The experience told groping brother forget Shanghai dragon

The experience told groping brother forget Shanghai dragon

however, just a few days ago, suddenly found himself in the station of Zhangqiu information port traffic drastically, inspection found that several main keywords are decreased greatly, the reason lies in the chain, the original to a customer to do optimization of a popular word, in order to quickly recover the cost the choice of certain common cheating.

7 years ago, and after doing a lot of websites, but do not have a website can do, now think it was a pity! 3 years ago and made a local portal site: Zhangqiu harbor, is my love of this station, the original station the establishment of the full passion, but also to make their own hobbies can bring home a bit of help from, so very hard, had their own construction and the user only care about web content experience, can say that I did not consider the Shanghai dragon, but the website promotion is completely rely on word of mouth. So hold on time more than 1 years of love, Shanghai gave me a surprise, search information port of Zhangqiu, became the first rank, and kept stable until now. At that time, our local Netcom Information Port website and broadcasting their own information in Hong Kong, and many large and small personal website, in the word, because the word is now known to every family, which makes the station of flow from the initial rise to hundreds of thousands, of course, also bring you good income can be said to myself, overjoyed! Friends around me began to sit up and take notice, and it is this kind of superiority, let oneself some also think you most probably it did not actually happen, have a very high Shanghai dragon technology.

After the

has continued to pick up some friends of the optimization task, he also began to study the so-called Shanghai dragon, some simple task is very easy to accomplish this, more let oneself is full of confidence, also began to receive some of the higher difficulty of the word, however, some of the words is not competitive I think so simple, motionless to several months to finish, which makes its own some chenbuzhuqi, I want to do a lot of Shanghai dragon has this kind of feeling, also started a black hat, or even cheating hand method. These techniques also make themselves quickly won the trust of customers.

at A5 is almost 6,7 years of experience, have to check every brother every day, but he always diving absorption, thank you for sharing this gangster, night, suddenly had the urge to write, but his grace is too poor, it is published for the first time, also hope you brother

‘s purpose of writing this article, because he is a great love ranking dropped, his analysis of a lot of reasons, but also a gain, this share, of course this is not the main share of Shanghai Dragon technology, in fact, not what Shanghai Dragon Technology at all, mainly to share their years of experience in Shanghai to do some the dragon’s experience, I hope to give everyone, especially those who are still groping in the brother of a state of mind to enhance the

!Begin to build your first website mercy!


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