The web site is down right here those of the secret

The web site is down right here those of the secret

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fact, IDC good service provider, never so, do a very important thing is that the web server must be stable, this is the foundation, if not stable, so no matter how hard, also make you better than Qu Yuan was wronged! If you don’t know what IDC better, recommended: civilink a single, independent IP. (not as advertising, I have not received a penny, good webmaster all know!)

site is down right? Don’t blame love Shanghai, in fact, it is not necessarily wrong, like urban big brother, there are always good and love Shanghai! Not right down, how much do you know? Today we have more opened a corner that you do not know! "/p>

how many people used free templates? I want to basically remove the nouveau riche, just smiled Oh! You just behind, enjoy the gorgeous template free thought, why? Is it really for a "integral contribution" to download it? What is the use of contributions, not to earn money no, what use! Don’t say his noble personality, I am not against some really good character, have time to write things down and share with everyone, so I have seen. But there is still a considerable part of the people: it is for the interests! For example, plus the back door on the template, you can not read the code, for example, in some Di> know?

3, free is the most expensive

Cname resolves to an alias address, such as: xxxx.abcd贵族宝贝, so when the alias server IP for binding? Do you know? You certainly do not know, because you are bound as long as the alias, alias can normally access, then the primary domain name can be a normal visit, but actually you the web service provider IP has been quietly change! For IP will be down right? Here is not to do more to explain, believe that many webmaster so painful.

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sites are analytic CNAME resolution, rather than direct analysis to IP A records? Believe this website very much, count, but I must say it may be arch-criminal your site down the right, do you believe? Well, believe it or not read the following content, you believe.

some server: no PING can reduce the hacker attacks, it is good for the server, make the site more reliable operation, really? In fact, as long as there are people who want to attack you, this worthless! So why are they banned Ping? In fact, there is only one reason: guilty. Whether you believe it or not, anyway, most ping service providers are so prohibited. Why guilty? Response time ban Ping may conceal Ping, even if the server does not know the frequent packet loss! This time, you still believe that silly nonsense IDC


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