Examples to explain how to optimize the long tail keywords

Examples to explain how to optimize the long tail keywords

analysis of competitors from second points, the general will find these pages in the station optimization do good, but the chain is not much, and the relatively fixed sex in Shanghai know, SOSO ask the chain like this, this is our breakthrough lies.


1, the author released some of the 9100 brush pack the contents of the article, and then the words above URL link to the corresponding, this not lag behind other sites too much.

2, according to the key words and the corresponding URL chain. > and

, a list of long tail keywords optimization of single


general company Shanghai dragon team has long tail keywords optimization work that one or several special sites, long tail keywords they specialize in website optimization and promotion of them, the author had served as a position like this. Simply in the operation period, not only the long tail keywords ranking optimization to the top three, while the weight of the entire site also soared. I have always felt that the fact that the site is not the only home page weight down the effect of the communication, also have the weight content page will give website weighted effect. The author mainly used examples to explain the optimization of long tail keywords (it first stated, the operation of the beginning of the long tail keywords are not ranked).

example: 9100 brush pack, the long tail keywords love Shanghai index at around 220. Love the word Shanghai rankings (PS: the red circle is the optimization of the above website, original ranking).

analysis of the degree of competitionTake a

when we see these rankings, don’t be in Zhongguancun, depth and other famous sites scare. We should see these pages are the inside pages of the site, the degree of competition is relatively small. Click on these sites, we will find 9100 brush their station other pages package this words are pointing to the corresponding URL, then we domain these pages outside the chain query (analysis of opponents, which was a good start from where, beyond the last).

three, long tail keywords station optimization

is actually a single optimization long tail keywords of the long tail keywords and corresponding URL address recorded in the text above, there’s one thing to mention is the corresponding URL. Many people think that the optimization of long tail keywords only need to put the word optimization up is good, no matter what the URL website, the author here to correct this mistake. We all know that the two page optimization of the same keywords will lead to the dispersion effect of the weight of keywords, this self competition for long tail keywords the weight of the site concentration than other sites, which are hard to overcome, but if the content page of the fixed station optimization of long tail keywords URL are not unified, so the author thinks that the list of long tail keywords optimization one is necessary.


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