in the face of the current business boom, more and more college students also joined the entrepreneurial team, but lack of experience for newly graduated students, if the government has related policies to support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship will be paving the way for many.

1, the main content of college students entrepreneurship support

1, for college students to give financial support. Comprehensive evaluation of college students self employment projects to attract employment ability, scientific and technological content, potential economic and social benefits, market prospects and other factors, free of charge to provide 20 thousand to 150 thousand yuan of financial support. Support standards are divided into 4 grades: 20 thousand yuan, $50 thousand, $100 thousand, $150 thousand. To have independent intellectual property rights and invention patents, energy saving, labor intensive entrepreneurial projects give priority to support; to engage in individual business entities to support the project does not exceed the amount of 50 thousand yuan. read more

porridge in the hearts of Chinese people is how? You know, like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken in China’s business are selling porridge, you can imagine how the world status of Chinese porridge. Fast food as one of China’s ten most promising food items, the snack industry will naturally not inferior.

is a good way of porridge porridge and Guangdong snacks and snacks for the main business varieties, with Cantonese dishes, Guangdong authentic burning halogen soup, lotus leaf rice, sugar, rice, barbecue baozaifan boutique business packages, Sichuan flavor dishes and other dishes, focusing on nutrition and health, delicious fashion "as the theme of consumption, thus forming a" Guangdong, Kawa Tamesuke, both north and South "brand special delicacy. read more

2012 summer is suitable for what kind of entrepreneurial projects? Look at the weather now, many people want to bring a cool feeling, this is our milk tea cool drink can bring.

In 1980s

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modern people pay special attention to the issue of food safety, take the eggs, the most popular authentic eggs. Listen to the mother complained that "can not buy authentic soil eggs"   he gave up 6000 of the monthly salary of   go to the countryside to find the source of goods.

"I love playing micro-blog, micro-blog saw someone selling fruit, sell egg cake made Tinghuo, so he wants to try through the micro-blog business." Li Xuan said, hear mother complain at home, the child that authentic egg can not buy in the supermarket, he studied in Wuhan several large supermarkets sell egg varieties, he had become a "egg dealers" business ideas.

7 the end of the month, Li Xuan took 10 boxes of 3600 egg returned to Wuhan from Xiaogan, registered the "Li egg shop" micro-blog account, and advertising in Wuhan each big forum. Although 50 eggs to sell the price of $70 is not cheap, but he did not expect is that the more than 3 thousand eggs, less than 3 days to be ordered by the public.

three egg read more

is the western fast food chain industry giant McDonald’s status for decades no one can shake, but recently, McDonald’s is facing massive layoffs, which also indicates that McDonald’s development has encountered some obstacles.

Fast food giant McDonald’s announced

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now the whole society is in an era of scientific and technological innovation, whether it is the development process of some enterprises, or some of the entrepreneurial process, will actively promote technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

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is now the snake to make money, so there are a lot of friends snake money. The snake, accidentally bitten by a snake, how to handle it? Snake people how to treat snakebite? How early detoxification swelling? Xiaobian this is to introduce the treatment of snake injury.

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store management is very important, as well as the management of staff is very important, we need to understand the staff management methods, so that reasonable management. In this way, they will create better economic benefits for you. Join the clothing store, we want to understand the methods and skills of staff management, to understand these content, very helpful for your future career. So, how do the clothing store operators manage their employees?

first face loss rate

any clothing store, there will be problems of personnel loss. Part of the problem is due to the objective nature of the age or the nature of the work, but more probably the salesperson’s own quality and work status. As a brand clothing store managers, to let the staff of their shops have confidence and sense of belonging, so that they learn to work for happiness, rather than to work for the salary. read more

look at the face of the times, as a beauty can be capricious, but the organizers but because of trouble, so that Miss International cancel the championship, so beautiful beauty can not let you have pity on it?

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tea shop is now open to make money, so many friends are going to open a tea shop. So, how much does it cost to open a tea shop? Different types of tea shops and the size of different tea shops, tea shop investment costs are different. Today Xiaobian to recommend a lower cost to open tea shop program.

How much money to open a tea shop in

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cosmetics sales market in an industry that is very huge now, cosmetics market is very hot, people demand for cosmetics is very large, so invest in cosmetics store is a good choice, rich then, what steps to take to open a cosmetics store snacks?

