recently granted bail on a simple larceny charge with regards to ‘trunking’.Dead: Kwame AssanahAccording to relatives of the now deceased, Assanah of Buxton, East Coast Demerara, the man had recently applied for a police clearance –which was granted to him- for his new job as a debt collector at Courts.When INews made contact with the Crime Chief today, he maintained that he had provided no information with regards to Assanah having a criminal history to the police public relations department, which is responsible for circulating information to the media. “The family was here just now. I spoke with them and I told them and I’m saying it again. In our Public Relations Department release, when I fortified the PR department with the information, I gave information as it relates to what is known about Errol Adams and what is known about Dextroy Cordis but at the time when I gave that information, there weren’t any information that I knew about previous records of involvement of Assanah with the police. I have never mentioned that. So I don’t know how that type of information would have gone in the midst of that. It was no way in terms of my contribution towards the press release,” he explained.Dead: Dextroy CordisNevertheless, he assured INews that he intends to follow up with the police public relations department to ascertain how the information pinning Assanah as a “known character to police” was retrieved.Aside from this, Williams was quoted in the media asserting that the officers were justified in their actions of taking down Assanah, 46-year-old Cordis also known as Dutty, of Grove, East Bank Demerara, and 57-year-old Adams also known as Dynamite of Dartmouth, Essequibo Coast and Buxton, East Coast Demerara during an alleged exchange of gunfire with police.According to the police press statement on the killings, at around 10:30hrs yesterday,  on Robb Street, ranks of an anti-crime patrol unit, in an unmarked vehicle, acting on intelligence information, began following another motorcar that two “suspicious looking characters” were reportedly travelling in.The vehicles used by the alleged banditsAs the ranks continued to observe, the suspected criminals led them [police] to the Kingston Seawall where an individual who had reportedly left a city bank, had parked his motorcar.At that time, the law enforcement officials who were on the stakeout noticed the two individuals- later identified as Cordis and Assanah, exiting their motorcar and approaching the customer’s vehicle.One of the men was reportedly armed with a gun.“At the same time the police anti-crime patrol, which by now was in close proximity called out to the suspicious looking characters but the one who was armed discharged several rounds at the police who returned fire,” police explained in a statement.As such, the reported exchange of gunfire resulted in the two men being killed.The damaged unmarked police vehiclePolice then detailed that seconds after that initial exchange of gunshots, another pair of males were observed on a CG motorcycle in close proximity to the motorcar in which the deceased men were travelling in.One of the two persons on the motorcycle reportedly discharged several rounds at the police who again returned fire.This second exchange resulted in the third person, Adams, being mortally wounded. He subsequently died.His accomplice reportedly sped away on the motorcycle.At the scene, a 9mm Pistol along with a magazine containing seven live rounds and four spent shells were found next to Cordis’ body.The items found in the car used by the alleged banditsThe motorcar which was driven by the now deceased Assanah was searched and police found one driver’s licence, ten passports belonging to the deceased and his family members, a key used by “trunkers”, two handcuff keys, a bandana and clothing. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedActing Top Cop says Kingston seawall shooting justifiableMarch 19, 2018In “Crime”UPDATE: Three bandits killed, trying to rob bank customer at Kingston seawallMarch 15, 2018In “Crime”Seawall Shooting: Police say “eyewitness” interview did not take placeMarch 27, 2018In “Crime” read more