Local portal site search engine optimization how to do

Local portal site search engine optimization how to do

3. site does not have a chain, so there has to be a chain inspection tool.

more important one is that there are several common tools for website optimization, such as the Shanghai dragon, such as the speed test site, can be in the search engine optimization to the website of a lot of good advice.

I use a

different platforms have different log analysis, my server platform is LINUX+PHP+MYSQL+NGINX. I used two log analysis tools, a Nginx log analysis tool, another light log analysis tool. The two log analysis tools are very good. Before one can step through the crawler, and return to the state; light years log analysis tools can take the log log report, very comprehensive. To be able to leave the mailbox.

chain is search engine optimization inside taboo, chain inspection is a must. Xenu is an expert in this area, often use Xenu to check the dead links, can bring great benefits to the search engine optimization.

log must constantly, so as to understand the spider state, to know their website what the problem, then analysis how to remedy.

small business web logs better, a notepad can fix large web logs a day, sometimes it will be G, so have log analysis tools.

1. has statistical tools, statistics and data source of traffic on the site.

opened the chatterbox, friends said, general enterprise website can focus on several target keywords, and then continue to do the chain. Local portal is not so simple.


large website chain inspection generally for a long time, and the data is very large if it will crash, here you can set the tool crawl depth, also can know.

Optimization of

this time to contact the local portal, a lot of really bad. To do a good job in the local portal website search engine optimization need to do many things:

2. has a log analysis, tracking of search engine crawlers state.

4. site of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query tool for website search engine optimization comprehensive understanding.

is the webmaster tools, one is love station, the two are good, but the personal feeling of love stand user experience to do some good, so now I >

analysis of Shanghai statistics and noble love baby are very good, the two have one can. I love Shanghai is currently using statistics, analysis of traffic sources, there are very good.

The To

chat with a friend, search engine optimization and general enterprise website the local portal search engine optimization what is the difference.

tracking Xenu, link state analysis.


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