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good marketing with consumer demand and change, for the doors and windows to join agents dealers, where the customer, where the sales. The district is the front door and window sales work position, to find the terminal sales direction, then how to do the terminal sales, that is, community marketing? Also need to pay attention to the following aspects:

understand the information needs of customers to understand

First of all,

doors and windows joined the enterprise to understand cell information, insight into customer needs, in the fierce market competition, intelligence is undoubtedly a success oriented standard, there is no intelligence or inaccurate information will lead to failure, so enterprises should actively join the doors and windows collect cell information from various aspects to residential layout, district culture, community groups at this stage, in-depth understanding of community needs is what groups should actively understand deeply the doors and windows; doors and windows to join the consumer groups, enterprises can play a good relationship with real estate, decoration company, understand the residential decoration information and demand information on the doors and windows, can be an antidote against the disease. ". read more

no matter what entrepreneur, you have to look at the prospects of the market, the ability to analyze the operation of the market, insight into the market changes. Open a porridge shop is the same, they say the real porridge road to join the project is good, but his market prospects how to look at the small series I made a simple introduction for everyone, we want to help.

1, the market now congee shop is still in the growth period, the market is small and the number of congee shop are mostly large scale, relatively high grade hotels, the per capita consumption of tens to hundreds of dollars, can not accept the general public. read more

entered in May, the summer is getting closer, as soon as the summer, ice cream has become the most popular products, attracting the attention of many investors. So summer ice cream store location to pay attention to what? The following small series to help you detailed analysis.

1. ice cream shop is best to choose crowded places:

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In the management of

during the event, the government at all levels to build a public space as an important means to support entrepreneurship. Private capital has also begun to participate in the creation of public space for the development of new small capital venture to open up a broad market.

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just sent off the 2015 session of the college graduates embarked on the road of work, will usher in a new batch of graduates in 2016. In order to solve their business problems, Beijing finance in the past two years has invested 200 million to help students entrepreneurship.

in university graduates who experienced the most difficult in the history of employment, the employment rate of graduates index decreased again under the condition of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau said on 4, Beijing financial expenditure structure adjustment of higher education funding, funding innovative methods of work, nearly 2 years has been put into at least 200 million yuan to help college students’ employment service. read more

in our life, how to eat food for the choice of ice cream. Today, the choice of ice cream to join the project, has been very hot, really love to join the handmade ice cream? Earn all the year round!

really love handmade ice cream fresh fruit ice cream as the sign of YISHION products, the introduction of advanced production equipment, high-quality ice cream raw materials, exquisite craftsmanship heritage of Italy, really love to "hand cream more natural, more fresh, more healthy ice cream, and 17 series, hundreds of varieties of products, bring new ideas and delicious for the China delicacy lovers. read more

Rui investment Sanbai frozen yogurt? In the food and beverage market, has been very business opportunities, has the strength of choice. Small business choose to join the Swiss Sanbai frozen yogurt how? The investment cost is small, but the profit space is big. If you join the project of frozen yogurt is also very Sanbai Rui, echocardiography, quick action!

Rui Sanbai frozen yogurt, calcium and bring a probiotic supplement for the vast number of consumers, let us drink to the health of the yogurt, eat at ease, Rui Sanbai frozen yogurt franchise? Australia material, natural yogurt, safe to eat. Handmade yogurt in the domestic market is still very small, and many people do not see this opportunity to win this cake. Yogurt as a good health benefits of the human body has become a lot of people in the life of an indispensable food, and the prevalence of handmade yogurt to promote the spread of yogurt culture. read more

female entrepreneurs, are generally in a number of clothing and other projects, but some people like surprise, let people remember it in a moment, Tian Yue is the same as an outstanding female entrepreneurs. She created an intelligent robot, in a large market set off a huge wave.

there are too many noteworthy "tags" on the body: the typical "Tsinghua help" background, very rare female entrepreneurs, because of the huge domestic market to see, and loved ones together, and choose to return the Liuyang talent. She is a unique female entrepreneur’s perspective, from the highest level, the largest hot degree of confusion, market cultivation field of household intelligent robot with a low degree of entry, opened his first "game of the brave" tour. read more

for the economic development of Jiangsu Province, it is obvious to all of us. The economy is not only a good development and the national "Sixteen consecutive", then, for the development of Jiangsu, to provide us with valuable lessons? The following and Xiaobian together with a detailed understanding.

According to

statistics, the Provincial Bureau of statistics released on the 11 quarter, Jiangsu 48490 above scale industrial enterprises realized a total profit of 208 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 10.9%, compared with 2015, growth picked up 1.8 percentage points higher than the national average growth rate of 3.5 percentage points; a total profit of 16 consecutive months ranked first in the country, accounting for the proportion of 15.6%, up 0.5 percentage points compared to 2015. read more