The love of Shanghai easily obtain accurate flow segmentation technology

The love of Shanghai easily obtain accurate flow segmentation technology


under normal circumstances: complete matching, height matching and fuzzy matching. Before we determine which use keywords, we need to know more about the user’s search habits, today, in dress and talk about how to make good use of love Shanghai word segmentation technology, enhanced keywords and user search habits, the degree of importance.

can optimize the way to maximize the words flow is the title, but the title and user search habits, completely, it is easy to say, it is not simple, because each user search habits are not exactly the same, so we need to use love sea segmentation technology and user search habits keywords that best match? We with the word "fashion socks" for example: if we want to write an article about "where to buy socks are" soft, we can use this keyword into the title, you can write "where in 2012 the most popular fashion socks to buy" and "in Yiwu where to buy cheap fashion socks, when the user search" where to buy socks are the key words, after which we write soft article is love Shanghai included, will be able to have a good ranking Naturally, can get traffic.


because of the keyword completely match the actual operation has certain difficulty, but also increase the search time cost for users, so the search engine in order to better serve users, in addition to complete matching keywords, love Shanghai segmentation technology can let the keyword matching may also be good, then how can match the height of

We use love to match Shanghai word segmentation technology is divided into three types of

therefore, since we can not make the key words match exactly, we must carefully analyze the current user’s search habits, as much as possible so that keywords can be highly matched with the user search terms, natural ranking is better, the flow is over.

to make highly, in search of time, in the title of the page to search 80% keywords, and generally not separately, this way, at the highest frequency, the search results are more accurate. For example, I search for "fashion socks wholesale", only the first three results are perfectly matched, the other is highly matched, if it is to search the long tail keywords, less likely to completely matched, are highly, "appears in front of.

: a complete matching


, height

three: fuzzy matching

we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, how to make good use of love Shanghai word segmentation technology, improve the user search keywords and matching degree, and thus easy to obtain high precision flow conversion rate. For example, "the author keywords currently doing fashion socks, users in the search" fashion socks "and" where to find fashion socks "these two words, natural ranking results come out completely different. Especially in the website optimization of long tail keywords, to increase the matching degree and the user search keywords, it is very critical.


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