The story of a single mother

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social employment pressure continues to increase, independent entrepreneurship is encouraged and respected. Entrepreneurship can reduce and ease the pressure on employment, while allowing more people to tap their own potential, to maximize the value of life. So, please go along with a small single into a single mother’s entrepreneurial life bar!

5 years ago, their assets are as follows:

5 years after their assets are as follows:

06 know my husband, he is also 100 thousand, Beijing people have their own house, the other is not what, I have to find a better condition than his husband, just because he is very good to me and I have a daughter, although less money, but can take out. To me, really good to me, we have been married for 3 years, never quarrel over money. I do is to manage the work, take my husband’s words is an idiot, in addition to make money, others are mentally handicapped. Well, about this several years of financial management experience of read more

The baby boomers are you ready to make a pen

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2012, the world will win a baby boom, which also brings unlimited business opportunities for many business opportunities! With China’s annual population of 15 million people, fertility services is a promising industry. But now maternity service coverage even less than 1%, while the proportion of overseas developed markets is about 30%. Strong market demand, coupled with the power of capital, baby boom business is going to erupt.

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said that although we have stressed, both to the enterprise, or to the shop name, need to take into account the target consumers, can not use words, however, this does not mean that the time to the enterprise name requires nothing new, difficult for consumers to remember. Therefore, the success of the enterprise but also create new styles.

and name, the commercial name of the essential intention is also different, different products, the production of different manufacturers to achieve the difference between different industries or different products, to choose their own brand of love. If we blindly imitate the name or drift, the commercial name often made the name of other enterprises with the same or similar, make consumer confusion, it will lose its meaning. read more

now there are many large and small shops on the market, some shops business is good, but few customers come. Many shops mismanagement, treat customers attitude, do not pay attention to the maintenance of customer, are the shops in the doldrums.

in the next period of time, the situation is not low margin, negative growth change, in this context, the brand’s market cultivation period is extended accordingly, do not consider the "brand differentiation adjustment value", only for the performance of one disaster after another. Therefore, in the construction of the brand, it is necessary to fully consider the current market environment, a comprehensive assessment of the value of the department store brand management. As a department store, commodity management should not be simply introduced, more skill should be reflected in the commodity control. For example: in order to improve the customer experience as the core, to create a creative experience area, store experience, break the brand, highlight the introduction of goods; store brand collection concept, through operational space limitations, focusing on the expansion of commodity fullness and attractive; with display layout, so that the same goods have different temperament. read more

The golden color of the rabbit

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who said that women are inferior to men, who said that entrepreneurship is synonymous with men? Who said that entrepreneurship is only suitable for men to do? Let us walk together into the rabbit girl – the king of the golden color of life, to see how it is a woman’s achievements!

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      novice in the online shop should pay attention to? More and more people want to open a shop on the Internet as a sideline, but do not know how to open a shop on the Internet, the whole network arrrr share experience, and I hope to help you.

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Tan Yutou hot pot brand introduction

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hot pot can be changed according to the material inside, so there is no mutton hotpot, fish hot pot, etc.. Here to recommend for the characteristics of consumer goods and a head of the brand Hot pot, called TANYOTO Hot pot. Do you know TANYOTO? The following Xiaobian for your brief introduction.

"Tan head" was born in 1996, in just 12 years time, created a miracle after another. Let the media and the industry as the acme of perfection "Tanyutou phenomenon", "Tanyutou model" is Tanyutou toward a brilliant track from read more

to help you expand ideas, today the whole network Xiaobian introduce ten ideas ten the most humble and most profitable to see a few days ago, the ten look stupid ideas are successful.

1) million dollar website

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a lot of entrepreneurs who are just starting their people, from the beginning of our business has a very good prospect, it will inevitably be negligent in the process of entrepreneurship, to make many "tricks" to.

1, do not blindly follow the

that someone selling the loan, someone pretending to buy goods, to attract customers lie, also known as "do cage", are actually talking to the customers to play for others to see, we call this approach to "sell fake buy" crooks to fake transactions eliminate others doubt, cheat the money from others. Understanding the process and characteristics of such tricks, you know the precautions: keep calm, not from the public, try to avoid passive trading. read more

What business will fire this winter

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winter is approaching, what do we need most in the cold winter? What do you want to sell in the winter of 2011? What kind of business do you do in the winter? If you want to take advantage of the winter, you may as well take a look at this article.

this winter what sell? Fashion Scarf warm beauty

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should be the requirements of innovation and entrepreneurship, the development of traditional enterprises need to constantly upgrade and reform, to create superior resources to help more people start employment. Textile Valley efforts to create a national business incubator base to promote economic development.

