In the management of

during the event, the government at all levels to build a public space as an important means to support entrepreneurship. Private capital has also begun to participate in the creation of public space for the development of new small capital venture to open up a broad market.

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just sent off the 2015 session of the college graduates embarked on the road of work, will usher in a new batch of graduates in 2016. In order to solve their business problems, Beijing finance in the past two years has invested 200 million to help students entrepreneurship.

in university graduates who experienced the most difficult in the history of employment, the employment rate of graduates index decreased again under the condition of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau said on 4, Beijing financial expenditure structure adjustment of higher education funding, funding innovative methods of work, nearly 2 years has been put into at least 200 million yuan to help college students’ employment service. read more

in our life, how to eat food for the choice of ice cream. Today, the choice of ice cream to join the project, has been very hot, really love to join the handmade ice cream? Earn all the year round!

really love handmade ice cream fresh fruit ice cream as the sign of YISHION products, the introduction of advanced production equipment, high-quality ice cream raw materials, exquisite craftsmanship heritage of Italy, really love to "hand cream more natural, more fresh, more healthy ice cream, and 17 series, hundreds of varieties of products, bring new ideas and delicious for the China delicacy lovers. read more

Rui investment Sanbai frozen yogurt? In the food and beverage market, has been very business opportunities, has the strength of choice. Small business choose to join the Swiss Sanbai frozen yogurt how? The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. If you join the project of frozen yogurt is also very Sanbai Rui, echocardiography, quick action!

Rui Sanbai frozen yogurt, calcium and bring a probiotic supplement for the vast number of consumers, let us drink to the health of the yogurt, eat at ease, Rui Sanbai frozen yogurt franchise? Australia material, natural yogurt, safe to eat. Handmade yogurt in the domestic market is still very small, and many people do not see this opportunity to win this cake. Yogurt as a good health benefits of the human body has become a lot of people in the life of an indispensable food, and the prevalence of handmade yogurt to promote the spread of yogurt culture. read more

female entrepreneurs, are generally in a number of clothing and other projects, but some people like surprise, let people remember it in a moment, Tian Yue is the same as an outstanding female entrepreneurs. She created an intelligent robot, in a large market set off a huge wave.

there are too many noteworthy "tags" on the body: the typical "Tsinghua help" background, very rare female entrepreneurs, because of the huge domestic market to see, and loved ones together, and choose to return the Liuyang talent. She is a unique female entrepreneur’s perspective, from the highest level, the largest hot degree of confusion, market cultivation field of household intelligent robot with a low degree of entry, opened his first "game of the brave" tour. read more

for the economic development of Jiangsu Province, it is obvious to all of us. The economy is not only a good development and the national "Sixteen consecutive", then, for the development of Jiangsu, to provide us with valuable lessons? The following and Xiaobian together with a detailed understanding.

According to

statistics, the Provincial Bureau of statistics released on the 11 quarter, Jiangsu 48490 above scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 208 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 10.9%, compared with 2015, growth picked up 1.8 percentage points higher than the national average growth rate of 3.5 percentage points; a total profit of 16 consecutive months ranked first in the country, accounting for the proportion of 15.6%, up 0.5 percentage points compared to 2015. read more

is now a lot of people love to health care, through steam health and comfort, no pressure, drive the development of the industry market, the real ages, today, steam stores blossom everywhere, very hot, so many people have joined the franchise industry but in Khan, Khan joined the business process of the shop is also very easy to appear a lot of problems. Then join a steam store need to pay attention to what the problem? What are easy to overlook, is also very easy to enter the misunderstanding? Let 3158 beauty Xiaobian to analyze. read more

Basic steps to open underwear store

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open underwear store is a very good choice. Many franchisees are very confident in this industry, if you want to join them, then you need to do some preparatory work. Specific shop steps which? Xiaobian finishing a simple version, I hope to help you find out the specific steps.

underwear market is also a very broad market. How do investors manage a lingerie store?.

first reference brand positioning. (how much retail prices to the extent that local consumers can afford)

second reference brand strength. Whether it is worthy of the majority of consumers trust the brand, whether it is safe and pollution-free) read more

How about

Kanglaisi car steward? With the continuous progress of the times, the continuous development of science and technology. The choice of business to join Kanglaisi car project is very housekeeper, the choice of business opportunities. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of entrepreneurship is also very reliable choice to buy.

Kanglaisi car steward agent, with headquarters operations, China local real mature business model, reflecting the Kanglaisi nuanced brand awareness of service and high-end brand value of cooperation. Kanglaisi car steward agent, headquarters from the store opened early market research, store design, decoration guidance, operational planning, technical training, business guidance tracking management. read more

1000 dollars a year over a million business, you can Hold live? Russia is seeing is believing, then we have a look! One thousand to do what business, open a small store, the store is not large, the store inconspicuous, but also can earn millions.

one thousand block can do what business, store look even a bit shabby, but you don’t look down upon this pink shop, snack bar monthly income of forty thousand yuan, which makes a lot of a luxury restaurant people envy, a back corner of the snack business, so why fire. read more

Some terrorist explosion

society generally can cause great harm, 17 in the evening Thailand Bangkok terrorist bombings has killed 22 people, which has identified 4 Chinese tourists.

