The integrated search search points

The integrated search search points

picture quality: the picture resolution and pixels, that optimize the quality of the images is actually the popular effect. High definition, high image quality, the possibility is ranked in the front of the greater. The search engines do not want to call the low quality image search results.

picture is now one of the search results appear most often the content, in order to make pictures of our websites appear in the integrated search search engine, should pay attention to the following points:

ALT text: ALT text is the most important part of image optimization, because the ALT text itself is to illustrate the content of the picture. ALT text should appear target keywords, accurate description of image content, so that the search engine to understand, but remember not to stack keywords.

integrated search is in the normal search results page also shows common text page pictures, video, news, blog and other vertical search results map. The search engine has already launched a vertical search, users click on the search engine above vertical search navigation, you can directly display the corresponding search results.

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page title: the picture in the title of the page is also very important. The title content and picture content should be identical.

: the text around the picture text around the picture appeared the picture also shows that in a certain extent content. Of course, around here said the picture of the text refers to the before and after picture file HTML code, and the user is seen around the picture on the page of the text. Sometimes because of typesetting reasons, looks at the picture around the text in the code may be relatively far distance.

anchor: import link text pictures appear in the anchor text using the page links to the import, namely that the theme of the page itself, the picture is also a content that search engines will be taken into account.

search optimization about integration pictures of the problem, only a few of these points, but sometimes it is neglected webmasters, we want to make a stand, I think every detail is worth studying and discussing. Details determine success or failure, and dare not say, but the details will always be about success.


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