Robin Li 12 years of Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship to change the fate of the EngineerCommunicati

Robin Li 12 years of Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship to change the fate of the EngineerCommunicati

this kind of "Miss" and "regret" is not uncommon in the raging like a storm of Silicon Valley. As the article begins, the two patents of the mouse and graphical user interface are Xerox, but they give the other two companies life – like ones, one called Apple and the other called Microsoft. Perhaps an engineer at Xerox Research Center

Bill · Gates won the world’s richest man for 18 years, who will care about windows operating system known as Windows, the actual patent belongs to the famous Xerox copier products; if sh419 did not create, who would know the basic patent search engine "Robin Li’s super chain analysis" even more than shlf1314 Page Rank two years earlier……


station purpose is to sell the product website advertising and integrated network, so the profits can be maintained for Oh, yesterday GG revenue was $1.21, sold a few of the things there are hundreds of yuan income. Oh, it is recommended that you do the best, to find a suitable station promotion thing unless the flow is particularly large, advertising to sell products, this is now a lot of problems encountered in the station must ah, small webmaster is a rookie in the rookie, no technical content, hope to make friends with you oh, especially beginners, and I you a do not love and Laoniao exchanges, they say that I can’t understand, at least not yet to that level.

today, the station has been established for a week, and the time is really fast. I got 1.21 dollars yesterday when I saw my income. Although not enough today to pay electricity, living expenses for my virgin station is also very happy, after all we are not before dinner on this fee at the masters to explain to the group, but there are no technical basis, bite the bullet and spent three days to finally put the forum well, then do a SS interface, although there are many places to change, I also did not hide his excitement to share their experience.

I began to use sh419 Post Bar do publicity, for small and medium-sized city several Post Bar, such as Wuxi, Jincheng, the main Post Bar not often management, made a few beautiful pictures, it can also see Oh, there is a Post Bar three days brought 372 traffic, can not stand, that time excited if I one day send one hundred is not thirty thousand or forty thousand yet, oh, then see these flows are garbage flows, there is no repeat, I started to do some professional communication forum, so do not understand why people communication is profiteering to understand, actually others take to do direct sales even some people buy MLM, why, the key is that they do not know where to buy oh. This kind of information is rarely disclosed on the Internet, so the latest information to the user group, integrated into a piece. With some professional technical exchange articles, customers can return these customers where to find it, a friend introduced me to various forums publicity, publicity for a few days found that ID always blocked, I changed, dedicated to the sofa, do the top post, look at those hits but not very high reply or reply is affixed to the top few.

a good engineer is not always equal to an excellent entrepreneur. He has countless technical talents, and only a handful of real business achievements can be achieved. The difference is, apart from the talent of the engineer, the beating of the breast is the heart of an entrepreneur.

my station is communication space, provides some free resources for everyone to see, and there is to do things in the communications industry chant, I hope to understand PHP cooperation with me, no wages oh. Just communicate with each other, learn from each other, my is 958591956

a year ago, Robin Li had successfully applied for "hyperlink analysis" patents during the tenure of ·, Jones. But as a financial company, Tao · Jones did not pay enough attention to it. "It’s important that I try to convince them, but their business doesn’t have much to do with them, so they don’t mind." So he came to Infoseek. Unfortunately, due to the company’s decision will be the traditional media as the future direction of development, the lower the degree of attention more and search engine technology, 14 years ago in June 18th, a sunny day, unable to bear the loss of Infoseek to Disney, laughing, mast scull ashes to ashes.

abandon options green card to return home to start



1998, the 30 year old Robin Li is the standard template of the Silicon Valley Technology California million dollars net worth, comfortable Les Loges Du Park Hotel, happy family, as the core of the engineer was the most important search engine of Infoseek company, he has a reputation in the industry, as many international conference invited speaker. But his heart was not happy, and his life seemed to go against his original intention of leaving Wall Street for Silicon Valley.

California Silicon Valley technology was not happy

as the world’s largest source of technical information, patent contains world technology information from 90% to 95%, while the vast majority of engineers contains bizarre inventions as their master, as the withdrawal time become the historical background: some are permanently stored in the patent office in the papers all over the world, and "change the world" missed some are inventors; in addition to explore the achievements of its creator, elusive business empire and brand myth.


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