Show the new support for advertising network

Show the new support for advertising network

in the introduction and revival of display platform, Google is doing well, because Google began to re-examine the display advertising, re evaluation, introduce new ideas to update at reality. "Everything will be digital, everything will be to display advertising, everything will be aggregated, positioning more accurate, more relevant, more influential." This is the end of March a small communication only invited the two media conference, Google vice president of global media and business platform Henrique De Castro the most passionate words from the speech, we can see Google to rally the revival of determination and perseverance.

second, believe that the power of science and technology. Deng Xiaoping said that science and technology is the first productivity. Technology is the most important factor. Comparison of the past and present a new banner advertising display ads we can find, with marketing, marketing development in technology, network advertising will become more relevant and user interaction, and entertainment, business users and exchanges will become more frequent, more easy-going, creative process will also allow more users pleasure to attend to the whole advertising display in the past, it can choose the consumer advertising experience, and to decide how and when to meet.

At present the

display advertising market situation, we can get to know the present and future display ads from the following aspects. We should first cognitive point is innovation; innovation occupy the development of digital marketing industry trends, new equipment, new marketing strategies and new advertising review mechanism, new media material, new innovative ideas of the soft and mixed creation in different fields, which confirms the development of the Internet digital marketing innovation, gradually become the guiding force of advertising week.

first I and you about basic knowledge of network advertising. The so-called advertising is an advertising form of pictures according to the billing CPM, can put in the Feed and blog page. It is also on the Internet to display the image, one of the main forms of promotion website. Advertisers put their banner or flag button ads on the web, attract more users to click on the ads, and then to the purpose of promotion. Once online display ads also become fashionable for a time, according to the records show that in 2000, the beginning of the rapid development of Internet, business website at this time is the golden stage, due to the fast, leading to the Internet bubble, this time in the form of online advertising is the most important exhibition advertising. It was a crazy era, a large number of Internet Co to invest in this, the share accounted for almost 75% of the market share in the network. But good times don’t last long, less than two years, advertising began to collapse, a collapse is more than ten years, now has improved, how do the following A5 stationmaster net Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) share in the sequence of events and people.


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