Cherish the value of PR to do better optimization not easily won

Cherish the value of PR to do better optimization not easily won

many of our webmaster actually know the website optimization taboo. But it is illegal to. Don’t even want to try the search engine will go right down to our website. This test for really need three months of study period even the website doesn’t come back.

is the envy of the PR value high site, only a short while ago, in order to be able to exchange the high PR value of the site. I am one by one to add their QQ phone. The final 11 were rejected. But it is not. But after a series of events. I understand a truth. The PR value can get today’s digital. Others are effort and sweat, what makes you a few words of others and you change? What is your capital. Please don’t complain about others. That’s you, you will not be lower than you and a web site exchange links. Later want to understand, I began my long original way of writing. The PR value of 3. to upgrade slowly through September 2012 due to excessive website optimization, website is down right up to three months. Is to feel only I know. Also in this three months, I understand a lot of things, to the life, to the optimization of the lot, eventually passed the short time, the PR value increased, ranking also slowly restored.


recently, I found a problem. Many of the original PR value in 6 and 5 sites, the PR value decreased to 5 and 4. Some of the same industry website, I am looking for a long time, the PR value has been very high, ranking will also very good. But later, I found that they are copied directly to the website of the pseudo original article and others. Sometimes the others leave the link. But we all know that 2012 Shanghai Love rules become more serious, more frequent updates. To this end, the ranking has changed. Some overnight, the site was lost in the fall in love with the sea, and those who through their own efforts to finally obtained the proper ranking, finally revealing a long lost smile. And those who through long-term copy the contents of the website ranking, and PR value decreased. But they are also incapable of action. Since the violations, or will be punished. The old style website is not, the PR value is also reduced. Then the optimization way of how to get

website optimization has become a part of my life. Every day I have to eat, sleep. However, no matter how tired every day, will go according to the amount of time to do optimization, can feel at ease to do other things. At first I was really tired of those directly copied my article to people. This is angry. But now I’m not for such things and trouble. Because of no avail. The final by means of cheating, will be punished. So the author today, why to cherish the value of PR to do better optimization not easily won." As today’s headlines. Specific to and you talk about what reason:

high PR value is we need to pay a lot of hard work.


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