God horse analysis of Shanghai dragon useless and the Shanghai dragon universal extremes

God horse analysis of Shanghai dragon useless and the Shanghai dragon universal extremes

believes that the universal theory of Shanghai dragon people, it is mainly caused by some irresponsible brainwashing training institutions, these institutions to inculcate Shanghai dragon universal theory, which is the usual tricks which they attract people. They said that as long as the society of Shanghai dragon can earn money, can do a website. But when more people are trained in this view, people are more and more, however, one day he found that although he learned Shanghai dragon, but could not put the site, he began to confusion.

these two extremes can be common in the webmaster forums or webmaster, make people feel very interesting, especially when the two batch of people that started the debate, it is absolutely a great spectacle, we have to say, hold the two view people are essentially the same, that is psychological impetuous, can not Jingxiaxinlai carefully understand exactly what to do in Shanghai dragon.

as Xiaomaguohe, although the two views of the river is very deep and very shallow water at the same time there, but in the end you will find that the river is not deep, not shallow, do not blindly pessimistic, do not blindly optimistic, we must first stop and carefully grasp every link of Shanghai Dragon. And recognize that it can indeed bring a lot of traffic, but at the same time, the network marketing means far more than Shanghai dragon in this one, don’t expect it to be a master key, can solve all of your problems. In this mentality, you to understand and grasp the Shanghai dragon will rise a lot, and can ease the work of Shanghai dragon.

said the Shanghai Longfeng useless people, mainly because of the popularity of Shanghai dragon, basically every webmaster to Shanghai dragon, and the search engine of the constantly changing, has made a lot of conventional means to lose Shanghai dragon. On the one hand, on the other hand, it is easy to learn, not to play its due role, it is easy to understand why people might say that Shanghai dragon useless. These people are generally long along a road to black, but do not know who work. Most of the learning knowledge is relatively rigid, lack of ability to use flexible.

In this paper, by God > This

we Chinese is love go to extremes, which is decided by the national character, so obviously the two extreme views of the above, it is not surprising. But what is the effect of this view for the development of the whole industry? We analyze simply.

Shanghai Longfeng development so far, can be said to have been the bottleneck period or during the transition period, because more and more owners have the opportunity to contact Shanghai Longfeng, everyone more or less understanding and application of Shanghai dragon technique, but this is precisely so that more and more owners into the confused period, there are two extremes are more prevalent, some people are pessimistic, think Shanghai dragon has no effect in the current site operation, useless. While another group of people are very generous, Shanghai dragon is everything, as long as the society of Shanghai dragon, can operate well site and make money. I believe these two kinds of people you have seen.


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