After 90 Entrepreneurs aunts and uncles entrepreneurship why lieThe founder of CNET how to do 5 y

After 90 Entrepreneurs aunts and uncles entrepreneurship why lieThe founder of CNET how to do 5 y


he’s pretty sure he won’t be the only one who’s uncomfortable. In his bankruptcy petition, he said no money was returned to unsecured creditors. This book is intended to seek bankruptcy all his assets eligible handed over to the court by the court will sell the assets of the top bidder, in order to clear the Mina all financial entanglements, let him have no menace from the rear.

; MinaTencent

I’m a 93 year old CEO. In many people’s eyes, I’m just a kid who hasn’t graduated. Even when I visit other Internet Co or investment organizations, I have been interviewed by the front desk as an interview.

but when the tech media releases financial news, don’t do the authenticity survey of the data. Is that really good? I dropped out of college when I was a sophomore. I didn’t read too much, and my aunts and uncles didn’t lie to me. No one knows little about journalism, news authenticity refers to each specific facts in news reports must be in line with the objective reality, that is in the news reports, the time and place of people and things, and can withstand the check after the reason.

bankruptcy lawyer Bob · Bob Rattet has said that "the choice of" bankruptcy law "chapter seventh bankruptcy liquidation is in order to clear history. Like middle-class Americans in America, he doesn’t have to pay his debts, because most of these debts are business related."

technology news Jin Yu June 3rd Beijing time news, will he founded technology company with a $1 billion 800 million price to sell, and personal bankruptcy in 5 years after this, how should I do? For Halsey · Mina Halsey Minor, this may be because the obsession with luxury hotel racing and art.


bad money, good money, uncle and aunt blow it like this, let’s >

Halsey · Halsey Minor

note: all kinds of exaggeration in the technology industry have long been serious, not only the amount of financing will be exaggerated several times, even their own user operating data also exist serious fraud. The post-90s entrepreneur began to shout about the mess. Author Wen Chenghui, Department of gift, said founder. The following is the full text:

although this year I was 21 years old, but actually has 4 years of entrepreneurial experience, where the mobile Internet is two years. I am now doing products called gifts, said, is a vertical shopping guide app, on-line 3 months, there will be 1 million users, activity and transaction flow are good, the company also successfully won the A round. But even with such good results, I often say "no" when communicating with other people. I feel very red faced, because the start-up companies reported in the technology media are more "

1. financing exaggerated three times is not a thing,

Mina on May 24 to the U.S. bankruptcy court in Losangeles filed a bankruptcy petition, listed assets of $50 million, debt up to $100 million. Under the seventh chapter of the bankruptcy code, a bankruptcy trustee will be appointed by the bankruptcy court to settle the debtor’s property.

bankruptcy lawyer Mike · Cook Michael Cook said, in contrast, for enterprises or partners, the seventh chapter does not provide any debt relief, equivalent to economic suicide". Mina’s >

is now the Internet start-up companies would love to exaggerate the amount of financing, the most common way is to say RMB into dollars, just 10 million yuan, said the opening became $10 million, the amount of instant increase to 6 times! A point will also conduct report 5 times, 4 times, 3 times, the key is look at the figures pretty, look happy.

I also believe that this is a start, but as the industry steeped in more and more, only to find them into chaos will occur simply can not imagine! Although usually their own will and other business friends privately talk about these things, but recently often see news some nonsense, really let me unbearable, so I decided to go back to the public Tucao




I can understand you, nothing more than to exaggerate the data "removing the ladder" to attack the opponent, who’s ready to deter potential competitors. Moreover, the number of large amount of hits on the article is also good, not only Bo eye, but also easily reproduced by major media. It’s a free PR campaign, and it’s easy to recruit people, cheat customers and users. It’s a blessing,

, he is now in debt, owes $100 million, and has a maximum of $50 million to pay off.

is 48 years old, grew up in Virginia, graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in anthropology, in 2008 CNET Networks Inc. will be sold to the Cbs Broadcasting Inc CBS Corp.. He said he was now in debt, $100 million in debt, and that at most $50 million could be used to pay his debts, thanks to investment mistakes in real estate and other "non tech comfort zones" businesses.

is responsible for handling the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy bankruptcy lawyer Harvey · Miller Harvey Miller said that the United States "bankruptcy law" the seventh chapter aims to let more individual debtors enough "start relatively fast, and usually do not need to pay the creditors to sell most of the property.

" than we are


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