Ye Jun wrote love Shanghai PPC advertising language should pay attention to nine points

Ye Jun wrote love Shanghai PPC advertising language should pay attention to nine points

each PPC program has its own characteristics of the advertisements, so we must know about your use of the advertisements, like Shanghai auction, if the advertising words and far tend to have the opposite effect. Because love is not high in Shanghai can row on the left side (love Shanghai himself said, the actual price of natural high quality, creative quality said, of course, completely guessing) most search engines will consider the following factors: the first factor price (the eternal truth, so that businesses will feel fair), advertising and the correlation between the advertisement appeal to determine the location of the advertisement. The location of advertising is very important, most people will click on the left side of the Shanghai love advertising, and in the first row of click often accounts for the entire keyword click 70% or even higher, of course when the user is ready to consume, often goods than three, then the homepage design and advertising appeal is very important, you are completely transformed may be higher at lower price. At the same time will also get good rankings.

1. in the ad using keywords. The advertising effect contains keywords advertising creativity more often than not the keyword advertising effect higher than 50%, you must understand this point.

2. accurate introduction of products or services provided by. Tell your visitors what is, why you can not only avoid the non potential customers click, and can let the customer visit before you understand.

3. appeal. Experience tells us that the appeal of the advertising is indeed effective, should be called potential visitors in the advertising medium, to achieve your purpose. But there is a little special attention, PPC is generally more objectionable "immediately click" such advertisements, and the advertisements have been network abuse, without any real significance.

4. advertisement text contains keywords. To use advertising words possible in advertising text and title. Advertisements can improve the relevance of advertising bidding row >

here is a list of nine ad writing must pay attention to the basic, applicable to all search engines (love Shanghai):

! Obviously, work should start from the audience, many people write advertising but neglected the advertising target audience. Not only need to clear who is the advertising audience, but also the exhausted mind to impress them. The language should be constantly changing, people of different ages have different ways of communication, so it should be carried out according to the actual situation of the target audience, more suitable for advertisements. If you know what type of advertising audience, can according to the characteristics of the audience to write essays targeted advertising language. For the website to attract traffic and conversion rate more likely. But sometimes advertisements for user groups may not be the same type, then we should write different advertisements for different people. There is no cure, no ads will appeal to everyone, trying to use a slogan to attract all the people, the consequences are usually are not attractive to anyone.


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