face the provincial capital of motor vehicles caused by the rapid growth of traffic congestion problem, Xining take various measures to actively respond, but the traffic jam is still serious traffic jam. To this end, the NPC deputies to participate in the two sessions, the CPPCC members have to rule blocking weapon.

block method:

cancel urban expressway toll

in the eleven session of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the group of the fourth group discussion, Chen Yuansheng, a member of the proposal, was the presence of many members of the endorsement. Chen Yuansheng said, according to the current development situation of Xining City, after the cars of the year will enhance the speed faster than a year, the speed of city construction lags far behind the growth of car speed, the peak of the traffic has become homely food. Regardless of the decision-making or traffic participants, are in a variety of ways to block, as well as existing resources can be used to help ease traffic congestion. Chen Yuansheng’s proposal is to cancel the city expressway toll collection, so long distance travel vehicles to take the city road, try to avoid traffic congestion in urban areas, so as not to block on the plug". read more

8 on the morning of 29 May, the North City District Population and family planning bureau held an emergency meeting of the city to arrange the work of supervision arrangements. The inspection work focuses on three aspects: one is to control the "Xining city to meet the national civilized city civilization index survey and material audit manual", the contact point chip package (the newspaper the Yangtze River Road north of the bridge) and Beichuan East Road community to carry out national hands, clean homes, create civilization "volunteer service activities; two is in accordance with the" National Civilized City North District and the district units work of district level leadership contact point package film inspection method "documentation requirements, arrangements for personnel at the contact point chip package (the newspaper of Changjiang Road bridge to the North) and Beichuan region Hedong Road community field to carry out the traffic order, environmental health, cultural market a campaign to conduct a comprehensive inspection, implement the responsibility of supervision problems, enhance the quality of a city; the three is to organize cadres and workers to a city wide publicity The significance of the organization of the masses to participate in the creation of the city, on the package area dirty, chaotic, poor and health of the dead corner of a thorough clean-up remediation, all-weather cleaning, to ensure that the smooth passage of the national assessment of the assessment team acceptance. read more

Recently, the CPPCC National Committee, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman, Qinghai provincial Revolutionary Committee Chairman Ma Zhiwei rate provincial CPPCC members and members of the part, by listening to the reports, field visits, research and promote high standards of basic farmland Huangshui watershed remediation project declaration.

Ma Zhiwei and his party listened to the Provincial Department of land and resources, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial water resources department, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the provincial environmental protection department on the progress of the project report. In three days, a research group in Ping’an County, Haidong Prefecture, Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, inspected the light, heat, water, soil and mass production and life plan for implementation of the project area, the relevant departments and bureaus, and local government issues to promote this major project approved the construction of the projects as soon as possible. read more

emergency shelter is serious natural disaster victims emergency evacuation and resettlement of victims, guarantee the basic life, safeguard the basic safeguard social order and stability, is an important link to the earthquake emergency preparedness and recovery in the post disaster reconstruction process, shelter has played an extremely important role.

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recently, Datong County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau organized the county through the construction of a clean government culture will promote the second batch of 14, named in recognition of the honest culture demonstration, award winners and the clean government culture culture demonstration to create work experience exchange and other means, to further promote the clean government culture to create activities.
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What kind of pavement can be good pavement

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what kind of pavement can be regarded as a good shop? It should have what kind of project brand advantage or say in the present market occupy what kind of position?

1, head to wang. As the saying goes: Cai Wang, Mong Mong market first. Election shop shop, mainly to choose convenient transportation, densely populated areas or commercial downtown lot. It is worth noting that, in recent years, with the change and development of city pattern and city planning, some new business circle has become a new investment hot buy shop, like the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, the Tianhe train station and Jiangnan Avenue area, after years of construction and cultivation of commercial network, its business prospects more compelling. read more

Who is a good cadre Please vote

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What kind of cadres are good cadres in the hearts of the masses? Cadres good? The masses have the final say. Now, in the public vote formally by the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice leading group office, municipal organization department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly launched the "good cadre masses heart contest. After the preliminary evaluation of the group, in the 71 approaching, the 76 cadres today by the Xining evening news to the public appearance, the majority of people to accept the vote.

