On its own self Shanghai dragon rear view

On its own self Shanghai dragon rear view

in technology and ideas, in order to rank, how should I do?

1) due to the love of Shanghai rectification, love Shanghai now simple color and flavor of love mode of website content and taste of the website looks comfortable, the user experience is good, the structure is not complex is love Shanghai love, hate those who sell advertising website

2) some sites included, the chain also, but the ranking is not good. Some sites included dozens of the chain, all is the high quality of the chain, ranking is quite good. First the content of

by Hubei Cheng Li, for more information on h> flat car

found himself in the usual course of search or "Shanghai dragon" in:

reaction largely

3) only the teacher said, on a good brain than foolish. Carefully found, ranking the domain name of the site for a very long time, who have persevered with website optimization do their website.

Shanghai dragon, which direction should I go to

Optimization of the internal structure of the

5) almost every new sites in the sandbox to above third levels, then, is to insist on victory. People across the country are trying to adhere to, efforts are scary.

Shanghai Longfeng, first of all I would like to put aside their own marketing concept, according to the experience of the user to the construction site, reduce the user’s website jump out rate. The second is the website ranking, website to establish target keywords directional anchor text outside the station. The last is to increase website traffic.

A simple rule of

to flow, how should I do?

in B2B, Discuz, WordPress, micro-blog, love inside Shanghai love Shanghai, love Shanghai know, I Encyclopedia of Shanghai library, Shanghai love love experience, release the chain on the site, remember the anchor text site external links point to the site’s home page is better. At the same time, mining long tail keywords. These things are not much, but it must be fine, stick to their original, believe that you can succeed

4) some good ranking sites in Shanghai know love love Shanghai, love Shanghai library, Encyclopedia of… Are included a good, excellent increase website traffic

station, gradually improve station deficiencies, improve the user experience; establish the goals of the web site keywords and some long tail keywords, optimize the word around inside and outside the station, target keywords, title font bold, target keywords title tag, appeared in the long tail word anchor text in the static URL website; try to do; image attributes ALT; make friends, do their Links, remember for friends of the chain need to carefully study the other; do a good website, can also implement ism, put others into their own.



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