n order to understand baizhanbudai analysis on the strategy of competitors

n order to understand baizhanbudai analysis on the strategy of competitors

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keyword is the core of the website, the website keywords so we have to analyze the opponents’ ranking. First, we need to use the H tag station code, analysis of the main keywords, keywords, which are the density and layout and the long tail?? then analysis of love Shanghai index, with the help of data mining tools related keywords, competitive analysis, intelligent quotation. Keywords have high coefficient of difficulty, we have to settle for second, not confrontation. For example, you want to be a portal website, and want to challenge the Sina name, show your strength, this is the natural yiluanjishi. So through the analysis of competitor keywords can be taken by surprise Bishijiuxu, hit him a

is mainly to see whether the original, or false original, included how, how to update frequency, the quality of the content is not how to attract customers, but also to the analysis of these contents have to do around the site keywords, these are helpful to search engine optimization, if the other party do well and that nature is able to provide us with the opportunity to go beyond his.

Analysis of Analysis of

, a domain name analysis

, the three key wordsThe

Analysis of

we should make full analysis of website structure and his opponent, this is the key to a website, a website analysis, first to see the site of the physical and logical structure, see the website home page and column page of each column, between sub pages, whether the use of the div+ CSS; the code is concise; whether pay attention to user experience, whether there is accumulation of keywords phenomenon, whether there is a structural error problem.


good domain name is the first step, many domain name there is a natural advantage, such as some old domain name, search engine already have a lot of history included, this is probably his inborn "two rich generation" advantage. Here we want to focus on the analysis of domain name and age of the PR value, there is the server of the website open speed etc..

by Shanghai dragon and Webmaster Tools >.

we do not blindly the Shanghai dragon head covered to engage in their own technology, should pay close attention to changes in the market, how to study the competition strategy, at which point they are better than us, which is a little weak than we, and take time for, they can do in the strategy, winning thousands of in addition as the book "the art!. seeking the article" attack, said: "know thyself, know yourself; I don’t know he and friend, one of a negative; I do not know who, no friends, every battle will be". So we do in the process of Shanghai dragon, not only to my friends and know the pre analysis work is very important, including website data analysis, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, analysis of today I through some of their own experience to talk about competitors.

four, website contentAnalysis of the content of

five, the website of the chain

Analysis of

two, the web site structure


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