VR industry outbreak but also need to crack the three major dilemmaToday’s headlines the next year

VR industry outbreak but also need to crack the three major dilemmaToday’s headlines the next year

in addition, VR products and technology can also be applied in more real estate, education, medical and other fields. At the singularity innovator summit, Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei also highlighted the VR in retail, real estate, education, medical, automotive, simulation and other fields of application practice. For example, in the home field of real estate, with a high degree of freedom in the virtual space, alternate reality model, can realize the editing of decoration, furniture and moving items and the high accuracy of modeling, for example in the field of education, across time and space, the scene teaching and so on.

technology industry is that every few years there will be new products or new technologies that will bring us into a new world. In 2016, the most exciting is that VR virtual reality technology is no longer out of reach, but has become a new product. This year in Barcelona, Spain, MWC World Communications Congress, Samsung, SONY, HTC, LG, Lenovo and other international manufacturers have launched their own VR products on this year’s MWC.

in today’s "vitality · 2016 headline creator conference", the founder of today’s headlines Zhang Yiming announced that the next year will invest more than 1 billion yuan to encourage short video content entrepreneurs.

at the same time, almost all Internet giants in China have set up VR departments, and even launched VR products. Startups, however, have soared since 2015, and have been searched on IT oranges. According to incomplete statistics, the number of domestic start-ups in the VR field has reached 183. Because of this, in 2016, the media also called it the first year of virtual reality, which means that a new era of virtual reality has officially arrived, VR as a new industry is emerging, has become the consensus of the industry.

what kind of VR products represent the future direction,

The biggest attraction of the

this is following last year’s "thousand million yuan" program, today’s headlines and a major support for content creators policy.


, just at the recently concluded singularity innovator summit, "virtual reality" has become an important topic of discussion and hot topic again. Leaders of start-up companies, including Pico, pupil vision, TVR, and other virtual reality fields speak or speak at the conference. Among them, Pico CEO Zhou Hongwei in the speech that: "VR products and personal computers, and mobile phones, in the early stages of development has begun to bring great changes in people’s lives."." Indeed, unlike a few years ago the rise of wearable devices when the "fire", virtual reality products use more of the virtual reality scene, products have been applied in the field of rapid film and television, games and entertainment, currently on the market there have been a lot of VR film, and the major city of the shopping center are the VR game seats, and experience in a continuous line.


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, while talking about what kind of virtual reality products conform to the future trends, and what kind of virtual reality products represent future trends, Pico CEO weeks

according to the public data, today’s headlines cumulative active users reached 550 million, 60 million active users, users use daily 76 minutes long, the headline total number has exceeded 300 thousand, divided into more than 30 million yuan a month.



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