6 19, vice governor Wang Liming met to attend the seventeenth session of the Green Fair Shandong Gold Group Limited chairman and party secretary Chen Yumin, the two sides will further strengthen cooperation and realize common development of enterprises, in-depth conversation.

Wang Liming Shandong Gold Group for many years to give thanks for the support of Qinghai, introduced the situation and the development of the industry in Qinghai province. He said that Qinghai is a large province of resources, but also an important ecological security barrier. In recent years, Qinghai adhere to the ecological protection of the first concept, to accelerate the development of recycling economy and realize green development as the important path to change the mode of development, speed up the supply side structural reform, and actively cultivate lithium, new materials, photovoltaic thermal and Saline Lake comprehensive utilization of resources characteristic advantage industry development in the green on the road has taken a solid pace. Shandong gold group is an important gold producer in China, and has been actively involved in Qinghai’s economic construction for many years. I hope the Shandong gold group to further increase capital investment, accelerate resource exploration, in-depth cooperation in resource development, national technology, lithium and other emerging industries. read more

in October 8th, from the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the past eleven golden week, Xining city holiday market adequate supply, commodity rich, price is generally stable, showing a Gouxiaoliangwang market prosperity. According to monitoring, from October 1st to October 7th, Xining 14 key trade and circulation enterprises to achieve sales of 187 million yuan, an increase of 23.5%.

from 14 key retail and retail distribution companies to monitor the situation, large capacity refrigerators, washing machines, liquid crystal television (LED), kitchen utensils, designer clothing and jewelry, etc., become the hot spot of Xining’s eleven golden week. In addition, some large and medium-sized catering enterprises in Xining continue to adjust the mode of operation, organized a variety of preferential activities, the public catering industry revenue growth, business is booming. read more

In September 1st, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao to the spirit of the Gan River Industrial Park provincial Party Plenum implementation research. City leaders Yao Lin, accompanied by research, Zhang Yonghai.

research, Wang Xiao affirmed the park to implement the spirit of the plenary session of the provincial municipal. He asked, to fully stable growth, to withstand the downward pressure, efforts to improve quality and efficiency, through market means and policy to achieve new development. To ensure safety in production, investigation and elimination of security risks, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of various types of accidents. To strengthen environmental protection, focusing on gas and water control, environmental protection into the whole process of production and operation, both strictly implement the environmental standards, but also fully consider and constantly improve the real feelings of the masses. To deepen reform and innovation, and actively promote enterprise reform and technological innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, and continuously enhance the development momentum and vitality. He stressed that the park to further study and implement the spirit of the provincial Party committee, lay the combined to expand investment projects, help enterprises "," in practice, in the forefront of the spirit, and make greater contributions to the city’s economic and social development.   read more

March 20th, the province of Qinghai in 2014 the implementation of the rules of the college admissions work introduced, combined with the provincial situation identified the college entrance examination enrollment policy in 2014.

in our province this year’s college entrance examination examination form and subject

use unified proposition of Ministry of education, the implementation of the new curriculum plan. Examination for 3+x ("3" for language, mathematics, foreign language, "X" for liberal arts comprehensive or science synthesis.

language, mathematics, foreign language, each out of 150 points, integrated arts, science comprehensive out of 300 points.

language points between English and Russian, Japanese and French, German and Spanish six languages, by the candidates to choose a.

counterpart vocational: Chinese, math and English, the proposition of each out of 150 points.

"MKM" candidates, two kinds of Mongolian Tibetan Chinese bilingual. The two candidates in national hankao (MHK three) by the Ministry of education for life, out of 150 points.

points, priority admission policy to benefit the following candidates

– any one of the following candidates, may be appropriate to increase the scores Toudang candidates exam results based on a review by the university to decide whether to admit. The same as with a number of candidates plus Toudang conditions, can only take the item with the highest score.