in the recommendation link early in the city’s various regions, departments and units of 111 cadres were elected by the review group, after the primaries, the 76 cadres in the public vote. Through mass voting, the final election will be 20 cadres in the hearts of the masses, and in the city to carry out the masses of the hearts of good cadres to learn publicity activities.The selection of activities carried out
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According to the provincial food and Drug Administration of drugs and medical equipment supervision and inspection work, my bureau began in August 14, 2012, the area of medical equipment enterprises to carry out medical products supervision and inspection, supervision and inspection of the task by the end of August 27, 2012, the medical device products have been completed throughout the year 50 batches, and were sent to the Qinghai Provincial Institute of drug inspection inspection

according to the provincial food and Drug Administration of drugs and medical equipment supervision and inspection work, my bureau began in August 14, 2012, the area of medical equipment enterprises to carry out medical products supervision and inspection, supervision and inspection by the end of August 27, 2012, the task of medical products have been completed throughout the year 50 batches, and were sent to the Qinghai Provincial Institute of drug inspection inspection. read more

On March 26th, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy resolution. Since then, the province alone two child policy officially landed. This policy landing, the capital of China will not appear to get together fertility phenomenon, will not affect the province’s population control objectives, will not affect the economic and social development of our province? March 27th, Li Xiaodong, deputy director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission on the above issues in detail. read more

"for college graduates who have just come out of school, work experience is like a barrier that keeps us out of doors. This is a very good opportunity for the government to provide internship positions." In October 27th, will become the urban management coordinators Po Jinjin said excitedly.

on the same day, in Xining City West District City Management Trainee students pre job training class, 25 will go to urban management coordinators of post graduates, listening to the Urban Management Bureau responsible person what is city management, and how to manage the city work etc.. Xining in each district for college students to set up a city management and health supervision trainee positions, the West District first to complete the recruitment of job candidates. At present, the West District 25 urban management trainee positions and 10 health supervision trainee positions of college students, has started the pre job training, the rest of the district will also work to recruit. read more

these two days, the weather in Xining mostly cloudy, sometimes accompanied by strong winds, wind whips, flying plastic bags became the provincial capital remediation difficult, which makes the daily rush in the cleaning line and Xining city sanitation workers love health office staff headache.

is now a headache is still a lot of people with plastic bags, it is very difficult to clean up. In windy weather, plastic bags are often blown everywhere." In front of the street cleaning sanitation workers Li Yumei said. Indeed, in the near future, Xining City Health Office in health inspection found that due to the arrival of the peak season of consumption, the use of plastic bags is also rising day by day, resulting in the health status of the building has become an important point of rectification work. "Plastic limit order ‘is not’ plastic ban ‘, but restricted use, paid use, so it is difficult to manage. Therefore, we hope to strengthen the management of industry and Commerce and environmental protection departments, but also appealed to the general public and tourists as much as possible consciously use cloth bags or portable shopping baskets, to keep Xining clean and tidy." Xining City, said Zhan Jinyuan, director of the office of love. read more

reporter from the East District Education Bureau, plans a total investment of 60 million Yuan Kang Nan primary school will be published this month in the Nanshan Road East extension started, this is the second North Street Primary School school safety project started in September this year, the city launched another focus of education Huimin project.

It is reported that

, with the expansion of city of our city to improve the implementation of the strategy and accelerate the transformation of the old city, Nanshan Road East extension has opened at the end of last year, the road on both sides of the resettlement area has completed the planning, which is located in Cao Zhai Road and South Road Interchange in Xining city affordable housing the two phase of the project has been basically completed. It is estimated that there will be more than 5000 households in the next year, at the same time, the surrounding residential construction are wildly beating gongs and drums…… The implementation of the New South primary school project, can ensure that the (South) area of the new resident children can learn, learn well, and can effectively alleviate the huge pressure from Kang Nan area, improve and enhance the level of education in the East district. According to reports, the New South primary school covers an area of 30 acres, planning the construction area of 12 thousand square meters, designed for each class of students standardized school, can accommodate up to 1350 students. In the construction of 60 million yuan of funds, the provincial special funds accounted for $40 million, the city’s self financing accounted for 20 million yuan. (by boat) read more

