Webmaster friends think for the site to pay so much

Webmaster friends think for the site to pay so much

nothing is born, why hao123 is a simple web site navigation site can sell tens of millions, and this is why imagination, a simple story or video site can sell a few million, this is because innovation. Now the Internet is no shortage of talent, but the lack of a group of imaginative, innovative character. As a webmaster if we copy, you can definitely tell you webmaster friends: your future will be like me, is not proportional to the monthly income and pay, but I have found a change in direction, do not know if you still addicted to

did not have the strength to say more is to speak of, a person’s strength is not only technology, but also the capital connections and so on factors, the author believes that the Internet as a person no money and no connections do not matter, the key is to be able to have a solid technology. For example, you go to apply for a Internet Co, asked you to design a new logo for your website in 10 minutes, and you are even PS >

as a site for the stationmaster of two years of operation experience, now every morning I get up at 7:30, 12:00 at night to sleep. Every day except eat, the rest of the time spent on the Internet, the operation of the site for 10 hours or more, but my income? Are you webmaster friends joke, my income each month will not exceed 2000. From my experience and I know a friend, I can assure the webmaster friends spent 10 hours of operation site income is not more than 2000 is not worth paying so much for the site every day, but not worth it, how do we face this kind of situation, the following is my watch. Also give more friends to watch.


although I have access to the Internet is not a long time, but from my experience, in fact, is the best means to seize the opportunity in the Internet gold rush. For example, the beginning of the 10 year of the Taobao off the wind, the wind if you caught in the beginning, I think you now have a pot of gold of life. There is a love Shanghai auction, if you catch a few years ago love Shanghai auction, now I think you must have dropped out of the Internet, and this is the opportunity. In fact, the opportunity and the details are closely related, focusing on some of the details every day, then the opportunity will come here, I think most of the webmaster are to change his views, seize the opportunity is actually very simple.

website is more than to seize opportunities

power is highly

for the site to pay more or less and can be directly proportional to the income? I told you: income and pay on the Internet is not proportional, because the Internet has three factors: one is giving imagination and creativity, is two, three is the strength of opportunity. With these three points to ensure we can pay and income is proportional to.

decided that we can achieve The cultivation of the imagination and creativity of


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