Carry Cheng two times poineering work Liang Jianzhang returns begin in wireless and investmentHow t

Carry Cheng two times poineering work Liang Jianzhang returns begin in wireless and investmentHow t

if the transfer from the call center to the Internet platform to become OTA’s first venture, then the second time is the traditional OTA to wireless transfer. Although the return soon, but Liang Jianzhang no doubt "treasure" on the wireless and investment.

in Liang Jianzhang’s new strategy, wireless is the focus, resources should be tilted here. Because he believes that no matter what form change, tourism service enterprises to do is quality customer experience, and from the call center to the line, then to the mobile phone terminal, the user experience more convenient and integration.

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how does that make use of your own blogs for Adsense ads and the sh419 union alliance,

resources focus wireless

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is my personal love has been such a sentence: to help others is to help yourself! I always love to learn some of their own experience to write out and share with everyone, and we can get some of the things they need from my experience, may also help you take some in the detour in the network business process. At the same time, I am also very good myself will be a smooth and silent advertising. As long as you are providing service to others, you can help yourself with your good marketing through your blog.

third: put some ads on your own blog to make money.

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"Ctrip is now feeling just like it was in the year."." Founder Liang Jianzhang from March 1st this year, back as chairman of Ctrip and CEO, for the first time sit down to the media to talk about strategy. He believes that Ctrip and everyone’s impression of that began to be different.

wireless is just an example of Ctrip’s two venture, in fact, including tonight’s special hotels, where to go in the competition with Ctrip played little fish around

first: use your blog to market some of your own business.

venture base in investment

Wen: Wang Jiecong,

second ways to make money is: sell products, sell products are divided into two kinds: the first is to sell their own products, and the second is to help others sell products, the middle of a little. To sell their products to the vast number of friends is obviously not realistic, so we can choose the second. You must go to the movies. You can read novels, too. You’ll also need some daily necessities and so on. If you think you’re using it well, you can write about using feelings and recommendations. Then add a link to the product’s sales address on your blog, and then you can get a commission profit after you bring the sales.

, and what he values more is that APP users are more loyal. On the PC, the user is easy to parity, very low cost to replace OTA service providers, which is where to go in recent years, Taobao and other major ways to impact ctrip. And Liang Jianzhang said that wireless applications combine voice search, high-quality call centers and mobile phone special edition prices, so that users get a very strong stickiness.


another secret is the cost of the call center in OTA assets are heavy assets, but Ctrip also cannot abandon, because even if the relative proportion of call center decline, but the absolute number will not be reduced, the call center quality itself is the competitiveness of ctrip.

Ctrip is also optimistic about the rapid growth of smart phones. When the first Ctrip application was released in 2011, its active downloads were only 200 thousand, and by March 2013, the figure had risen to 30 million.

second: use blogs to sell other people’s products.

Liang Jianzhang, Ctrip’s different definitions as "two times", because "now new things, we are in a starting line."".

Liang Jianzhang’s debut, the first is to do a product manager’s work, that is, at the conference to introduce their new version of APP – Ctrip wireless 4.4 spring edition. Beam manager is not skilled introduction, but also for everyone to understand, this product is very important for him.


, but on resources, Ctrip wireless will have more advantages. Ctrip CEO Jiang Hao wireless division is one of the founding members, he said, such as mobile phone price is lower than that of the Internet because of the preferential price, plus it back now, so the price is Ctrip themselves, which belongs to the starting wireless business, even if other departments must subsidies.


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