China according to the Embassy in Thailand, as of now, the explosion has caused 22 deaths, 123 people were injured. The Chinese tourists who were killed were identified as 4 people, the 2 from the mainland, the Hongkong residents of the 2.

Foreign media reported Xinhua quoted

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As we all know,

is not easy to be a salesman. The salesman’s quality is directly related to the development of the enterprise and the future of the enterprise. However, almost every enterprise has 2 to 3 of the salesman is poor performance, the performance of this part of the reasons for the lack of sales staff in many ways. We summed up a number of business owners have common fault".

1, the number of customers in the hands of a small number of

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in the eyes of many people, the drink is used to quench their thirst, open the beverage store, big selling tea, fruit juice and other products. In fact, now the functional beverage market in the hot, investors should focus on this. The so-called functional beverages, is that there are some features of the beverage, such as, anti drink. Functional drinks considerable profit margins, worthy of attention.

the beverage industry in China as one of the fastest growing industries in the 30 years of reform and opening up has increased 400 times, while China surpassed Japan to become the second largest beverage producer. Surprisingly, even in the global financial crisis, China’s beverage industry is still maintained an average of more than 20% of the development, showing a momentum of accelerated development. Especially in recent years, with the rapid growth of the economy and the continuous improvement of the income level of urban and rural consumers and consumption, the consumption demand of the beverage has been in a stage of rapid growth. Domestic beverage industry has a huge market base and rely on the growth of space. read more

A giant diamond was found in a mine in

, Angola, Africa, weighing 404 carats. According to the appraisal, the diamond is currently the world’s twenty-seventh largest diamond, its value may be nearly $100 million yuan.

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Do business to service your whole shop

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set up shop to do business, if there is no way to get the customer’s recognition and favor, such a shop also how long run? Remember that there has been a veteran entrepreneur said such a sentence: the success of modern business, do not care how much you occupy the mall, and care about how much you occupy the hearts of consumers. Only in order to provide customers with timely and effective, thoughtful service, in order to establish a good reputation, bring good popularity. So how do retail customers Zhang Hong win customers in these areas? read more

Exhibition booth design is very important

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is now around some of the investment activities held in the exhibition booth design, some is a very crucial factor, because the ultimate goal of a good exhibition design can help achieve the exhibition, display the greatest degree of some products.

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20 thousand yuan to do business

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a lot of people want to do business, want to start their own business, but to see a huge investment funds, many people are terrified, prohibitive. Today Xiaobian for everyone to bring some 20 thousand yuan can do good business, good projects!

2 million to do what business is good? Ecological aquarium

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Bedding store location proposal

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bedding store market prospects, joined the popularity has been high, if you want to invest in a shop, then the location of the skills you learn it? On how to solve the problem of small series finishing a number of suggestions, I hope to help you, take a look at the 1 of the import and export of bedding unimpeded road. A prerequisite to good location is out of the flow path. The smoothness of the road not only affects the safety of the goods, but also affects the transportation time and transportation cost. In general, the requirements of the streets and shops related to convenient transportation, wide roads, vehicles in and out of freedom, and there is a shop near the station. read more

爱上海宣布Terraria现在可用于Xbox Live Arcade的Xbox 360。

标题是提供给用户的爱上海1200点,带来了吗动感十足的沙盒冒险到Xbox 360的第一时间,完成线上线下的合作游戏。

他们还宣布,Xbox Live的春季拍卖将运行直到4月2日开始。销售会看到什么选择Xbox Live街机游戏,游戏点播,附加组件和电影可在高达75%关闭。买卖可供金银会员使用。更多的信息,什么游戏都是打折的可以在这里找到。

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Insomniac Games已经证实,他们即将推出的Xbox一个标题,Sunset Overdrive将在线合作模式。


@ close2nirvana有合作的在线模式将为我们揭示不久,加上更新的计划很多,和吨的东西找到/解锁

– Insomniac Games(@ insomniacgames)2014年5月11日



NBA 2k16官方发布日期尚未透露,和2K Games透露,你可以在正式发布前会和游戏手柄。

首先,最优秀的篮球模拟器的下一期将正式抵达9月29日的PlayStation 4,Xbox,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360和PC.

现在的好的部分!那些预购NBA 2k16从参与零售和在线供应商,可以确保他们收到他们的副本开始在星期五,9月25日,释放前4天!。Alfie Brody,为NBA 2K说营销副总裁:

NBA 2k16将是一个最具有突破性的体育冠军在视频游戏的历史,激动人心的新功能和不可思议的现实主义相结合。我们总是在寻找新的方法来激发和点燃加盟我们的球迷巨大的热情,并提供无与伦比的早期访问只是另一种方式使他们更接近于他们所渴望的




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