Analysis of popular keywords opportunities

Analysis of popular keywords opportunities

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index of less than 1000 is popular keywords, also said that the search results for X is popular keywords. Personally think that the owners choose popular should be from the search results to determine if the search results page and key words, the seven or eight are so competitive occupy website keywords, absolutely can not easily be said that he is popular keywords. In contrast, if the search results page is almost always some low weight web pages, you can be sure that this is not the popular keyword keyword. For example, the keyword "stock recommendation", love Shanghai love Shanghai index 100-200, the search results, 6 PPC, two web page, the other is 163, and the other station page, page second page is all. Such words can be regarded as the popular keywords? Of course not.

three, advantages and difficulties of the popular industry keywordsKeywords

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read write many expert selection method which is one of the key articles, search engine optimization research study. The reason for the excellent keywords is the first step to the success of the site, choose the right keywords is half success. In view of the fact that individuals with no ambition at all (also limited conditions can only be aimed at some excuse) no one do popular keywords, so here I want to discuss the choice of popular keywords.

keyword is of course not much popular interest, finance, medicine, health care, etc. Wangzhuan profiteering industry almost no popular keywords. This does not mean that popular keywords unprofitable, popular keywords may be, don’t bother to go, for such a small profit. There may be the industry is too cold, there are few people involved, but each IP value of gold. These are the key words of individual stationmaster should give priority to. Another reason is because of the keyword itself has no value, even if hundreds of IP has little significance. The traditional industries in the network industry and the cold does the most to me, with the development of the popularization of the computer network, the traditional industry on the network has become the inevitable trend, the network cold, hot line keywords worthy of personal webmaster attention.

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unpopular industry competition is small, there is value, this is the common view. The popular sectors will not encounter large companies dogged, no million single difficulty. The limited strength of the individual owners can more easily get traffic and money through the key words. And can not be ignored is the popular keywords industry has many problems. First of all, profit is more difficult, unless you own the product, or do through the sale of advertising or advertising alliance is very difficult; secondly, on behalf of popular content less web content filled stretched, even want to enrich the site by copying will be difficult; third, keywords prospect difference, development difficulties. After all, the market unpopular Industries Limited, want to do in the network is difficult, the future of worrying.


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