Shanghai dragon Er departments should pay attention to what the problem

Shanghai dragon Er departments should pay attention to what the problem

second, pay attention to the exchange work must choose the time. This is mainly reflected in the communication between colleagues in the process, the author found that many friends do not pay attention to seek help of the time period, for example, especially early in the morning we arrived in the office, take the bus or the subway that fatigue has not yet dispersed, some of my colleagues are still eating breakfast, but many friends at this time and others discuss work matters, this time the other will be very disgusted? This time you often get the answer is to wait for me for a moment I find you or let you say that you’re still busy and so on, get the answer that he is not very upset if you do so before we know how the wind blows, and others to consider others felt at the time, to observe whether the other is leisure time. If you don’t know how to respect my colleagues at the beginning, people may politely reluctantly agreed. But have you ever thought of this question, you will make the other obstacles to communicate with you in the future.

third, communication skills need the usual accumulation and learning. I found a lot of friends in the company, often called small cliques or collective plot, and they often get friends chat very happy, but we have to recognize that work is not pure friendship or friends, we may and a lot of hobbies and even their own type and not love the type of colleagues, so this time. In order to work for the company is not allowed to choose our communication object, for example, you could not understand your very competent, but every day you have to communicate with him, then, how do you do, and escape is not open communication, in order to be able to work carried out smoothly, we still have to find a lot of problems. Look at your methods of communication or communication process which.

we know that Shanghai dragon er must pay attention to communication problems in their own work process, because most of the time the project is a problem, there is a part of blaming each other mutually making excuses, is very important because there was no good communication or communication problems, so, how should we treat now, in fact, before the start of the project we put the possible problems into account, the friction will rarely follow.

project started early, should let the client know Shanghai dragon may encounter difficulties. Because Shanghai dragon is a long cycle and there will be many unstable factors, in this case, we should let them know the project at the beginning, middle and late may appear problem, some of these problems are normally present some unpredictable sudden situation, must inform the customer in advance, if these problems we should first time to deal with, how to deal with. In fact, the purpose is very simple is to let the person feel you is a moment for them, in a ranking for the problems such as concussion or ranking unstable phenomenon, can take the contract items and other communication, sense, according to a sincere attitude to this question. Finally, to win customers recognition and understanding.

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