Experience sharing how can we optimize for the enterprise website

Experience sharing how can we optimize for the enterprise website

(five) update frequency.

We all know that

with the development of network era, many industry enterprises have been involved in the Internet, the competition is very fierce, especially now the Shanghai dragon era, many companies are beginning to seek specialized Shanghai Longfeng company to optimize the website ranking, but for many small and medium enterprises in terms of individual stationmaster station or stop doing business is difficult, so today I will share with you about the enterprise site optimization method, hope to all the webmaster some help.

for an enterprise website, the domain name must choose the best, as the name of the enterprise, or for enterprises to optimize for the best keywords. Why did you do this, first, a good domain name for Shanghai dragon optimization more or less have some help, and can let users better remember, convenient to visit next time, after all, many cooperation are not just once, so that a good domain name is very necessary.

(three) good navigation set reasonable.

(two) choose a good website program.

(four) within the site layout.


enterprise website content type less, as everyone knows everyone, for other types of web content optimization speaking is relatively easy, but we are in.

(a) the choice of the domain name

enterprise site compared to other types of websites, the content is very small. Generally consider the above layout on the site, so that when we do enterprise site optimization, internal Shanghai dragon is the key important. Here the general enterprise site better open source programs such as ded and so on, in addition to the demand of our thinking is the enterprise website itself, stability and safety, and the program on the site of the internal program some processing ability, so we should according to the characteristics of their own enterprises station was selected a more appropriate program.

site for enterprise, internal site layout can be said to be very critical in Shanghai Longfeng, compared with the general layout for Shanghai dragon 2-3 bar, left for the middle is the list of products, and products, and for the content of the page is required to do some proper adjustment, according to their own industry visit the user habits to set up, if you do not know how the layout of the station, you can refer to the relevant industry rankings, user experience good site for reference.

no matter what kind of site navigation is very important for users, enterprise stand too, so we should be reasonable to set a good corporate navigation station. The general sequence of words, the enterprise news column should be put in the first place, because of the spider crawling order is generally from doing to right, the level of weight is in turn from left to right, so we want to make reasonable arrangements according to the importance of the website.


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