A set of optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon blog

A set of optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon blog


, a site location

navigation layout as much as possible to follow from top to bottom from left to right to the user thinking to layout, such as a Shanghai Phoenix blog, when doing the layout of the navigation will be possible to show Shanghai Longfeng optimization relatively high correlation search terms, like Shanghai search for words related to search under the same.

station layout, but since it is aimed at the blog type website optimization so it is necessary to have a regular blog optimization routine cuff solutions, I put it summed up the following 4 point station layout strategy. Of course, you can refer to in front of me wrote a business website optimization layout scheme.

Two, the title and description of navigation layout


in any one site optimization scheme before the positioning of the site is particularly important, because the site location determines the subsequent keyword optimization, the structure of the station layout and navigation and so on some details. So no matter what optimization, industry positioning sites are in addition to their love of the industry, more attention should be paid to the stage of follow-up promotion optimization. Optimization promotion can be seen as a long term extension, single page polymerization using etc..

in the title settings do not stack keywords times, prevent love Shanghai identify sites suspected of cheating, once the number of keywords. The description of the site are for the general simple description of the website, so here especially for the user experience is very important, can be described as creative as bidding SEM.

3.2, a tree structure layout.

to determine the location of the site, the site’s title and description will serve as reference for the optimization of keywords, can also be said to be the optimized object (object), if it is a new station, not too difficult to optimize with high recommended keywords. Keywords high difficulty does not have to follow the love of Shanghai index, because there may be competition (such as many opponents, optimization search volume, keyword search results and more) and so these reasons will be key difficulty size reference. So we must choose the appropriate keywords is optimized in the optimization of time. In fact, the next set good keywords is the title, the title can refer to Chinese technology to adjust the specific word, can refer to this document: "Google" the beauty of mathematics.

Shanghai dragon for a long time, the blog site optimization operation is not many, the optimization of the site is not much but does not mean there is no experience today, Su Yong bring a set of blog website optimization scheme on Shanghai dragon. Of course, we may have their own unique optimization methods, but for some people is absolutely valuable. From a set of optimization methods, the conventional optimization will have the following strategies and techniques of optimization, of course the following web site optimization scheme step doping optimization experience some of their own inside.

station layoutThere are a lot of



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