You also love Shanghai June madness HOLD live

You also love Shanghai June madness HOLD live

this let many webmaster confused, no direction. Because the reason can not find next to K where did not start, the only thing you can do, can only follow the prescribed order, the why why, quietly waiting, hoping to love Shanghai, hope is love Shanghai fault, and rectifies. So the webmaster who fantasize about coming in early June 29th June 22nd.


www.taipl贵族宝贝 my station is the gun, the specific performance is: included normal, chain number, home SI>

this time against a wide range of so many webmaster be struck dumb. Many owners on the stand, on all kinds of industries, the optimization means, each one has its own merits, on the chain source, far. But the common point of these stations is: this time all right down.

is the webmaster speculation, action, mostly for acquisition station. This is not a comprehensive, because some owners said that their own independent blog on the changes in aiqiang, and all the original blog article, or false original acquisition does not exist. This indicates that the action may be on the collecting and judging algorithm has been perfect, but not all the time.

said the incident, because the data of love in Shanghai, I do not like. This one after another big move, obviously love Shanghai active in doing big adjustment. Of course, the adjustment is not correct, if they find themselves no adjustment to achieve the intended purpose, and then change it back there is many examples of the first, but it can be concluded that this is not accidental.

content people guess, the chain is certainly not the webmaster be forgotten. Many owners said, is not caused by too much garbage outside the chain. This I beg to differ. As everyone knows, if the reason is due to the chain and punishment, this is a competitor can be exploited as a search engine, can not give the chain weighted, but will not be punished. The shock, a lot of the old station, stand age is an important aspect of weight, even if there is no chain, also won’t drop right as to the new station.

considers the No. 29 and not to the illusion of celebrating the day, again more stationmaster at the expense of such a day, too, yet there is a lot of old station for many years, according to their own webmaster complain, and honestly do stand. Of course, there are few worries there are a few happy. But many owners feel that they are being killed and indignant. But be angry angry, weak grassroots webmaster, scolded after, or "site" does not stop or in a discussion forum, who told you to want her to give you the traffic it Baidu.

believes that this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, many webmaster is a black day. A routine update Thursday, but many stations are in the five mountain, light snapshot withdraw file (such just hurt hair, the strict sense is not the victim of the attack); heavy weight place nothing, the station stop; what is more, the station was K included No.


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