From the management of classical law see how to promote the development of Shanghai dragon website

From the management of classical law see how to promote the development of Shanghai dragon website

Butterfly: a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon basin, will set off a storm in the Mississippi river. It is defined as a dynamic system, small changes in initial conditions can bring the whole system a huge long-term chain reaction.

is not the only death in innovation to meet the management law we can learn is. In fact, "

with the Shanghai dragon industry standardization, the rise of the grassroots becomes more difficult, Shanghai dragon industry has not a casual person can come to share the industry. But as the industry standard, the market is almost saturated, industry rules, mature market share is gradually occupy the bulk of. At this time, but also by the empirical path, it is absolutely a dead end. In a regulated industry, you need to have professional knowledge of management personnel, in order to go to the front of the industry. But many grassroots Shanghai dragon ER no development space? Of course not, so it is never too old to learn, grassroots webmaster need, in fact, is to keep pace with the times. But there is no systematic study of the Shanghai dragon ER in this area is inferior, so in this small series will introduce some simple management definition, introduces how to use several management law, to promote the development of Shanghai dragon website.

curve: the rise of any individual, enterprise or even a country to a certain extent, may be fading, this is the enterprise itself and the life cycle of the market cycle is not in play, who will be his past success experience continues, who will face death.

The death of

from this effect we can think of the characteristics of the development of Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain. A lot of Shanghai dragon in the beginning ER website, too quick and add a lot of garbage outside the chain, think it is very professional, but this is one can’t walk far. To know a lot of love Shanghai K station is all because of the quality of the chain is not good or too much junk the chain. The chain site affects the entire site development, site visits, bounce rate and flow rate. This is like the butterfly effect, qianyifaerdongquanshen. So the chain on the site of the Shanghai dragon is the same reason, it is very important to develop a good chain of the Shanghai dragon, also from the side reflects the professional level of the whole website. And now because of love Shanghai in the chain the above management is very strict, resulting in a lot of the grassroots webmaster can not continue to do outside the chain, but the butterfly effect tells us that a bad mechanism for small, if not timely guidance and adjustment, will bring great harm to the society, dubbed the "tornado" or "storm"; a good mechanism for small, as long as the correct guidance, after a period of time, will produce a sensational effect, or "revolution". So this is our time for Shanghai Longfeng site outside the chain of revolutionary moment, to learn from the past, the reform of the various links refused to make snap, garbage, will link to the site to do the best, the ultimate.


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