Fat talk how to be a successful person in Shanghai Dragon

Fat talk how to be a successful person in Shanghai Dragon

is a successful Shanghai dragon Er cannot do without observation and conjecture the search engine algorithm, by using the principle and practice of the conjecture that success is a successful Shanghai dragon Er, and a master of Shanghai dragon world. Every day I guess love test and Shanghai algorithm, because love Shanghai is a programmer design, design is the purpose and follow the user experience of thinking, we can use common sense to scrutiny.

portal home page is taken, a list of resources link, the page links, links to resources listed into the central form page, this arrangement will love Shanghai check this page keyword density, to determine whether the relevant content, if the link you have strong enough authority is OK, if the link is not nutrition the home page, the detection of the keyword density is not enough, the ranking will be very poor.

through observation, a website is only one page, the page has a very authoritative articles and papers, if the page has good the chain, and this article has been obtained, the industry recognized by Internet users to form a large number of articles reprinted and quoted, these love Shanghai is can be calculated to so, the page will be beyond the portal home page of the chain powerful, because the essence of the article page, than the more authoritative portal page.

chain: Shanghai dragon people understand the importance of the chain, the chain is related to heavy ultra vires good, then we give a picture of the page, a large number of high loading PR link to this page, let the abnormal after deliberation, the answer was tough? Is not set up, the chain if the page is full of pictures, contacts, have good ranking and I have seen many, later found love of spiders in Shanghai is unable to identify the pictures, a blank page of the website homepage, really let the love Shanghai love

For example:

The observation of the


this is clearly contrary to the common sense of love in Shanghai, where no article page properties. Shanghai love how the site identification of industry classification, I think the website each station page, including the home page should be to find a foothold in the external links.

webmaster friends said the highest level of Shanghai dragon is not for the sake of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and optimization, the main purpose is to enhance their brand, the value of the site, increase the weight of the website and so on, the most important thing is to enhance the user experience of the website. Site optimization is a long process, some owners can not adhere to it, Shanghai dragon is completely over, but when you stick to your choice, keep your mind always stick to it, the original Shanghai dragon is so simple, site optimization to achieve the dream finally.


so I would imagine, the establishment of the content of weight, the weight should be real, a powerful chain of the blank site, never with the chain, compared with the authoritative article page, transfer the weights to the external links, find the page support, external link weights through the article, it convert content weight.


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