The domain name investment Wangzhuan Research NotesHow to achieve rapid new site advertising money

The domain name investment Wangzhuan Research NotesHow to achieve rapid new site advertising money

yesterday in the mom to buy advertising when he saw an advertisement every day there are more than 3000 independent IP advertising but low price can not be lower, my curiosity will use Webmaster Tools query the following unexpectedly found that the station was only included a few pages, according to the truth is not so much traffic! By thinking only to find the station the profit model, here we introduce his model suits to engage in Wangzhuan garbage station we can I refer to

three. Traffic exchange

The most valuable

has nothing else to do, how to study in wangzhuan.

1. Domain name investment

has how to make money after the flow, and this requires everyone to find their own station advertising, and if it is garbage station, I suggest doing SP. Strongly recommended not to POP advertising 1., the price is too low, 2. visitors will greatly reduce the popularity of the site.

2: buy only text ads, no picture ads,.

Go to the two famous Adsense nets

you can exchange this way through traffic, put some traffic exchange advertising on the website, when people click on your ad, others will pop up the website, you can get other pop-up ads website, this is called again by IP.

6:, sh419 shlf1314 included bad, do not buy.

five. Buy Ali’s mom ad

7: has the advertisement suspect not to buy Note: seventh, a little trouble, I hope everyone to observe!

six. Advertising money,

by cybersquatting corn, this does not mean and FANS, and then improve the people price transfer, called minon. It’s easy to find a classic example of how they earn millions on 1 domains. One of the most recent events is that thousands of oaks have bought www.kaixin now Renren domain names to crack down on www.kaixin001, and I’m not saying that everyone knows. According to legend, sell thousand oak Kaixin domain name person once earned 300W, do not know is true or false.

through learning domain name registration knowledge, I have a little experience:

one. Buying traffic

5:IP traffic less than 200 do not buy.

3:, less than 30, do not buy.

through my own understanding of the situation every day 3000IP about 7.77 yuan, through the purchase of traffic he received a fixed IP every day! The truth is not to deny that some of these purchases IP is junk IP! But some still useful IP! Their principle is difficult to explain, but want to be able to understand their thinking slowly, not much here explain.

In the last

2. domain name is valuable, mainly depends on the domain name is good to remember, not necessarily short. 4 meaningless pure letter domains are no more valuable than a meaningful long word domain name.


CN domain name, previously worth investment, because cheap, 1-5 yuan will be able to register, and now the state CN domain name control, registration too hard, I think there is no need for investment.

during this period: admin5 and chinaz read some recommended articles, also a little bit of experience, money has not started earning, the first few notes, novice, I hope that the JavaEye master who give advice.

A5 read an article, the eldest brother said a week he spent 20 yuan to buy ads every day can get 1000IP traffic, this is actually not exaggerated, but you buy good words have the effect of the specific method is:

four. Original article

1. only com, if you want to do the domain name investment, you must register the domain name com, other net, although org is an international domain name, but in fact the org domain name used in a variety of open source organization, such as; net domain name in the network company, but in fact there are few Internet companies really use.Net to go to your own domain name.

two. Site content

4: text ads over 20 locations do not buy.

3. is actually the most profitable investment domain is waiting for some big company website with the domain name because of the expiration and not timely renewals and fall down, and then go to the registration. It takes a lot of skill and it takes a lot of effort. I’m just an amateur, so I don’t have to be so complicated. In fact, individuals feel that this way is a little bit damaged

many people say that the golden age of domain name investment is over, because 4 pure letter domains and 4 pure digital domains have already been registered. I tried to scan it in batches, but I didn’t scan it properly. But in fact many people still can make money on the investment domain to the golden age is gone, can catch up with the silver age, the bronze age or sell a domain made enough money every day to buy food money is a kind of ability. That’s what I’m aiming for, huh?.

this needless to say, the original article can speed up the search for your collection, there is no original article, pseudo original also line.

a website content is the most important, when you buy traffic, traffic stay time entirely depends on the content of your web site. This is one of the indispensable conditions,


1: advertising for more than 0.3 yuan do not buy.


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