3 in the pastoral areas of continuous work for more than 15 years, is still working in the pastoral areas; read more

6783 months a year, can be called Qinghai’s golden tourism season". Recently, the reporter visited Qinghai major travel agencies, scenic spots, picking garden was informed that since June, warmer temperatures in most areas of Qinghai and the mainland quickly, compared to open fire weather, warm in a cool climate and multiple strange big beautiful scenery, is driven by rapid warming of the province’s tourism, tourists come to Qinghai province a number of tourists. Dragon Boat Festival is expected during the small holiday, the province will usher in the first peak of the golden tourism season. read more

In order to further strengthen the prevention and control of key infectious diseases in summer, in June 19th, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission held a meeting to deploy the province’s summer infectious disease prevention and control work. The requirements, increase the infectious diseases prevention and control work in schools and kindergartens in the guidance of efforts to urge schools, kindergartens implement infectious disease morning check, inspection, registration and reporting system of absenteeism. read more

passionate dance "inspired" xiadou, sketch "dream picturesque" touch one deeply in the heart, full of local ethnic customs of the flowers "flowers" xiadou diffuse charm medley…… A national celebration, annual inventory, whole moving Xining snake spring festival gala, the evening of February 1st at the Qinghai theater staged wonderful.

sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, Xining TV host "Jinshe Ruichun" in Xining city in 2013 and the second session of the Spring Festival Gala, with "beautiful city, happy homes" as the theme, through a way into the business, community auditions find everything fresh and new. Ordinary citizens and social groups in the more than and 100 people, a collection of stars, celebrities, the most popular elements of red Xining in 2012, to show the full range of the characteristics of Xining local culture, the party’s passion, full of flavor. read more

To effectively strengthen the supervision and management of government procurement agencies, standardize the purchasing agent behavior, improve the use efficiency of procurement and quality of financial funds, strengthening the construction of a clean government, recently, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "Qinghai province government procurement agency score management measures". Up to now, the Provincial Department of finance has made 3 government procurement agency administrative error correction. read more

youth is the age of individuality, youth is brave step forward, as long as you have a brave heart, young heart forever. Death is not old. The choice of food can still make your youthful personality, the market into a product of a happy barbecue to give you a different experience.

with the endless variety of food we eat what the problem is prone to disagreement. Some people like to eat barbecue, and some people can not resist the charm of the hot pot, when the difference between the two, how to choose?. Whether couples dining or gathering of friends is your choice, not only can make everyone satisfied, more in the grilled taste the deep love. read more

Cherish the revolutionary spirit of revolutionary martyrs

cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs heritage revolutionary spirit

  Communist Youth League Xining municipal Party branch to carry out patriotic education activities

4 month 8 days, Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League office party branch organizations of all Party members and party activists, in the patriotic education base – Xining martyrs cemetery, carried out in order to pay homage to the martyrs, inheritance of revolutionary spirit, patriotic education activities sing chuangxianzhengyou activity theme "as the theme. read more

In September 8th, the thirty-first teachers’ day, the provincial government held a grand celebration of the thirty-first teachers and excellent teachers in recognition of the general assembly, in recognition of our province education front, selfless dedication, outstanding achievements in education workers.

June 26th is the international day against drug abuse, in order to let the public understand drug knowledge, consciously resist drug abuse, according to the requirements of the North District Narcotics Control Commission, the District Environmental Protection Bureau held a "universal participation in the anti drug struggle to build a harmonious society as the theme of the campaign," according to this theme, I Bureau in Chaoyang Square banner the establishment, anti drug publicity boards, many people stopped to watch, carefully read the drug knowledge, promotional activities for the general public to close understanding of drug knowledge, received good publicity. read more

1, pre warning: Naruto 36 seconds, stop 24 seconds, repeated 3 times for a period, a total of 3 minutes;
read more

municipal Party committee closely combined with the characteristics of the work of the Communist Youth League, dedicated to the minor starting point and the foothold of the healthy growth of the service as a work, give full play to the functions of the Communist Youth League organizations, to achieve the "four sticks", received good results.

a , adhere to ideological education, enhance the ideals and beliefs of minors. the use of minors by way of education, to the construction of civilized and harmonious campus "," hand in hand, a total of tree view of honor and Disgrace "as the theme, to carry out various forms and levels of education in patriotism and revolutionary tradition in the minors. read more

for the good of the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred day battle, before the North District Construction Bureau of urban management, industry and commerce, the lead organization Chaoyang office and other law enforcement departments to focus on remediation of the Huangshui River and along the Beishan market surrounding the city environment.