3 30, the reporter arrived at the Luoyang road and four road intersection North Valley Stream textile business incubator Park, see the old five cotton factory of the old building is planning to re decoration, is currently attracting start-ups, invited a new generation of "creation" to join forces, to inject vitality into the old plant, but also the use of to build their own resources, show China International Exhibition Center, Master Studio, Art District, power Small and micro businesses development. read more

now, the choice of planting projects as a channel to get rich entrepreneurs are not a few. "Next year, the village of flue-cured tobacco planting area is very large, many growers began to prepare early." 25, Guangze county secretary before Xiang Dai Ping village director Zhang Bing to reporters from the village, "my tractor has lent folks solution in the field of cultivated land."

2012, leaves after picking, and then planted 160 acres of mountain Sauteed Green Beans, engage in tobacco rice rotation. After the smoke bean harvest, Zhang Bing calculated that tobacco sold 480 thousand yuan, 360 thousand yuan to sell cigarettes after the beans, excluding the cost of purchase made only 10 intensive barn and 2 tractors, 2 Taiwan banking machine money.

44 read more

is keen to start a good thing, but blindly entrepreneurship may want to let the bitter brew, keen to start a good thing, new business groups are needed to deepen and enrich their business knowledge. Here are a few entrepreneurial knowledge need to start a new business groups to understand, read certainly can inspire.

A, data analysis shows that all.

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may have a lot of university graduates have their own great entrepreneurial ideal, but the shortage of real funds make a lot of people are helpless. What are the ways for college students to start their own business? Xiaobian to introduce in detail.

(1): Bank of bank loans is the main financing channels for enterprises. Bank loans to finance entrepreneurial known as "reservoir", the entrepreneurs in the very mass base". Meet the conditions of the borrower, according to the individual’s resources and the ability to repay, the maximum can get a single 500 thousand yuan loan support. The term of the loan is generally one year, the longest is not more than three years. According to the nature of funds, divided into three types of working capital loans, fixed assets loans and special loans. Special loans usually have a specific purpose, the loan interest rate is generally more favorable, the loan is divided into credit loans, secured loans and bills discounted. read more

the current development of the market, no doubt for the venture capital investors have brought a full advantage. The milk tea is just one of the many entrepreneurial mode, but it has played a few times the role of the normal mode of independent entrepreneurship. The prevalence of milk tea must be the reason for its popularity, that compared to other business model, what advantages to join the tea to speak of it?

milk tea to join the entrepreneurial advantages of a shop, low barriers to entry

tea is one of the advantages of its early investment costs lower. Compared to other entrepreneurial model, milk tea is the ideal choice for small investment in entrepreneurship. Generally five to one hundred thousand, less than a few thousand, a tea shop can be generated. Milk tea to join the requirements of entrepreneurs is relatively low, no experience can go to the headquarters to learn, will not be modulated milk tea has professional training, enrollment fee is equal to a school on their own fine packaging. No need to worry about the location of the people do not have to worry about, the headquarters will be accompanied by the investigation of the site, to ensure that the operating benefits of milk tea shop. Tea shop to join, yibenwanli. read more

many people said that the success of others feel very easy to see, but do you really like "learn" is generally difficult. In fact, the option is really critical, good projects can help you achieve a better future. Rural entrepreneurship has a very prominent advantage, following with a look at xiaobian.

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The three elements of the coffee shop

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would like to have a taste of the atmosphere of the project, the opening of the coffee shop has become the first choice of many people, and favored by fashion people. So, for practitioners how to be able to run a good taste of the coffee shop? It is necessary to know how to operate a coffee shop.

good location

the appropriate location is the key to the choice of coffee business, once friends said: if a coffee shop can choose a good and appropriate point, the success rate of more than 70%. If the customer footprint is sparse, even if the construction of the style of the shop, how attractive the display of coffee, sales are also difficult to achieve the ideal. The principle of a coffee shop is to build a shop where it can attract customers. In particular, a small coffee shop, but also should pay attention to the choice of location, which will be the starting point for the success of the coffee shop. read more

with the further integration of the international market, many foreign brands stationed in China, and very popular. So many entrepreneurs choose to join the foreign franchise to carry out new business.

Foreign Franchise refers to any franchise system and the introduction of foreign original from the local, and the introduction of foreign methods to the local authority to authorize franchisees. Franchisee can be a single, can also be a business. For example, McDonald’s out of the United States, outside the United States as a foreign franchise. read more

now there are a lot of investors continue to invest in a small entrepreneurial action, in fact, this small business is not difficult to do, but still pay attention to many details of the venture! Small business should pay attention to the details of many, what are the main details?

1, the business is to contribute to the public service, therefore, it is a reasonable profit should be paid.

2, can not always stare at the customer, not entangled. read more

some of the social employment for education is required, so there are a lot of people who have been able to be refused to the outside of the employment, then, how should they survive? Entrepreneurship can be said to be the best way, and indeed, there are a lot of ordinary people become more common through entrepreneurship.

a just over 14 years old, only primary school culture, and a little girl from a poor peasant, she went out into the living how hard this is alone, as can be imagined. However, it is such a culture, and there is no technology of the farm girl. For their own out of a business venture, and achieved success. This has to make us feel heartfelt admiration read more