Tencent to push the search task to the user to push the line service

Tencent to push the search task to the user to push the line service

"search task" although the distance to completely achieve some distance, but it represents the next generation of search technology and development concept can completely change the existing user search habits, so as to enhance the adhesion of the user and the search engine, forming a virtuous circle, the future search engine will let users feel everywhere. Can complete the intelligent personalized search whenever and wherever possible, it also represents a direction of the future development of search technology.

recently, the Tencent in the thirty-fourth session of the International Association of computer search and information retrieval are "Task Engine" search technology of next generation conference announced the answer. As the name suggests, "Task Engine" is a search task, which is to search the user needs into the user from the search task, user centric, combined with user input keywords, using the new algorithm, the time, location, character and background to join in, creating a user to a specific task "Task". Then to the user to push some valuable search line service.

"search task" of the next generation search powerful application service experience, we sketch for example, a user often search Sanya Hotel, air tickets, weather and other information in the most recent period, the search task can infer that the user search intention is to go to Sanya tourism. At this time, the specific implementation of task search will travel to Sanya with this task, the way of travel and booking, destination weather, hotels, attractions, local customs and other considerations, mining user needs, are placed in the search results, and clearly show the user. (Xiangyang)


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