January 8th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment vehicle management, as of December 25, 2012, Xining motor vehicle ownership of 290647. This means that the number of motor vehicles in Xining will exceed 300 thousand.

from December 26, 2011 to December 25, 2012, Xining registered new car 48060. According to this data, last year, the average daily registration of new cars in Xining 131, an average of 192 working days.

at the same time, Xining city in 2012, to 7122 vehicles, the cancellation of registration (normal, more than five years without inspection of large and medium-sized passenger car) 3727 vehicles, forced off (to the retirement age system automatically forced off) 5311 vehicles, 2203 vehicles out of registration. read more

is now in the open shop, master some appropriate pricing strategy is very important, because after all, open shop and some traditional stores there are still many places is not the same, so in the online shop need to grasp what the pricing strategy?

A, sales for the same price

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Railway freight demand can be accepted Online

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since September 20th, in order to further improve the level of freight services, the national railway freight demand online trial will be implemented, will promote the real goods system transport organization, expand the whole logistics services.

online acceptance is that customers can handle cargo business through the Internet, home can be reported to transport demand. "Full service" is the customer to mention the railway transport demand, but also can be made together, to the ends of the supporting logistics needs, get the door to door service. "Voluntary choice" is that customers can handle the freight business on the Internet, but also to the business hall of the station (business outlets) for business, through which way to handle business, by the customer to choose. Open and transparent, is the direct docking of goods and transport capacity, remove the intermediate links, to achieve automatic acceptance. read more

now, in our side, there will always be a lot of jewelry to join the project. There is no doubt that is a very good market development space, with good prospects. So, jewelry store to choose what brand? How do you do?

now, with the emergence of jewelry industry, jewelry stores are more and more, get the same people, and still pose butterfly jewelry, warmly welcomed by everyone, the market is very popular brand jewelry stores, so it can give the entrepreneur with a very good opportunity to get rich. read more

now, the increase in the pressure of life and work, so that a lot of people hand travel way. Mobile Games industry fire, tens of millions of monthly income exposed a lot, will attract a large number of young people left their homes. The uncle met every kind of tea Mobile Games entrepreneurial team, also witnessed the team also witnessed soaring earning million, the team disbanded to find work. In this, summed up a number of self believe that the hand travel business process for your reference. The team had failed to ignore

1., at least 3 years experience in the production of the game

2. was the best team of 3 people: the main policy and the main process of />

3. product development period has sufficient funds to support

4. product development stage, basically is 3 months, 6 months, a small change in a big change. Chengdu also encountered some entrepreneurs, 6 months continuing product development, product development looked up to find this type of game is out of date. Therefore, in the product open > read more

entrepreneurial wave struck, many people have set foot on the road to get rich, entrepreneurship in different industries is very different, and for entrepreneurs, the most important thing is how to quickly enhance the visibility of the brand.


to say what the boom from 2014 to 2015 to fire, "entrepreneurship" is two words.

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different colors have different effects on people’s psychology, which has been proved by many scientists. The use of color in the shop decoration, in the subconscious to guide customers to increase the possibility of their purchase, let us learn about the clothing store on the color decoration techniques.

for clothing store, color, lighting, lighting, etc., can change the visual effect, elements of color effect is color and wall color blending. Especially for women’s clothing store, the following are some of the shop’s color scheme: read more

Shop to do business to lose

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each person’s personality is different, for the loss will have their own views. Some people are preoccupied, do not eat a little loss. If it is to do business, such a character, I am afraid will lose more customers. It is said that the loss is a blessing, this sentence is actually the most common in our business. Shop business, the most important thing is popularity, what is the key to attract popularity. The following inventory a few losses win to bring popularity to the store.

free to provoke popular read more