To calm the face of volatile keyword ranking

To calm the face of volatile keyword ranking

I have a friend, his site keywords fell, but less than two weeks and then put the keywords ranking back up. So before the real reason is not found, we don’t want to mess with suspicion, do their own thing can be, but can not easily to modify their own website, this is taboo".

Hello, I am the light if the breeze, recently has been busy with work, so rarely have time to show their own experiences to share with you, want to talk to you about today the keywords ranking up and down, and advised how to do to be able to stabilize the key word ranking.

finally, if you want good stability keywords ranking, every day we also should do related work plan of Shanghai Longfeng, constantly updated website content, to adhere to the construction of the chain, if every day is such a regular and ongoing, so it won’t be long before the web site keywords ranking can be restored to normal.

second, another way is: if you use a white hat white hat techniques then the way, so we had to wait patiently, waiting for the "sister" to update your website snapshot, love Shanghai snapshot update, site keywords ranking will be back to normal.

on the ups and downs of experience keywords ranking first introduced here, I hope everyone can learn something, what if there is a problem Please add me QQ362388682 Dalian website 贵族宝贝blog.zzzuo贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please write this link, thank you very much.

if the friends encounter keyword ranking fluctuations (change) situation, we must analyze the reasons, such as the website structure and website content, and we’ve done some work outside chain etc.. Here in the light breeze if want to say is: do the chain work do not use black risk approach, if you use black hat, it will seriously affect the website snapshot update, may also seriously will reduce the weight of the website. But even so, why there are still so many Shanghai dragon Er love the use of black hat techniques? In fact, the reason is very simple, is the black hat techniques can improve the site keywords in a very short time ranking. However, in my personal opinion, suggest that you try not to use black hat techniques. The black hat technique used, will bring a devastating blow to the site.

first, I have to say that now love Shanghai algorithm changes every day, ranking changes sometimes ridiculously large, even some site snapshot for several months not update, so will lead to the site keywords ranking fluctuations are very powerful.


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