100 days from April 1st to July 10th by

north of the city area, concentrated in the area to carry out environmental remediation, the city landscaping, improve order management, municipal facilities renovation, building facade renovation, environmental pollution, environmental governance, village area environmental remediation and urban comprehensive environmental work. read more

Huangzhong is a long history of the land, the history of all nationalities lived together on this piece of land, their mutual unity, solidarity, common interpretation of the Huangzhong multi-ethnic cultural integration wonderful history, contributed to this piece of land on the multi-ethnic, multi religious history. Today, there are 13 ethnic groups in Huangzhong, Tibet, Tibet, Mongolia, etc.. Minority population accounts for 25.54% of the total population of the county, the county has Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity and other religious activities of religious people 85, more than 130 thousand people, the county has more religious, ethnic and religious minorities, religious people, temples, teaching staff more than more than and 5 situation. In recent years, the county to "only to unity, harmony and stability, in order to produce the formation of cohesion, creativity, the creation of productive forces" as the starting point, to strengthen the religious management as the basis, to establish a model of national unity as the starting point, the county’s ethnic solidarity, jointly composed a song touching song of national unity. Today, the "cannot do without the Han ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities cannot do without the Han nationality, various ethnic groups are also cannot do without" thinking and the party’s national policy support, between ethnic solidarity has become common practice. The United nation seeking unity, harmony and development, jointly build a beautiful new Huangzhong. read more

in order to promote the development of transformation across northern tourism and cultural industries, speed up the building of tourism sightseeing area, north of the city of Xining City area through the cultivation of brand characteristics, build quality area, improve the supporting services, promoting the construction of Baoziwan rural tourism circle.
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to establish the "three bags before the door" to implement the responsibility system for star selection and incentive mechanism; more than 80 sanitation workers in the sanitation of public rental housing; invested $750 thousand in the construction of the sanitation workers to rest; 21 building body lighting…… In January 27th, the reporter learned from the city district, Chengzhong District continue to promote the city management level, level, achieve fine management requirements, the city management tentacles from the main street to Street Lane area, by focusing on time management to all-weather management, sanitation management by single to comprehensive management. read more

November 12th, learned from the Xining 2013 winter and spring fire prevention and control work of mobilization and the second joint meeting on fire, fire prevention and control work according to this winter and spring, the focus of governance, from now until March 2014, is divided into three stages, the municipal government will organize relevant departments to carry out supervision and inspection, the inspection team, to ensure that this winter and spring fire prevention and control work smoothly. read more

2014 City shantytowns transformation of the task of up to 40305 units, a large amount of shantytowns, the government has limited financial resources, funding problems have become a bottleneck restricting the transformation of urban shantytowns. To this end, the city has developed a "Xining to encourage and guide private capital to participate in the work of shantytowns plan" to encourage private capital to support shantytowns. According to the introduction, I will encourage and guide private capital to participate in shantytowns, as a key content of deepening reform to promote, in accordance with the government led, market operation, financial support, rolling development model, to encourage and guide private capital to participate in shantytowns through direct or indirect way, which becomes an important means to solve the bottleneck problem in shantytowns. Encourage and guide private capital to participate in the transformation of shanty towns, will strive to achieve the country to fill a piece, the platform into a piece, a piece of business, the policy to make a piece of personal financing to raise a new mechanism. In order to encourage and guide private capital to actively participate in shantytowns, will also increase financial support for the shantytowns of private capital participation, and gradually incorporated into the annual plan of the government, enjoy the finance of the shantytowns of various types of subsidies, subsidies by the state capital investment, land transfer income and other forms, to encourage and guide private investors reasonable expansion of investment, reducing the risk of private investment. At the same time, will also increase the tax preferential policies and support efforts to implement the loan of financial institutions, providing a certain profit space for the development of enterprises, enhance the participation of private capital in the shantytowns project confidence, further accelerate and promote the shantytowns, thus boosting the common development of the economy and society. Encourage private capital to join the shantytowns will continue until 2019.   read more