Methods community forum operators to promote the survival of the cracks

Methods community forum operators to promote the survival of the cracks

webmaster forum at present the operation is good, the user experience is relatively high, is not the spam posted with the forum, Xiao Bian think may be better A5 forum. The weight of love Shanghai shielding the forum outside the chain, A5 forum timely follow the love in the footsteps of Shanghai, closing the forum outside the chain, at the beginning of the period so that users are not satisfied, in the past for a long time, the A5 Forum’s popularity is still very busy, there may be many reasons, there is no specific analysis, mainly to look at the activities of the forum.

, WeChat, micro-blog, APP and other micro application client, make the network increasingly close, the rapid development of the mobile Internet social networking platform, so the Internet has a disruptive change. Before the hot community forum seems to be slowly forgotten, in this competitive environment, how to operate Community Forum promotion, small to give you an analysis of several methods of survival in the crevice.

long retain users

long-term task: Amoy has not remember from what time, A5 forum with the development trend of the Internet, start a business platform. Amoy everywhere seems to have been done, the A5 forum of potential user groups and user traffic, start a business platform activities. Only now in the activities on the overhead of Taobao had 7, while Amoy business platform is not a professional, but can give members of the forum provides a valuable forum activities, is to keep the user’s actions. Forum activities can not only financing to the corresponding profit, the user can also attract long stay Forum Forum, users have the corresponding dependence on the forum, the forum is also believe that organized activities, not to worry about false deception activities, both of them can benefit. >

forum to build simple rookie webmaster can do, the operation successfully after the webmaster has become a headache. For the core of new forum is to attract users to register the new forum is not popular, not well-known, what to rely on to attract users attention? Small limited reward activities using the new forum, to attract users attention registered forum, such as the top 10 on the altar can be successfully settled a mystery prize. At the same time, the activities will be carried out publicity in the relevant community, to generate a two-dimensional code scanning picture for mobile phone client, to add user registration forum. Community outreach space in QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, etc..

focus on hot topic activities: in the past 7 day evening, the activities of the corresponding member of the entertainment forum also held a A5 forum, 7 evening activities A5 has held 4 consecutive, each reward are awesome, sometimes even cash rewards, directly attracting users to join the topic in the activity, share their own webmaster of Valentine’s day. This activity can not only entertainment in the forum members, with a hot topic nowadays, can get the headlines, a short time can improve the flow of large forum, the forum to bring the actual traffic conversion rate.

activity award to attract users registered


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