The iPhone mobile device platform on the four Shanghai dragon software introduction

The iPhone mobile device platform on the four Shanghai dragon software introduction

for multiple sites using noble baby AdSense, this program should be the best choice. You can click on the different number of detection of multiple sites for a day. This is a best estimate of profit. If you want to use QuickSense to spend $3.99, so I would suggest you unless have multiple AdSense sites, or not to spend this money.

There are two different versions of the program

this application contains a lot of Shanghai Longfeng things. Shanghai dragon search rankings, ranking allows you to monitor your keywords, not without concern influence your CAPTCHA code. You will know the exact location of each of your site. This software in the application software store price is $1.99. The application of the disadvantage is that if your keyword in Google’s top 64 cannot be found, then find a specific location.


apple and their products there is still a long way to go. Now, it is a healthy development platform. Hope we can develop some useful tools for our Shanghai dragon er. This paper consists of agriculture information network 贵族宝贝sannong.cuncun8贵族宝贝 original reprint need to indicate the source, thank you

2: analysis of agent


Shanghai dragon is the application of good statistical tools and it is free. This software, especially in the detection of your site’s ranking is especially good for. Not only can check your website ranking, you can also view on YAHOO’s anti chain, even education center or the government’s anti chain. If you want to see how many of you in the Wikipedia encyclopedia links or check your ranking on compete贵族宝贝 which is a very useful tool.

4: Shanghai dragon search ranking

. You can download the Lite version or professional edition. Need a professional version of the cost you $2.99. But it is worth it. Because this software can not only check your Google Analysis (analysis), and your AdWords and AdSense can also be detected. This is a good way to keep track of your site’s organic traffic. In addition, the software can also understand the views of your site at any time, access count and bounce rate.





1: Shanghai dragon statistics


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