Video chat site CPS is a reasonable wayPersonal comments A5 advertising alliance welcome to correct

Video chat site CPS is a reasonable wayPersonal comments A5 advertising alliance welcome to correct

video chat CPA form of advertising industry, is in the buckle quantity, I think this is a matter of fact, there is no way to change, who also wrote an article on "the amazing video chat shady High Commission under the CPA CPS, I want you to see this article will understand why I said CPA is not suitable for the.

sincerely wish all webmaster friends a great deal of profit.

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looked at it. At present, the A5 alliance is mainly CPA advertising. Personally, A5 days after the union should be the main push CPA and CPS types of advertising, advertising or advertising of the two results. The alliance is more famous as the results advertising alliance. The advantages of CPA and CPS, for advertisers, the quality of traffic will be higher. CPS, in particular, is a solid income. For web owners, the best is CPA, and if there is a good temptation page to do, the income will be higher.


some video chat companies have introduced CPA+CPS’s way, as for how, not very good opinion, we seriously think about it, you will understand.

video chat site, only CPS is the most reasonable way, when many webmaster in the video chat site, have been complaining about not high income, sometimes no income, but you ask yourself, you are doing the video chat CPS

, while the A5 alliance chose second main reasons for pushing CPA advertising, should also take into account the reputation and reputation aspects. Because the easy Alliance Program itself is not particularly strong, do CPC click, cheating will be obvious, first, advertisers can not see the effect. Two, in the early stages of development, if the K number and the amount of serious deduction, the Union itself credibility will be damaged. As the backing of the alliance, the webmaster network and forums are bound to be affected.

alliance used in the easy program, this program is the most widely used advertising alliance program, the reasons for it, first, the function is still perfect; two, the market is also more cracking. Now, the latest program in the League of easy is version 3.31, easy to add two hits from the 3.3 version of the statistical mechanism. This to some extent, optimize the click quality, traffic quality control plays a certain role. But many hang up software has joined the two click function at present, so, the two clicks mechanism of Yi also can’t eradicate cheating fundamentally. With two easy to manage backgrounds and Citigroup management background pictures.

A5 out of the league, the webmaster naturally is very happy. Because, after all, there is such a large webmaster network and forums as a basis, I believe that the credibility of the people can be assured. Put a downline link, need to register, may wish to register from here. Oh, the instructions are offline links, if you have benefits. I will gain the mutual aid station. You don’t register from the offline link, and it doesn’t make any difference to your income. And registration here is equivalent to a portion of your income. The same pay, but to help others, why not?. I’m sure I’ll be grateful. Registered address: http://s.u.admin5/? Uid=45

video chat CPS form of advertising industry, is relatively good, but there are also some video chat company alliance direct deduction amount, for which the company deduction amount, after all is a video chat industry feel shy, internal affairs, not easy to say, but also can not be said, but at least one thing is clear, video chat industry, only CPS is the best form of advertising.



is currently in addition to the independent development, the market has three main advertising alliance program, Citi’s advertising alliance program, in advertising alliance program, a advertising alliance program. The wind is relatively weak and strong efforts to control. Double League is a program. And Citigroup and China are currently more mainstream. Cost performance is almost the same. The Citi program is more convenient for union managers. And has the integral competition prize function. And easy program, the price is slightly lower than Citigroup, feel union management function is more intuitive


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