An anatomy of web traffic interception depth

An anatomy of web traffic interception depth

page in detail above this figure is from Shanghai know love, because I have a lot of dynamic pages, the only interception of the top part of the picture,

A part of the

1, the use of traditional methods of others capture Shanghai Longfeng site traffic, do good examples such as wheat bags, intercepted a lot of traffic flow and taobao贵族宝贝 Kaixin001, and QQ space, its principle is that any website do best is not possible to occupy the top 3 Shanghai love all this. Words like QQ space, the word search volume every day is about 900 thousand in the first place, there is no doubt that the Tencent’s official website, but second? Third? Apparently according to can get 80% of the traffic to the top 3, the second and third can also be divided into considerable traffic, as long as you can do second or third, there is no doubt that you flow is lovely.

summary: I believe we have seen, the flow interception effect is quite good, but also made up of second methods is also very simple, a problem with love Shanghai know their answer, bring your own links, when questions the keywords you want to capture the title written inside ok. This article from the love to share, please keep this link.

site traffic flow why suddenly increased? From 500 down to more than 6000, today to share an example of traffic interception, as long as the use of traffic intercepted this skill, you can quickly bring traffic to your website, and it generally compared to website optimization is the biggest characteristic of short time, quick.

case study: everyone in the film flow intercept case



this is a diagram of the day from Shanghai to know the flow of love, nearly 4000

traffic interception is mainly from two aspects:

search all television every day is around 30 thousand, when the number reached more than 40 thousand, we see the love everyone in the film Shanghai search results

A page

fourth is love Shanghai know, this page has a link to our website, let’s see the effect.


2, the third party platform, Shanghai ranked sex all know home have a lot of love Shanghai product page, such as Post Bar love love Shanghai, love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia, believe that everyone can see the words of Shanghai dragon, no matter what you do, you are not more than the first love in Shanghai. Even if it is only the second only in Cardiff, many such examples, so why don’t we make such a page, the flow leads to their website to



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