The picture is no longer difficult optimization in the innovation effort

The picture is no longer difficult optimization in the innovation effort


should know how to protect the fruits of their labor, strengthen the image propaganda effect, the picture on the Internet reprint rate is very high, relative to the text, the protection of images to achieve good, one of which is the watermark in the image on the way, the watermark is the best web site, so not only can avoid the copy of the others.

search engine from the date of birth, the picture has been given to the important factors that influence the website optimization, because the search engine robot, is not able to analyze the image of good, has a lot of uncertainty in the read picture, even if it is to fall in love with a picture sea search function, there are a lot of search results and the user needs different accuracy a lot, so can not meet the needs of users, this is why the picture has not in the past period of time the main reason of circle optimization.

and avoid repeated picture risk, in fact many business sites along with the increasingly long time, many pictures there are a lot of repetition, and this picture is actually repeated and repeated text content has a negative effect to the same, can not improve the user experience of the website, thus enhancing the image recognition ability is the key to prevention the risk of repeat. The method of ALT property can be easily achieved, and repeat the risk using the ALT attribute is not only to avoid the picture, more critical website pictures can also enhance the pertinence, help love Shanghai included on the picture, and make the page to get better ranking, this shows the importance of ALT attribute itself. At the same time, further strengthen the differentiation of the ALT attribute, so it can well achieve this point.

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we should pay more attention to control of the picture, a web page can not fully included pictures, this is still not conducive to the content of the website, but also not conducive to enhance the site’s experience, because when a page open need to spend more time, and now pay attention to the efficiency of today, if the time is too long will be affected the user experience of reading, we actually from many portals on the picture to see news, a lot of pictures to create a picture program, only display the size of a small picture within a page, if the user wants to look at the big picture, only need to click through these small map can be seen, the purpose of doing so is to to enhance the speed of the open web site. And to enhance the speed, to enhance the user experience of the website.

search engine technology and the progress of image optimization algorithm, although not completely resolved, but has been able to let the pictures on the website has a certain effect, that is to say, the picture on the website is no longer optimal burden, in a sense, can play the role of Jones website, because there the picture, as long as the proper optimization, not only can help your search engine, but also can help to improve the user experience of the website, as illustrated "easier to attract users. How can let the picture exert their effects.

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