2009 shlf1314 AdSense speech video summaryHow to use the interest analysis to find new Wangzhuan pro

2009 shlf1314 AdSense speech video summaryHow to use the interest analysis to find new Wangzhuan pro

Speaker: Shen Kai, shlf1314 AdSense, account manager,

above is the use of "benefit analysis" to understand the use of shlf1314 alliance earned dollars project analysis process. The result is to understand the project can not earn money, understand, in order to sell foreign hosts.

July 17, 2009 at 2:00-5:00 p.m. Landison Plaza Hotel,


in the severe economic situation, how to use the website shlf1314 global leading advertising technology platform to grasp business opportunities, and seek common development? Since mid July, the title is "the leading trend of speed wisdom to win the future" the 2009 shlf1314 AdSense partner day will launch a lecture tour, in the country’s 4 largest city at that time, you will be full of confidence answer and enlightenment.


city and date:

Speaker: Shen Kai, shlf1314 AdSense, account manager,

July 24, 2009 2:00-5:00 p.m. Guangzhou The Ritz Carlton Hotel

‘s interest analysis method is that everything is centered on interests. If you master this basic principle, then you will find many Wangzhuan or new projects, new ideas and methods. The following case illustrates how to use the "interest analysis" to find new Wangzhuan project.

shlf1314 advertising matching principle

Speaker: Zheng Zhijun, shlf1314 product manager,

opening speech

key product updates and new functional instructions

July 22, 2009 at 2:00-5:00 p.m. Sofitel Wanda Chengdu,

1. understands why writing this tutorial, of course, is centered on interests. This is the basic principle of the method of interest analysis. Whose interests are central? Of course, the interests of the parties are central. Well, understanding the purpose of writing this tutorial is to bring benefits to yourself. 2. can you make us dollars by using an understanding course? We know that the more people a project does, the less likely it is to do it. Since making use of shlf1314 alliance makes dollar so easy, understand, be sure to sneak oneself to do, won’t say this project. "Interest analysis method" tells us to understand and understand the project written out in order to bring benefits to ourselves, if the project to make money, the project published, to understand is very unfavorable. So through the benefit analysis, the project is certainly not profitable, or at least not easy to make money. 3., understand the benefits of where? Understand how to write this tutorial is to let people do shlf1314 alliance, want to do shlf1314 alliance, have to buy foreign host. Where can I buy it? I know where it is. Originally understand the income here.

address: No. 333, Stadium Road, Xiacheng District,

we invite all partners to come to this event, the industry’s share of high perspicacity.

The basic principle of

address: No. 15 middle Jinjiang District Road, Binjiang,

Introduction to , 3 Xingan Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District shlf1314 Custom Search Guide

Speaker: Li Xiaoke, shlf1314 advertising management systems account manager,

the event will bring the following: authority about shlf1314 AdSense product development strategy; new product function and practical guide to the official platform; revolutionary shlf1314 ad management system, efficient management website advertising. Of course, we will answer questions and communicate with you about the hot issues.

Is this the charm of the shlf1314 multimedia advertising strategy and development

July 15, 2009 2:00-5:00 Hua Ting Hotel And Towers Shanghai

"benefit analysis"? Shall we analyze it here? No, it’s not. "Interest analysis" of the charm let us to find new Wangzhuan project. "Benefit analysis" allows us to have our own projects. So, what do we do next? Do we sell foreign hosts like we do? Of course not. Know the name of the big, he can earn money selling mainframe. We sell cannot make money. So what do we sell? We can sell the program. suitable for the program, shlf1314 alliance front English, background Chinese kind one of my friends to understand the project and make $200 a day more than a dozen foreign web applications packaged together, available for free download. Of course, programs limit functionality. To buy a complete program, only to his Taobao shop to shoot. My friend also made a lot of money for himself by using this project. This is called "benefit analysis"

address: Xuhui District North Caoxi Road No. 1200

Speaker: officer Wang, media planning manager,

case 1: understand the use of shlf1314 alliance earn dollars project

much understand is a rather understand Wangzhuan master, master is a soft. His soft Wen really flicker a lot of people, but also bring yourself a lot of money income. Had article how to use shlf1314 alliance $tutorial, so many beginner in droves. Later, we know that the real intention of understanding is to sell foreign hosts. Here we will use the "benefit analysis" to analyze:

shlf1314 advertising management system


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