Shanghai Longfeng values some things need to think

Shanghai Longfeng values some things need to think

Shanghai dragon two words are now too many people respected, I have no meaning in this to say some words of praise, after all, for most of the grassroots, the lifeline of free traffic search brings the ranking is our existence. Even if the present algorithm upgrades, optimization methods are constantly changing, but not the core search ranking, search products face the main body and the public thinking will not change, we still have to face Shanghai Dragon Investment two hundred percent. But what I said today is not about the content of Shanghai Longfeng paste technology, but from a practitioner’s perspective about the hearts of Shanghai dragon values.

away from formal and shortcut, to understand the thinking of

for many years, also met a lot of wonderful boss, some people only know the role of network marketing is to recruit you are absolutely ignorant of, I go step by step, some people don’t know Shanghai dragon, a Shanghai dragon optimization department is purely the facade of the consideration, anyway over the years, the road really make people feel compared to the level of treatment, a team leader and have a good team atmosphere is really important. Because of the great part in the team is composed of migrant workers, migrant workers regardless of how care treatment, which pay more attention to the importance of trust. If a company can not give you a sense of belonging, so who will not fall in love with this industry, with the company, more digging out their potential value. Have a real sense of the leaders for the extension and development of the whole team is a qualitative improvement, if you are willing to face all day a cow to sway their youth? Shanghai dragon has let everyone tangle, occlusion, if there is no rigid thinking, a successful leader, we may go to work will always be misty.

The strength of a team leader and

for any specialist, he for the occupation of the understanding with the deepening of the work will be gradually simplified, the final form of the inertia of thinking to copy and paste. When we scold the industry environment dirty, whether we can think of a lot of garbage but there are of our own making, go to the forum to irrigation, Post Bar Wen, although we are at work, but work has let us decadent inertia deviated from the normal, in order to become Internet spammers. From the forum to Post Bar, from the station to the industry information inquiry platform, pseudo original copy, copy, you will want to meet the eye everywhere, do not understand why the brain does not help move people to do with specialist? This is the current situation of the development of the industry, but also the hearts of many people "occupation ethics, I do not do innovation, I only do ordinary people. But when you do some so-called keywords is higher than the master, whether you can perceive the decadent is what you are right now?

sub points do not what is not good, but in this industry is really Shanghai dragon but you will be miserable pit. Because in many cases the optimization ranking >

Work with approval

is good

not decadent inertia


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